Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 71

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Feng Yu Heng’s Rival in Love

Wen Xuan Palace’s official princess was imperial tutor Ye Rong’s daughter to his first wife. This was something well known to all, but Ye Rong being saved from a terrible illness by Yao Xian was not known by many. Feng Jin Yuan, at that time, still had not married Yao shi, so he naturally did not know.

Now that he heard these words, this honorable prime minister considered the next level of meaning. The Ye family saw the Yao family as their benefactors, yet why did the Ye family not speak on their behalf when the Yao family met with trouble?

Based on the friendship between princess Wen Xuan and Yao shi, this view of them as benefactors was not false; therefore, there could only be one reason.

Feng Jin felt a cool breeze down the back of his neck. Could it be that the Ye family knew that crime definitely would not harm the Yao family’s foundation?

The matriarch had obviously thought of this. She and Feng Jin Yuan quickly looked each other in the eye. Both saw great regret in the other’s eyes.

Their original decision had been too rash! It absolutely was too rash!

“Prime minister Feng.” Princess Wen Xuan once again spoke, no longer remaining on the previous topic: “I have not seen Qian Rou for many years and have many things to say. Qian Rou and her children will sit in my carriage. Prime minister Feng, do you have any objections?”

How could Feng Jin Yuan dare have any objections. He earnestly hoped that Yao shi would say a few words in his favor, but he also thought of how Feng Yu Heng would also be going along. He immediately gave up hope.

Who would have imagined that Feng Yu Heng, at this time, would say: “Aunt Lan and mother should enjoy an intimate conversation. We will not disrupt it. A-Heng will ride with big sister Tian Ge in my carriage, is this ok?”

Wu Yang smiled and nodded: “Very good, excellent.”

The two groups of carriages and horses could once again set off. Having been delayed for a while, the day was a little bit later. The carriage drivers slightly increased the pace, heading towards Pu Du Temple.

To speak of this sovereign Wu Yang, Xuan Tian Ge, she truly acted very familiar from the very beginning. From the moment she got on the carriage, she grabbed Feng Yu Heng’s hands and began telling her of her bitterness: “Younger sister Heng, you are the worst. When I was young, princess mother always told me aunt Rou’s family also had a very cute little sister, thus I began to ponder and hope. Hoping that one day, aunt Rou would bring you along. You don’t know this, but in my generation of people surnamed Xuan, there is only me who is a girl. From childhood to now, I could only play with those unsatisfactory boys. It annoys me to death. But you never once came.” As she spoke, she began to fiddle with her two fingers, giving off a sad and pitiful appearance.

Feng Yu Heng felt that Xuan Tian Ge’s personality fit her temper very well, especially the way she had cursed Chen shi in an exaggerated way. Listening to it was much more comfortable than the way the ancient people formed their sentences. At present, she had nothing to take into account. Hooking her arm around Xuan Tian Ge’s neck, they chatted about romance.

When they finally arrived at the goal of this journey, Pu Du Temple, Xuan Tian Ge was bowed deeply on Feng Yu Heng’s knees: “So you are the girl that ninth brother took a fancy to. A-Heng, I truly admire you!”

Pu Du Temple was a temple belonging to Da Shun’s royal family. It was just forty li outside the capital and halfway up Pu Du mountain. At the peak of Pu Du mountain, there was a Pu Du nunnery, where the smell of incense was also strong.

Two great families had come to Pu Du Temple to offer incense. The temple attached great importance to them and sent people to arrange accommodations for the two families.

After Feng Yu Heng bid farewell to Xuan Tian Ge, she immediately brought Zi Rui over to Yao shi’s side. Handing him over to Yao shi and having Huang Quan remain with him, she advised Yao shi: “There are many people in the temple. Mother, carefully watch over Zi Rui.”

Yao shi laughed at her over-anxiousness, but she nodded in agreement: “Do not worry.”

The trip in the carriage had been a bumpy one, which was not good for Wang Chuan’s injuries. Feng Yu Heng once again disinfected her wound and applied some topical medicine. Deliberately leaving Wang Chuan to clean up the room, she brought Huang Quan and went to eat with the other members of the family.

This was the first meal for the Feng family after they had arrived at Pu Du Temple. Seeing that everyone had arrived, the matriarch spoke: “Today was a tiring day of travel, and the temple has arranged for us to offer incense tomorrow. At the same time, we must light the altar lamp to preserve the peace.” As she spoke of the schedule, she glanced over at Feng Chen Yu and Feng Zi Hao and felt unhappy, saying in a profound voice: “You absolutely must do your best! As the son and daughter of the first wife, you must act as examples.”

Feng Jin Yuan also added: “Zi Hao, after you finish offering incense, you need to return to the academy. Father will take care of bribing Xiao Zhou one more time.” As he spoke, he looked over towards Yao shi, his gaze carrying a begging look.

Yao shi, however, kept her head lowered and did not move.

But at the same time, Chen shi who had just taken her seat became excited and even began shouting: “That’s right. You must properly bribe them. Any amount of money is fine, as long as Zi Hao can have a bright future.” As she spoke, she grabbed Feng Zi Hao’s hand, “Mother will rely on you and Chen Yu.”

Feng Jin Yuan coldly snorted and looked away in disgust, not wanting to look at Chen shi’s face that had been beaten to look like a pig’s face.

Similarly, Feng Chen Yu’s expression also cooled down, her mind having formed some of its own plans.

As they ate the meal, the atmosphere was gloomy. Even Han shi’s habitual giggling was blocked by Feng Jin Yuan’s warning to pay attention to her appearance.

When everyone finally finished eating and put aside their tableware, it seemed as though they were liberated, with everyone letting out a sigh.

After the meal, everyone dispersed. Feng Yu Heng followed behind slightly slower, paying attention to the next group that entered to eat. Led by a man and a woman, who looked to be siblings, she was not sure if she was too sensitive, but she felt that the glances they cast on her carried some enmity.

Feng Yu Heng searched the body’s original owner’s memories in search of the two, but she found nothing.

After lunch, Xuan Tian Ge sought shelter in Feng Yu Heng’s room, providing methods for conquering the ninth princes. Feng Yu Heng, however, thought of the pair of siblings she had met earlier, thus asking Xuan Tian Ge: “Which other aristocratic family has come to offer incense today?”

Xuan Tian Ge saw that she asked this question and calmed down, responding with a question of her own: “Have you seen them?”

Feng Yu Heng frowned: “Who is this them you are talking about?”

Xuan Tian Ge very simply told her: “It’s our Da Shun’s only feudal lord, Lord An Ding’s daughter and nephew.”

Hearing mention of Lord An Ding, Feng Yu Heng had an impression and recalled the day lady Zhou had come to deliver the betrothal gifts. She had once mentioned Lord An Ding’s daughter fancying Xuan Tian Ming; however, Xuan Tian Ming set fire to Lord An Ding’s palace.

No wonder she could feel such hostility. She is a rival in love!

“A-Heng, you need not worry.” Xuan Tian Ge patted her shoulder, “Although that Lord An Ding can inherit the throne, he has no son. Now that he is older, his body is becoming more and more frail. It’s clear that there would be no future generations. Moreover, he was originally a prince with no real power, as well as appointed feudal lord. He is on a completely different level from the Wen Xuan palace.”

Feng Yu Heng told her, “I really am not worried. I am just sighing over your ninth brother’s charm. That’s all.”

The two girls chatted and laughed for a long time until a maidservant was sent by princess Wen Xuan to invite Xuan Tian Ge back. Only then did she reluctantly bid Feng Yu Heng farewell. As she left, she said: “When you return to the capital, I will introduce you to some good siblings. Next month will be month’s end, so there will be a dinner to celebrate in the palace. Since you have returned to the capital this year, you absolutely must go.”

Feng Yu Heng took a long while to react before realizing this so called month’s end was just another name for the mid-autumn festival. Apparently, without her noticing, she had been in this era for this long.

Sending away Xuan Tian Ge, she prepared to visit Zi Rui and Yao shi. Wang Chuan had rested for a while and eaten some food. Her physical strength had finally recovered. Feng Yu Heng gave her some pain killers to help ease some of her discomfort.

The two were preparing to depart when they saw Huang Quan come over carrying a sleeping Zi Rui. Feng Yu Heng looked behind her and did not see Yao shi, so she asked: “Where is mother?”

Huang Quan quietly said: “Madam and granny Sun went to send some desserts to the matriarch and Chen shi.”

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled: “How come they made them send the desserts?”

Huang Quan explained: “They were brught from home. Last night, granny Sun said that the matriarch has found it harder and harder to eat the temple’s desserts. Previously it had always been Chen shi who prepared and brought them. This year, Chen shi’s circumstances naturally mean she could not prepare them, thus granny Sun and madam made some preparations overnight.”

Feng Yu Heng’s eyebrows suddenly shot up, as she had a bad premonition.

“How long have they been gone for?”

“It’s been a while.” Huang Quan replied.

Feng Yu Heng quickly took over holding Zi Rui and personally lay him on the bed. Covering him in blankets, she faced Huang Quan and said: “You go in the direction of where Chen shi is living. If you see mother, bring her back. Do not allow her to go deliver those desserts. Go quickly and return quickly. Zi Rui can not be left alone either.”

Huang Quan did not ask anything and only nodded. Turning around, she quickly rushed out.

Feng Yu Heng pulled on Wang Chuan: “Let’s go, we are going towards the matriarch’s side.”

She definitely did not feel that granny Sun dragging Yao shi around in the middle of the night was simply to make desserts for the matriarch to eat. If the other side did something to the dessert while Yao shi was not paying attention, she worried that the crime would fall on Yao shi’s shoulders.

The two had glum expressions as they rushed along; however, they were stopped en route by Feng Chen Yu.

Feng Chen Yu’s expression was exceedingly anxious. Seeing Feng Yu Heng, she quickly caught hold of her and anxiously said: “Second sister, you have medical knowledge. Quickly go to third sister’s side and take a look.”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng was shocked. She casually asked: “What happened to Xiang Rong?”

Feng Chen Yu shook her head, “I also do not know. Father told me to take care of my little sisters. I was preparing to visit door to door, but when I arrived at third sister’s room, I noticed that her facial complexion was very bad. She was on her bed and could not even move.”

Feng Yu Heng frowned, “Where is concubine mother An?”

Chen Yu said: “She is with grandmother. Second sister, quickly go and take a look.”

Feng Yu Heng thought that Chen Yu’s appearance was not something of an act. Pondering for a moment, she advised Wang Chuan: “I will follow eldest sister, you continue down that way.”

Wang Chuan nodded and quickly left.

Feng Yu Heng followed Chen Yu to Xiang Rong’s room. Sure enough, Xiang Rong’s face was pale, as she lay on the bed, appearing mentally tired.

“What happened?” She quickly advanced a few steps and arrived before Xiang Rong. Reaching her hand out to her forehead, she found that it was hot.

“How come second sister came?” Xiang Rong was a little flattered. Compared to the exceptionally beautiful face of Feng Chen Yu, she preferred the unique temperament of second sister. She had liked it since she was young. “I was just a little reckless. Lying down for a while will be enough.”

Feng Chen Yu then said: “Xiang Rong, when your body is not feeling well, you can not struggle and bear with it. Second sister has medical knowledge. Having her come to take a look will let me rest easy.”

Feng Xiang Rong glanced at Chen Yu then lightly said: “Thank you eldest sister for your concern.”

Feng Yu Heng did not say anything. She simply placed her hand on Xiang Rong’s wrist for a while and calmed down.

“It’s nothing, just a bit of a fever. Lie down for a while and have a servant boil some water for you to drink. I still need to make a trip over to grandmother’s side. When I return, I will give you some medicine.”

“No need to trouble yourself.” Xiang Rong thinking that she had to drink bitter a medicine soup felt conflicted, “Second sister, you can go take care of your business. Xiang Rong is fine.”

“Get some good rest. I will come back and see you.” Feng Yu Heng did not say anything else, as she got up, wanting to leave.

Chen Yu also followed up: “I will accompany second sister. I also happened to want to visit mother.”

The two left the room one after the other. Only after they left the small yard did she hear Chen Yu’s voice. This time, however, it did not carry a compassionate feeling. Instead, it was an extremely cold tone: “Always having a margin for error is good for everyone.”

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