Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 709

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Here’s a Bottle of Dior For You to See

Gu Shu’s princess was left without a shred of face, but she just could not understand. The unique perfume that Gu Shu had produced and sent to Da Shun had always been a valued product. She had heard that the imperial concubines of the inner palace would often fight for it. Why was it that the thousand-fragrance perfume would now be attacked like this? Could it be…

“You’re doing this on purpose, right?” She had thought it through. The little girl’s temper was revealed, and she immediately flipped: “Because Gu Shu will not give you the thousand-fragrance perfume, you are deliberately saying that it’s not good and are talking about it so poorly. This really does live up to the words that the people of Da Shun frequently say, if I can’t have it just ruin it! Right?”

The military and government officials were all stunned. They never thought that the princess of Gu Shu would speak so wantonly. Was she accusing the Emperor? Someone immediately shouted: “Impudent!”

Who knew that the Emperor would wave his hand, “Hah! It’s fine. We can’t lower ourselves to the level of a little girl. Also, people from a small vassal country have never seen anything good. If we say their things aren’t good, it’s natural that they wouldn’t believe it. But…” He looked again at the princess of Gu Shu, “Girl, what We have said is the truth. If you don’t believe me, just ask old ninth. The perfume that his Imperial Concubine Mother uses, does it not smell much better?”

Xuan Tian Ming immediately agreed, “It’s truly the difference between heaven and earth. The perfume that Imperial Concubine Mother uses was prepared by A-Heng. The fragrance is moderate, and it lasts a long time. The color is clear and does not ruin clothes.”

The Emperor added: “Also! The one that she uses does not need to be mixed with water. It also isn’t placed in a normal glazed bottle. Say, does yours also need something to apply it? The one that old ninth’s Imperial Concubine Mother uses is sprayed. It’s a clear bottle made of some unknown stuff. There’s also a small mechanism at the top. Just by pressing it, a bit of perfume is sprayed out. It’s very convenient.”

Gu Shu’s princess was left in a daze. The thing being described by the two was something that she had zero concept of. That sort of modern thing was something that could not be imagined; however, she blurted out her thoughts: “That’s impossible!”

The Emperor became a little angry, “We are a ruler of a country. How could I be lying to you? You think that this is your small country, where the ruler will say something then turn around and refuse to acknowledge it. How about this, little Yuan, go to the back and borrow the bottle from Imperial Concubine Yun. Bring it out for the little princess of Gu Shu to take a look.”

Zhang Yuan felt a little troubled and quietly said: “Imperial Concubine already said that item definitely would not be lent out, regardless of who asks. Your Majesty, have you forgotten. Last time, you picked it up and looked at it for a while and ended up being kicked by Imperial Concubine. Have you forgotten now that your injury has healed?”

The Emperor was a bit embarrassed. After thinking for a bit, that’s right. Imperial Concubine Yun would not lend that item out. Not to mention Zhang Yuan, even if he personally went to fetch it, it could not be brought out! For a while, he had no other ideas.

The princess of Gu Shu saw the two at the top muttering for a while but did not see the eunuch go to fetch the perfume that was better than what Gu Shu had produced. She could not help but sneer: “It seems that it was all bluster. It’s impossible that Da Shun would have such a nice thing! Your Majesty! If you really want this thousand-fragrance perfume, just say it. Why bother being so evasive? Although Gu Shu still wants to use this to produce more, it is still a vassal country of Da Shun. If the country requests it, the vassal country has no choice but to agree. If you must have it, I will leave this thousand-fragrance perfume behind.”

“What would We want your shoddy things for?” The Emperor was unhappy, but the item was in Imperial Concubine Yun’s hands. How should he manage to obtain it for even an instant.

Yet the princess of Gu Shu refused to relent: “Since our things are shoddy, would Your Majesty please bring out the really nice things. Allow this lowly girl to take a look! That way, the people of Da Shun won’t be able to keep saying that the people of Gu Shu have not seen enough.”

“I…” The Emperor’s tongue was tied.

But it was at this time that Feng Yu Heng’s voice suddenly came from below, “Isn’t wanting to see a truly good perfume quite easy? This imperial daughter has some on my person. Why bother going to the inner palace to retrieve it?” As she spoke, she stood up and took a few steps forward. She then reached into her sleeve and pulled out a bottle of Dior perfume directly from her space. After the item was brought out, she placed it on her palm and faintly smiled to the princess of Gu Shu, “Princess, without speaking to the quality of the perfume, first look at the container of this perfume. Do you recognize it?”

The princess of Gu Shu was completely dazed. Glass was something that did not exist in this world. That was something invented later on in the future. The perfume that Feng Yu Heng had brought out was inside a glass bottle. It immediately attracted the attention of Gu Shu’s princess.

She had never seen it before. She had never seen something that was so clear. After thinking long and hard, she ended up squeezing out: “Could it be that is white crystal?” Indeed, white crystal could have roughly the same effect as glass, but after she spoke, she immediately shook her head. She refuted her own way of thinking: “That’s not right, white crystal cannot become so clear. What exactly is this?”

Feng Yu Heng looked at her with a smile and took another couple steps forward. The princess of Gu Shu was unreconciled and asked once more: “What exactly is this bottle made of?”

However, she saw Feng Yu Heng shake her head, “Da Shun’s secret.”


The Emperor was the first to laugh. Then it was Xuan Tian Ming. After that, everyone present also began to laugh.

Thus someone began to jeer: “Your Gu Shu has been keeping the production method for the unique perfume secret for many years, but now you want to ask about our bottles?”

The princess of Gu Shu’s eyes lit up, as she quickly followed up: “If our Gu Shu wishes to hand over the production method for the unique perfume, would Imperial Daughter Ji An trade the method for producing the bottle?”

Once these words came out, everyone present was stunned. It was just a bottle, yet it was able to arouse such a reaction from the princess of Gu Shu?

But at the same time, there were others that thought a bit further ahead. Someone from below whispered: “Gu Shu’s princess is young, and her personality is not very good, but her eyes are indeed very sharp. After learning the method for producing that, it can be used for more than just making bottles. Think about it, there are many places where it can be used.”

These words woke up those that were daydreaming. The officials below also began to realize the many uses of glass. Of course, they also knew of the value of such a thing, thus someone immediately shouted: “It can’t be traded. It must not be traded.”

Feng Yu Heng listened and could not help but silently shake her head. She was not omnipotent. Her space was even less omnipotent. She did not know how to make glass. She could not just take out all of the windows from her pharmacy to be used as glass for the people of Da Shun, right? That was truly outrageous. She had already brought many things to this era. It would be best if something like glass, that did not exist in this era, did not appear too often.

She looked again at the princess of Gu Shu. Her eyes were filled with expectation; however, she faced this expectation and shook her head, “Your thousand-fragrance perfume has already been produced. What would we still want your unique perfume for?”

The princess of Gu Shu was stunned and subconsciously said: “You want the thousand-fragrance perfume?” After asking, she gritted her teeth internally, “That’s fine. The thousand-fragrance perfume it is. My Gu Shu will use the method for producing the thousand-fragrance perfume to trade for the method for producing this bottle. Although we will eat a bit of a loss, since Imperial Daughter Ji An has spoken up, I will give you some face.”

Feng Yu Heng nearly laughed out of anger, “When I did I speak up? Who would want your thousand-fragrance perfume?” After saying this, she did not wait for the princess of Gu Shu to speak. She just removed the cap from the bottle and pressed down on the nozzle, spraying it into the air. Waving her sleeve, the fragrance immediately filled the hall, but it was not as thick as the thousand-fragrance perfume. It was a very nice scent.

The princess of Gu Shu was dazed once more. On her first whiff, it was like a hundred-flower banquet. On her second whiff, it was like a cool spring. Sniffing again, it was a lingering after smell.

With just this one spray, it allowed her to enjoy these three sensations. This was something that Gu Shu’s unique perfume and thousand-fragrance perfume could not accomplish. How could this little princess not be shocked?

Feng Yu Heng, however, smiled very naturally and said: “My perfume has three different smells, the beginning, middle and lingering smells. Each one creates a unique sensation for the person smelling it. This determines what sort of feeling will be felt. Princess of Gu Shu, close your eyes. You can even feel the quality of the fragrance. It’s as though you can reach out and touch it. It’s not an illusion. It’s reality.”

Feng Yu Heng’s voice carried a bewitching tone, causing the princess of Gu Shu to do as she said. At the same time, she sprayed the perfume all around. The lingering smell that had filled the hall was covered up by the smell of Dior.

The officials copied the princess of Gu Shu, closing their eyes to try it out. It was as though they were savoring a great wine or beautiful woman. It was even more like an artist painting a painting. For a while, everyone had become intoxicated by the smell and could not wake up.

Finally, the princess of Gu Shu regained her senses and stared at Feng Yu Heng, asking: “Is there some incapacitating agent mixed in that stuff?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed loudly, “A petty person will use despicable means to explain the actions of the righteous. You think that just because your thousand-fragrance perfume contains a large amount of musk, my perfume will also contain an incapacitating agent? Princess of Gu Shu, you’ve done quite a good job of giving yourself enough rope to hang yourself. You’ve openly said that you will not leave the thousand-fragrance perfume in Da Shun; however, you also used these words to entice the appetites of those in Da Shun. Then for the sake of saving face, this stuff would not be kept in the palace; however, once you’ve left the imperial palace, there would be no shortage of madams and young misses that come knocking, right? This imperial daughter was thinking, your thousand-fragrance perfume is so strong with a large amount of musk inside, if it was obtained by those young misses, would it not leave them without children? What sort of heart do you have?”

She suddenly placed this crime on the princess of Gu Shu’s head, and it really left her feeling shocked. Because the effect of the perfume had been too effective, she had wanted to deliberately say that the perfume must have an incapacitating agent. Who knew that the person with an ulterior motive would be harmed. The matter of thousand-fragrance perfume containing a large amount of musk had actually been noticed by Feng Yu Heng, but it was clear that before she came, the people in Gu Shu that had produced it told her that although the musk content was very high, there would definitely not be anyone that could notice it! But now, Feng Yu Heng was able to notice it with just one smell and actually… “Nonsense!” She was certain that Feng Yu Heng had guessed it.

But Feng Yu Heng shook her head and resolutely said: “Aside from my grandfather, Yao Xian, I dare to say that I am the best doctor in Da Shun. Something like making a mistake in smelling medical herbs would definitely not happen. If princess is dissatisfied, just have everyone from Da Shun’s medical college come over to take a look!”

The princess of Gu Shu was stunned and subconsciously took half a step back, snorting coldly: “I’ve said that this won’t be given to Da Shun, so it won’t be given to Da Shun. Since this belongs to my Gu Shu, what do you care what’s inside? As for you saying that I wanted to give it to the madams and young misses, that is just your own speculation. This princess never said anything like that.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “It’s very good if that’s the case.”

The conversation between the two was something that all of the madams and young misses inside the hall understood. In an instant, they became covered in a cold sweat. They really had planned on visiting the princess of Gu Shu to try and get some!

Not only did the thousand-fragrance perfume not cause a shock to the people of Da Shun, but it also caused Gu Shu to suffer some mockery. The seventh princess felt that she no longer had the face to stay. At this sort of time, it was the Emperor that helped her sort out the situation: “It’s fine, it’s fine. Girl from Gu Shu, there’s no need to take it to heart. It’s a small vassal country. The things that you have seen are numbered. We won’t laugh at you!”

These words nearly caused the seventh princess to cry…

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  1. En resumidas cuentas fue como que la princesa mostrara un agua de colonia de la mas baja calidad de nuestra época contra un Dior, perder la cara es poco! Me extraña que a-Heng no sepa hacer vidrio si es lo más fácil que hay teniendo arena- arcilla y óxido metálico ya tenemos el 90 % hecho

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  2. Wait so A-heng knows how to make steel, a very complicated process involving specific measurements and ores. But doesn’t know how to make glass?! literally just hot sand?!!!

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