Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 722

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Love Is In the Air

In the past, Xuan Tian Ming never thought that love had anything to do with himself. Before he met Feng Yu Heng, he even felt that women were all unlikeable. Regardless of whether they were middle-aged women or young girls that were not yet of marriageable age, they were all unworthy of his gaze. Aside from Imperial Concubine Yun or female guards like Huang Quan and Wang Chuan, he hated that he could not kick the others, sending them the further the better.

But ever since he met Feng Yu Heng, it was as though he had completely changed. Although he was still resistant toward women, it was different toward this girl. He liked Feng Yu Heng. This feeling filled his soul. He liked her so much that he hated that he could not keep this girl at his side at all times, as he did not want to spend a single instant apart.

This beautiful scene caused the world to lose color. Even the little white tiger on the ground averted its gaze. The animals in the forest also stopped making noise, while the winds stopped blowing. It was as though everything was giving way to them.

In the end, it was Feng Yu Heng that was a bit more rational. After this moment, she stared at Xuan Tian Ming and said: “You got quite lucky.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Indeed, but you are my wife. Sooner or later, you will be mine.” He turned her around and hugged her from behind. They just stood on the peak of the mountain. In front of them was a very steep cliff. “Are you afraid?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I’m not afraid because I know that even if I fall, you will definitely save me. That’s why I’m not afraid.”

The little white tiger at their feet moved a bit further away and used its actions to tell the two: You two might not be afraid, but this little treasure is!

Xuan Tian Ming hugged her a little tighter and rested his chin on the top of her head. Smelling the fragrance of her hair, he felt that everything in the world was fulfilled.

“Where we come from, 14 years of age is still not considered an adult.” Feng Yu Heng did not know where this came from, as she began to talk to Xuan Tian Ming about the rules of her former life, “Did you know? Becoming of marriageable age at 15 is something from the ancient times. In the modern world, someone is only considered of age after turning 18, and women are only willing to get married in their early 20s. If men marry girls that have not reached that age or violate them will be handled by the law.”

Xuan Tian Ming found this to be interesting to listen to. He was not just intrigued by the law that she spoke of. He was even more curious about the speak of ancient times and modern times, and he could not help but ask: “To you, what is modern and what is ancient? The present? Then when is the modern era? In the future? How could you know about the future?”

Feng Yu Heng faced the wind and smiled, “If I said that I guessed it, you definitely would not believe it.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Naturally.”

“But if I said something more abnormal, you would believe it even less. Xuan Tian Ming, don’t rush. Sooner or later, I will tell you everything. I just hope that you won’t be frightened at that time and won’t treat me as a monster.”

The person behind her laughed, “That space of yours, I have already seen it. What can be more frightening than that?” After thinking a bit, “It seems that grandfather of yours is quite familiar with that place?”

“He is quite familiar.” Feng Yu Heng told him: “There are many things that I still have not figured out how I should tell you about, including that space. There are also some uncommon things that I have not figured out, but it’s all a matter of time. Don’t worry.” Ever since military ammunition had appeared in her space, when she had found the added floor under the floorboard, she had been pondering about this matter the entire time. She had already inspected the entirety of the space, and there were weapons that she had not placed in there but were also brought over. She did not know why nor when it began that the extra floor had appeared. A change occurring to the space was a huge matter. She would need to conduct another investigation.

Of course, Xuan Tian Ming was in no rush. He was just resolute on exploring more about this wife. “You are right. It’s just a matter of time. Sooner or later, I will be able to enter your world and take a look.”

She smiled, “I also want to go back and take a look.” Go back and take a look at the her from her previous life. Precisely why had she died? Precisely who had placed that time bomb on that helicopter?

When Xuan Tian Ming had left, he had made quite a few preparations. He had a jar of wine on his hip. The two sat on the ground, and Feng Yu Heng pulled the little white tiger over. Receiving the jar of wine from Xuan Tian Ming, the two began to drink. As they drank more, more words began to flow. Xuan Tian Ming said something that he had always wanted to say: “I keep feeling that you aren’t very happy.”

Feng Yu Heng held the jar of wine for a bit and paused. She still took a drink then handed it back to Xuan Tian Ming, saying with a bitter smile: “What would be necessary to feel happy? Do you know? There are times when I really don’t want to care about relatives. Either way, they aren’t close to me, and they insist on causing me anger. How many times have I wanted to raise my hand and give them a couple slaps, but my heart keeps softening at the last moment. I could tidy up Feng Chen Yu and Feng Jin Yuan because the previous Feng Yu Heng also had that sort of hatred towards them. But what about Yao shi? She is my mother. If I… I fear that I would really arouse the anger of the heavens, right?”

“Yao shi keeps saying that you aren’t her daughter, but A-Heng, aside from Yao shi, there is nobody in this world that would say that you aren’t. In the end… are you or are you not?”

She looked up at him, and their eyes met. After a long time, she asked: “If I said that I am not, what would you do?”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “Whether you are or not, it’s unrelated to me. The one that I want is not the Feng family’s second daughter. Nor do I want Yao shi’s daughter. The one that I want is you. That’s all.”

Her smile became a little fuller, and there was a nice shine in her eyes. It was very quickly pushed back down. “Then just treat it as if I’m not! My own mother won’t acknowledge me, so what other explanation can I give? But… Xuan Tian Ming, perhaps even if I said it, you would not understand. I am not her Feng Yu Heng, but I am indeed her daughter. She does not understand, you don’t understand. In this world, only I understand. But even if I understand, who would believe it?”

She had drank a bit too much and said a large number of things in a daze. It was all related to the grief that Yao shi had caused. By the end, she ended up falling asleep at some point. Xuan Tian Ming pulled her back into his embrace but did not rush to bring her back. He just held her like this while facing the cliff. Looking off into the distance, they looked like a brilliant couple and would earn much admiration.

When Feng Yu Heng woke up, it was already dawn the next morning. She just felt that she was wrapped in a tight embrace, and a thick blanket was covering them. She was being hugged very tightly. Her head hurt very slightly; however, it was not enough for her to forget about what had happened the previous night. Thus she looked up and saw the man that had been holding her the entire time.

He had not slept for an entire night, yet he did not appear to be weary. There was just a bit of dew that had appeared on his eyelashes, and it was a very pleasant sight.

Feng Yu Heng laughed: “Like a beauty.”

Xuan Tian Ming, however, said: “You’ve finally woken up. If you didn’t wake up, I would have worried that you would have been frozen.” As he spoke, he pulled her up from the ground. While helping her tidy up her clothes, he asked: “Do you feel any discomfort? Are you cold?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I’m not cold. With you wrapping me up so tightly, how could I be cold?”

But he was not so optimistic: “No matter how tight, the air is still cold. The middle of Autumn is not like the Summer. This peak is also too high. As you slept, I did not even dare bring you down the mountain.” As he spoke, he pointed at the sleeping white tiger: “There’s also that guy. On my own, I really can’t handle it all.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and picked up the little white tiger. When the white tiger was woken up, it yawned then looked at Xuan Tian Ming. A little bit unhappy, it moved a bit closer to Feng Yu Heng.

“It might be that it feels a bit cold.” Feng Yu Heng spoke while patted the white tiger’s back, “But with such a thick tiger fur, could it really feel cold? It really is such a spoiled child.”

Seeing that she really was fine, Xuan Tian Ming did not continue to remain in this place. Leading the horse over, he brought his wife down the mountain. Feng Yu Heng, however, reached into her sleeve and felt around for a bit then brought out a large bag of indigo woad root, “When you get back, mix a bag of this with half a cup of warm water. It will prevent a fever.”

Xuan Tian Ming did not understand, “A fever?”

“It’s what you would call a cold.” She explained, “This medicine has a preventative use. You were also exposed to the cold for a night. It would be best if you didn’t catch a cold.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and did not ask anything else. He just reminded her: “Don’t forget that you promised Imperial Concubine Mother that you would let her see your grandfather. I fear that she will remember it and lose patience before causing trouble again.”

Speaking of Imperial Concubine Yun causing trouble, Feng Yu Heng had personally experienced it. Thus she quickly said: “I won’t forget. I won’t forget. I wanted to arrange for them to meet during the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet, but you know that there was that matter with Lu Yao. In the end, that’s the daughter-in-law of the Yao family. Speaking of, the Yao family is in the middle of a funeral. It’s not too proper to go and see the empress or the imperial concubines.”

Xuan Tian Ming felt that this was reasonable and said: “Then just wait a little longer. In a little while, I will need to enter the palace and will bring this up with Imperial Concubine Mother. That will keep her from thinking that we forgot.”

After the two returned to the capital, Xuan Tian Ming placed Feng Yu Heng in front of the imperial daughter’s manor then entered the palace on his own.

Feng Yu Heng stood in front of the manor and watched him depart. Only then did she turn around and prepare to enter the manor, but when she turned around, a guard came forward and quietly said to her: “Imperial Daughter, look over there!”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng was a bit puzzled and turned her head, following the guard’s finger. Only then did she find that there was a strange bundle curled up near the entrance. “What is that?” She did not get enough rest and there was still some alcohol in her system. For a while, she could not see too clearly.

The guard told her: “Imperial daughter, it’s a person.”

“A person? Is it a beggar?” She quickly stepped forward and was about to ask that person if they had any difficulties or if he was homeless. Why would he be curled up in front of the imperial daughter’s manor?

But the guard told her: “It’s not a beggar. It’s Master Feng.”

Feng Yu Heng was speechless. Feng Jin Yuan? What happened now that caused him to run over here and pretend to be pitiful? “Since it’s not a beggar, just have him stay there!” After she finished speaking, she moved to enter the manor.

Feng Jin Yuan, however, woke up at this time. Looking up, he saw Feng Yu Heng and immediately called out: “A-Heng! A-Heng, you must help Father! A-Heng, you must help support Father!” This person cried while crawling and very quickly crawled over to Feng Yu Heng’s feet. His actions were even worse than those of a beggar. It caused the people walking in the streets to look in their direction.

Feng Yu Heng became furious, “Feng Jin Yuan, what are you doing? Stand up!”

“I won’t!” Feng Jin Yuan was very resolute in his refusal, “If you refuse to help me, I definitely will not get up!”

She was helpless, “I can’t treat that illness. Don’t keep hoping for that.”

“That’s not it! It’s not about that!” Feng Jin Yuan reached out to hug her leg, “I am not asking you to treat my illness. I just… I just don’t have a place to go. If you abandon me, I will be left on the streets.”

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  1. Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “Whether you are or not, it’s unrelated to me. The one that I want is not the Feng family’s second daughter. Nor do I want Yao shi’s daughter. The one that I want is you. That’s all.” ⬅️ Oh, he’s good. 💞💖💘

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