Shen Yi DI Nu Chapter 721

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Kicked Out of Home

The person that Fen Dai had seen was none other than her father, Feng Jin Yuan.

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan was wearing clothes that belonged to the retainer of the Lian residence. He was even holding a platter in his hand. There was a hemp cloth on this platter. Slightly bent at the waist, he nodded and saluted everyone that he saw. From any angle, this looked like a proper retainer. However, there was nobody that knew that this was the master of the neighboring Feng residence and the former left prime minister.

Feng Fen Dai felt her vision darken, as she nearly passed out on the spot. Why was Feng Jin Yuan here. When she saw him at first, she was shocked, but after just a bit of thought, how could she not understand the situation? This person’s love for Feng Zhao Lian had already reached such a perverted state. The Lian residence was putting on a banquet today and would be receiving many guests. Out of fear that they would not be able to serve all of the guests, they brought in some more servants. How could he pass on this great opportunity to get into the Lian residence. Even if he was a retainer, he would use this chance to take a few more looks at Feng Zhao Lian.

She pointed at Feng Jin Yuan and opened her mouth to begin cursing; however, she saw that Feng Jin Yuan got closer and desperately gave her some looks. He then lowered his voice and said: “If you don’t want to lose face, just don’t say anything. Quickly go back home. If you cause a stir here, I will have no face, but you won’t be any better off!”

Dong Ying heard this and also began to give advice: “That’s right. Young miss, if we need to speak, speak after returning to the residence. Now is not the time to talk about this. Let’s go back first!”

Fen Dai was pulled out of the Lian residence by Dong Ying. Only when they entered the Feng residence’s entrance could she no longer hold back. Letting out a loud scream that frightened the servants in the residence into gathering into a tight clump. Nobody dared to step forward. Even He Zhong was very shocked but did not know what had given the fourth young miss such a huge shock.

Fen Dai unconsciously shouted and screamed, venting for a long time. After that, she informed He Zhong: “Tell the gatekeeper that from this day forward, Feng Jin Yuan will not be permitted to set half a step inside the Feng residence!”

“Huh?” He Zhong was stunned and had to ask: “Fourth Young Miss, are those words serious?”

“Naturally, they’re serious!” Fen Dai became furious, “Are you unable to understand what I’m saying? Are you deaf? Go! Close the gates tightly for me. Whoever dares to let Feng Jin Yuan in, I will have them skinned!”

“But he is the master!” He Zhong never thought the fourth young miss would end up at odds with the master once more. This time, she acted so resolutely, not even allowing him into the residence. What was the reason?

Fen Dai was so angry that her soul was about to leave her body. He Zhong’s words caused her to feel even more disgusted. She could not help but loudly say: “Master? Does he still know that he’s the master? If he knows that he’s the master and still knows that he is the father of the Feng family’s children, he would not be so shameless as to go to the Lian residence and act as a retainer! Isn’t that Miss Lian just a bit pretty? Yet it was able to confuse him so much that he is willing to have no shame? If you don’t believe me, you can go next door to take a look. Take a look and see if the one that you are calling master is currently carrying around a platter and wiping down tables. See if he is currying favor with people! I told him to go out and look for work. He found that to be shameful and would rather not be able to earn a single cent for the family then be shouted at and insulted by me. But what about now? For the sake of a woman, he does not even care about shame! Everyone listen up, starting from today, if anyone still acknowledges him, you can scram! Remember this well, it’s currently me, Feng Fen Dai, that’s paying you. It’s not Feng Jin Yuan! What are you still looking at! Close the gate!”

Following Fen Dai’s last shout, the gate was closed by the two servants, who did not say another word. After closing the gate, they asked her: “Third Young Miss also went out but has not yet returned. Will she be allowed in?”

Fen Dai’s heart was filled with anger, but she knew that if she did not allow Xiang Rong to enter, that would be a wrong committed by her. Moreover, even if she did not allow that girl, Xiang Rong, to enter the residence, she would have somewhere else to sleep, the imperial daughter’s manor, the Ping Palace and even the Chun Palace. Which of those was a place that she could not go? Thus she waved her hand and said: “I only said that Feng Jin Yuan is not allowed entrance. If someone else comes knocking, just pay attention and listen carefully. If Feng Jin Yuan forces his way in, just chase him out for me.”

“Yes!” The gatekeepers were very obedient for the sake of keeping their jobs. Even He Zhong was left with nothing to say. After thinking about what Feng Jin Yuan had done, he was also quite indignant.

Thus He Zhong said to Fen Dai: “Would Fourth Young Miss please be at ease. Unless you change your mind, from this day forward, this Feng residence will respect your wishes. That Feng Jin Yuan is no longer our master!”

The Feng family had completely been overturned by Feng Fen Dai’s anger. In the imperial daughter’s manor, Feng Yu Heng enjoyed a moment of leisure. She was currently holding the little white tiger while sitting under a tree in her yard. Ban Zou returning early had made her very happy, as she now knew that Zi Rui had a safe trip and was living in the academy. Hearing news that Wang Chuan would be returning to the capital in another two days, she felt even more at ease.

But that evening until the sky darkened, she did not sit idly. A letter was sent from the Lian residence. On it was a list of names, and it was all of the girls that had gone to the Lian residence and their families. This came with Feng Zhao Lian’s analysis of their true positions. Feng Zhao Lian revealed all of their powerful connections, causing Feng Yu Heng to feel incredibly emotional. In the end, he was born into an imperial family. In the end, he was someone that had grown up in that sort of environment. His views and analysis of people would be more thorough than her own.

She hugged the little white tiger. This guy was a bit heavier than a few days prior. In the end, it was a large animal. This growth rate was not common. Huang Quan advised her: “Young miss should get a cage made. After raising this tiger a bit more, I fear that it will start biting people.”

Who knew if the little white tiger understood, but it raised its head and looked at Huang Quan before rolling its eyes and ignoring her.

Feng Yu Heng laughed and said: “Look at its lazy appearance. Could it bite anyone?” While speaking, she patted its head, “Xiao Bai, even if you do bite someone, you need to bite those bad guys for me. Do you understand? In the future, we will be family. You just need to attack where I point, understand?”

The little white tiger raised its head and glanced at her. It then raised its paw and patted her on the belly a couple times. It seemed like it understood, which caused Feng Yu Heng to hug and kiss it. But as she kissed it, she felt that the day was a bit monotonous. She asked Huang Quan: “What day and month is it?”

Huang Quan said: “It’s the 16th of the eighth month. Didn’t we just attend the banquet?”

“Oh.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “The 16th of the eighth month, the round moon of the 15th came on the 16th. Go to the Yu Palace and find Xuan Tian Ming. Just say that for him to hear.”

“Hm?” Huang Quan was startled, “Which one? The round moon of the 15th came on the 16th? What does that mean? What will happen after telling His Highness?”

Feng Yu Heng spread her hands: “Just say it like that. As for what will happen, have him think for himself.”

Very well, Huang Quan helplessly left the manor. When she returned, sure enough, she had brought along Xuan Tian Ming.

Feng Yu Heng had already changed her clothes and stood at the entrance of the manor with a smile while holding Xiao Bai in her embrace. Xuan Tian Ming saw her sloven appearance and felt that it was funny. He was able to recall their time in the mountains of the Northwest. The look of this girl hitting people with pebbles was precisely like this.

“Come.” He extended his hand toward Feng Yu Heng, “Go on. This prince will take you to admire the moon.”

The little girl was pulled onto the back of the horse and placed in front of him. The little white tiger was also brought up and went along with Xuan Tian Ming’s horse.

Huang Quan watched the two parting people and could not help but begin to feel envious. Turning around, she found Ban Zou standing behind herself. She could not help but turn red in the face; however, she still asked out of curiosity: “What are you standing here for? The master has left, so why are you not following?”

Ban Zou had a cold expression and said without any emotions: “Master has gone for a date. What would I follow her for? Didn’t you also stay here? The round moon of the 15th came on the 16th, come. I’ll bring you to the roof to watch the moon.” After saying this, his figure moved and brought Huang Quan onto the roof in the blink of an eye. In that instant, Huang Quan felt as if she was dreaming. If this dream lasted a thousand years, it would be best if she never woke up.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming had already left the city and were heading straight toward the Ping Xu Mountain Range.

The Ping Xu Mountain Range was the only path to Ping Zhang Mountain. For the two that frequently moved between the capital and the military camp, it was a very familiar path. Naturally, they also knew where the tallest peak in this mountain range was. Xuan Tian Ming’s horse headed straight toward this peak. The horse actually wound up at an unbelievable angle. Even if it was Feng Yu Heng, she trembled a bit and tightly closed her eyes. She tightly held the little white tiger in her embrace, fearing that a single slip would cause it to fall. She was not as good as Xuan Tian Ming in qinggong. If she fell, she would definitely have her body smashed to bits.

But the person holding her from behind was intent on playing a trick. From time to time, he would poke her a bit. From time to time, he would pinch the little white tiger or have the horse sway or even deliberately loosen his grip. Feng Yu Heng cried loudly in fear, while the little white tiger whimpered and whined. Human and tiger were completely suppressed by Xuan Tian Ming. Both were completely tense and did not dare move in the slightest.

Xuan Tian Ming felt that this was extremely fun, thus chose even more ridiculous times to spur his horse, deliberately teasing the person in front of him. When they finally stood at the mountain’s peak, Feng Yu Heng’s face was completely pale. Finally managing to climb off the horse, her feet trembled. Even the arms that held the little white tiger trembled. The little white tiger had also been extremely frightened. It was such that when Feng Yu Heng let it down, the little guy forgot about self-preservation and fell to the ground with a “thunk.” It happened to land on a rock, which caused its butt to hurt.

Xuan Tian Ming helplessly picked it up and shook his head, sighing: “When I took you in, first, it was to provide my wife with a partner. Second, I felt that you were a beast of prey and would be able to tear apart anyone that bullies this prince’s wife. But who knew, really who knew that you would actually be so lacking? Just ascending a mountain left you like this? Are you a cat or a tiger?”

Xiao Bai also felt saddened and lowered its head. It wanted to let out a howl to display its identity, but when it opened its mouth, the sound was even quieter than a cat. Unable to do anything else, it lowered its head. If it was a cat then it was a cat. Who made this peak so terrifying.

After Xuan Tian Ming finished mocking Xiao Bai, he went to tease his wife. With a wicked smile on his face, he prepared to say a few mocking words; however, who knew that just as he stepped forward, a foot came to meet him. It was kicked straight toward his chest!

He could not dodge in time and was given a solid kick; however, his hands moved very quickly. The foot that had not yet been pulled back was caught, and its owner was pulled into his embrace. While they fell, their lips touched, and a sweet taste entered his mouth. Neither person wished to part…

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