Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 720

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The Legendary Boyfriend Power

Xiang Rong’s appearance frightened Shan Cha, who did not dare ask. She did not even dare console her. She could only wait for Xiang Rong to tire herself out from crying. Only after she had finished crying did she hand her a cloth to wipe her face.

Xiang Rong, however, pushed the cloth away and stood up, angrily saying: “Change my clothes. I’m going to the Ping Palace!”

She headed to the Ping Palace with red and puffy eyes and a belly full of anger. When passing by the front yard, she bumped into Fen Dai, who was just returning. The two bumped into each other when passing by. Xiang Rong was filled with anger and bumped into her with a bit more force, leaving Fen Dai to nearly fall over.

“Have you gone crazy?” Fen Dai angrily shouted and subconsciously reached out to pull Xiang Rong, who was walking toward the gate, back. But she had reached out a little too slow, as Xiang Rong had already quickly left the residence and climbed into the carriage waiting outside. “She…” Fen Dai pointed at Xiang Rong in confusion and asked her maidservant Dong Ying: “Has she really gone crazy?”

Dong Ying was also puzzled, telling Fen Dai: “Fourth young miss might not have seen it earlier, but it looks like the third young miss had been crying. Her eyes were red, and her expression was a bit ugly.”

“Crying? Hmph!” Fen Dai snorted coldly, “From childhood ’til now, has there been a day when she didn’t cry? She’s the one with the weakest personality in the entire residence. What can she do aside from cry?”

“Her ability is quite great.” Dong Ying said this very reluctantly, which immediately caused Fen Dai to question her, thus she told Fen Dai: “Fourth young miss does not know it, but third young miss became very drunk last night. It was His Highness the Ninth Prince and His Highness the Seventh Prince that brought her back, and they were in His Highness the Ninth Prince’s imperial carriage. Arriving in front of the entrance, His Highness the Ninth Prince did not come out, but His Highness the Seventh Prince personally helped her into the residence until they arrived at her courtyard, when he helped her into her room. Young Miss, is that not a great ability?”

“What?” Fen Dai was given a big shock, “His Highness the Seventh Prince personally helped her into her room?” She nearly shattered her teeth from gritting them too hard. Fen Dai just could not understand, “What exactly is going on with the daughters of the Feng family? How come all of them fool around with princes?” She threw around these insults but forgot that she also had the fifth prince at her side. Also, she had been engaged, and it was this engagement that was providing for the expenses of the Feng residence. But Fen Dai just could not understand, “Why are they all changing from crows into phoenixes? Feng Yu Heng is whatever, but what exactly is good about Feng Xiang Rong? Why is it fine for her? No good, I can’t accept it. Feng Xiang Rong is just an ant. How can she mess around with His Highness the Seventh Prince? How can she become equal to me in the near future? No good, absolutely no good!”

Fen Dai had practically gone insane, as she just screamed wildly in the Feng residence’s front yard. Dong Ying was terribly frightened. While chasing off the servants that had gathered around to watch the scene, she advised her: “Young Miss, calm down for a moment. You must calm down!”

Fen Dai did calm down very quickly, but after calming down, her mind quickly began to spin. With Feng Yu Heng stepping on her head, it was already enough for her to become filled with anger. Now that Feng Xiang Rong appeared, this was something that she could not endure. Feng Xiang Rong, she liked His Highness the Seventh Prince? Then she definitely could not allow for this to become reality.

“We’re going.” Fen Dai sneered and spat out these words. She then began to head out the door.

Dong Ying chased after her and asked in confusion: “Where is Young Miss going?”

“To go and cause Feng Xiang Rong some unhappiness.” She brought along Dong Ying and left the residence, heading straight for the Lian residence.

The Lian residence was very lively today. The banquet for the Mid-Autumn Festival allowed Feng Zhao Lian to recognize quite a few of the famous ladies in the capital and from out of the province. In regards to this divine beauty that had suddenly appeared, even women did not bear any jealous feelings. Instead, they felt a bit more intimate.

Since the banquet was held in the palace, the people felt that the atmosphere was a bit restrained, thus Feng Zhao Lian extended an invitation and called everyone to the Lian residence for a gathering. Although there would not be as many people as for the banquet, after a quick count, there were 20 to 30 that had come.

Feng Fen Dai’s arrival did not cause much of a stir. Aside from the gatekeeper, who found it very odd that Fen Dai would come on her own without an invitation, there was nobody that looked twice at her. The people that had come to the Lian residence had come for Feng Zhao Lian. As long as Feng Zhao Lian was present, their eyes would not pay attention to anything else.

Thinking about it, it was quite strange. It was clear that everyone present was a girl, so why did everyone who looked at the beautiful Feng Zhao Lian feel as if they were looking at a man. They just could not stop themselves from looking for a little longer. There were even some that wanted to dive forward? At present, there were many people surrounding Feng Zhao Lian, endlessly chatting and laughing.

When Feng Fen Dai arrived, she saw that Feng Zhao Lian was in the middle of the crowd and had his arm crooked around a girl’s neck. His other hand was hanging from another girl’s shoulder. The two girls would occasionally place some fruit in his mouth, and Feng Zhao Lian was happily eating. From time to time, he would smile at the girl, causing the crowd to let out shrill screams.

If it was not for the extremely beautiful face, this would clearly look like a good-for-nothing. He was clearly a hoodlum. Feng Fen Dai did not know how she should describe this person, and she was even less certain of whether or not she would be attacked by these ladies based on her unsuitable personality. These ladies formed a country, and their king was Feng Zhao Lian. As long as Feng Zhao Lian gave them a look, they would be happy to do anything.

Dong Ying could not help but quietly sigh: ” Miss Lian must have given them some sort of drug?”

Fen Dai shook her head, “Is there any need for her to use drugs? As long as she smiles a bit, it would beat any drug that exists in the world.” After she finished speaking, she took a deep breath and did her best to adjust her mood. Fen Dai knew that if it was not for meeting Miss Lian earlier and had met her for the first time at the banquet, with that splendid red dress, perhaps her heart would have fallen under her control too, right? Really, if one became too beautiful, it was too frightening.

She had wanted to speak to Feng Zhao Lian about Xiang Rong’s matter. It would be best if she could get him to take the initiative a bit more and steal the seventh prince over. She could not allow Feng Xiang Rong to get him. But Fen Dai just sat in the Lian residence’s hall from noon until the evening. Just sitting left her tired and sleepy; however, she never found a chance to say a single word to Feng Zhao Lian. As if it was the Emperor selecting imperial concubines, those ladies were all trying to squeeze forward to fawn upon him. There were also some that displayed their treasures, only hating that they could not bring their best things to be given to this beauty. But who knew if there was anyone that thought that even if Feng Zhao Lian was happy, what of it? Was it just for the sake of a single smile? But what was there to see from a woman smiling at another woman? Fen Dai really could not understand. Had these women become possessed?

Finally, right before the sky became dark, the other master of the Lian residence came out. She recognized her. It was that girl called Wu Li Sheng, Miss Lian’s younger sister. Who knew where she was staying for the entirety of the afternoon, as her hair was a bit messy, and her clothes were a bit haphazard. Her face was clean and did not have the slightest trace of makeup. Looking down at her feet, she did not even wear shoes.

When Wu Li Sheng entered the room, there were two servants chasing behind her, but she walked quickly. The servants actually could not catch up. As she entered the banquet hall, everyone turned their attention to her. After this, Feng Zhao Lian felt that the atmosphere was not quite right. He finally raised his head… “Who allowed you to let her out? Didn’t I say to keep a close eye on her?” Wu Li Sheng’s appearance caused him to feel on the verge of mental collapse, but there was truly nothing that he could do. He could only order the servants: “Quickly take her away and take care of her.” After speaking, she turned to the other girls and said: “My younger sister.” While speaking, he pointed at his head, “There’s a bit of a problem here. Don’t pay it any mind.”

But how could Wu Li Sheng allow herself to be taken away so easily. She forcefully broke free from the two servants and stumbled a few steps forward. She then looked around at the room full of young women, and anger began to burn inside her. She pointed at Feng Zhao Lian: “No wonder you had people keep me locked up. No wonder you wouldn’t allow me out of my courtyard. It turned out that you were sitting here and doing this sort of thing! Dear husband, I have never opposed you getting a concubine. I have even brought up bringing in a few more younger sisters into the residence, but what did you say again? You said that just me is enough. You did not want to add any other people. Then what is this situation now? What exactly do you want to do with me? What exactly am I considered?”

Wu Li Sheng completely dazed everyone present. Aside from Fen Dai, who knew a bit of the situation, the other people just could not understand. Why would this girl call Miss Lian husband? The problem in her mind made her unable to differentiate between men and women?

Feng Zhao Lian was also troubled. He had said that having just one in the residence was enough. Of course, it was enough. If there was another, would he not be annoyed to death? As for the reason that he called so many ladies into the residence, others might not know, but he could not be any clearer. During the banquet yesterday, he had observed that these ladies, regardless of whether they were from the capital or from out of the province, they maintained a certain distance from Feng Yu Heng. They were neither intimate nor neglectful. They neither curried favor nor offended her. But in private conversations, they had interacted quite a bit. There were quite a few that came from families of officials in the South. This caused him to become a bit more curious.

He, Feng Zhao Lian, no matter what else was said, was born into the imperial family. The mutual deceit that occurred was something that he had become accustomed to at a young age. These people and their families, he could roughly guess their positions with a single glance. That was why he urgently gathered these people in the Lian residence. With a bit more interaction and casual inquiry, he had heard plenty of things that should not be heard by others. He still remembered that he had been brought back to Da Shun by Feng Yu Heng. No matter what matter, he ought to stand on Feng Yu Heng’s side. If he could do these things, he would do them for Feng Yu Heng.

Wu Li Sheng’s appearance caused the scene to become a bit chaotic. Fortunately, Feng Zhao Lian very quickly explained that something went wrong when Wu Li Sheng got married a few years prior. This caused the root of her illness, and she would frequently spout nonsense. The people looked at Wu Li Sheng’s appearance and felt that this was the appearance of someone that was not clear-headed, thus they watched the servants forcefully drag Wu Li Sheng away, and the matter came to a conclusion.

However, who knew that there would be people with their own motives that would see this and begin to feel some doubts. When considering the other side, Feng Zhao Lian had a bit of a valiant appearance under that beauty. Although he looked female, his masculine aura was also quite plentiful. Observing him like this, they found that Feng Zhao Lian had a different appearance at the neck than other girls. Although it was far too different from the Adam’s apple of other men, it definitely did not look like something that a woman should have. Thinking about it carefully, they could not help but become shocked…

At this time, Fen Dai had lost her patience. She frankly brought Dong Ying and left. The matter with the seventh prince would be brought up at a different time. Either way, they lived just next door. They could just come at any time. Why bother with waiting?

The master and servant left the banquet hall and prepared to head toward the front yard, but they happened to pass by the retainer of a family, and they felt that the retainer was being dodgy while trying to avoid them. Some doubts appeared in her mind, as she moved closer to look; however, she was given a huge shock, “Why are you here?”

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