Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 728

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Feng Yu Heng’s Strategies

The two climbed into the imperial carriage, as Huang Quan and Xuan Tian Hua’s attendant went to sit together outside the carriage. Feng Yu heng sat while hugging her knees and slowly said: “Since I’ve decided to no longer be Yao shi’s daughter, that naturally means that I am no longer Yao Xian’s granddaughter. If these ties are to be severed, they should be severed cleanly. There’s also the Feng family… From this day forward, I am only Da Shun’s Imperial Daughter Ji An. What family or relatives, nobody is related to me in any way. Seventh brother, what do you think about it?” She looked at him with a delicate smile. It was as though she was talking about something that was unrelated to herself.

But Xuan Tian Hua was still feeling quite hurt and subconsciously asked her: “Must you do things so thoroughly? You need to know that without these things, you really won’t have any relatives. Although we will still be around, we are not related to you by blood. It’s a bit different.”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “but you also saw Yao shi’s current situation. The most basic cause of it all is that she was my mother and was connected to me. If there wasn’t that situation with the spirit-altering drug, she would not have become like she is now. A similar situation cannot be allowed to happen a second time. I definitely will not allow for that situation to occur. That’s why these ties must be severed.”

“Perhaps you are a little too arbitrary.” Xuan Tian Hua wanted to advise her to be a little more cautious and on guard, and things would be fine, but this sort of thing would not even be able to convince himself. The enemy’s methods would always need to be defended against. They could only face the danger as it came, and they would never be able to protect themselves fully from the danger. Otherwise, Yao shi’s matter would never have occurred. “Forget it.” Xuan Tian Hua nodded, “I admit it, what you said is right. It’s just a pity that nobody would know that the fearless Imperial Daughter Ji An is the most kind-hearted. It looks fractured, but it’s actually protected. Being alone from this day forward, you will have no other concerns.”

“That’s right!” Feng Yu Heng finally put on a bitter smile, “When I was doing well, I could have them enjoy the leisurely life with me, but the path I plan to walk will only get harder from here on out. There will be more and more enemies. As Da Shun’s situation changes, who knows how many trials will be laying in wait. Since I have made up my mind to work with Xuan Tian Ming in striving for and protecting this world, I need to be completely isolated. I cannot have any fetters or weak spots. Otherwise, once the enemy captures my weak spot, it will be difficult for me to act. When that time comes, not only will my loved ones get hurt, Xuan Tian Ming will also get dragged in. Fortunately, the current Yao family will be able to remain steadfast in the capital without me. As for the Feng family, the only one that I am worried about is Xiang Rong. Fortunately, there is His Highness the Fourth Prince, and there is not much need for me to worry too much.”

It was as though she was making funeral arrangements, going one task and one matter at a time, providing proper arrangements for everything. When they returned to the imperial daughter’s manor, Wang Chuan had returned to the capital ahead of schedule. Feng Yu Heng was not in the mood to say too much, and she went back to her room to rest on her own. It was Huang Quan that told Wang Chuan about what had just happened. It caused Wang Chuan to repeatedly sigh: “Young miss took the matter of Lady Yao becoming addicted to spirit-altering drug to heart. This is also good. It’s very clean, and young miss will not need to be overly cautious in the future.”

Feng Yu Heng had returned to the imperial daughter’s manor. Back in the other courtyard, Yao shi and Fu Ya were seated in the yard while they held each other and cried bitterly. Their cries caused the servants in the yard not dare to get close, as they all stayed far away.

Yao shi’s cries were filled with self-blame for not being able to take care of Fu Ya. She said that she had let down her daughter, as she had never been able to provide her with a good life. Now that they had finally managed to return from the Northwest, that person had been able to steal Fu Ya’s position. She completely viewed Fu Ya as the real Feng Yu Heng. As she saw it, this daughter was the exact same as the Feng Yu Heng of her memories. Calm, collected and without those strange abilities. When meeting difficulties, she would cry, and she would end up being bullied by others. This was the A-Heng that she remembered. It was not that monster that resided in the imperial daughter’s manor. How could she have left her daughter out there for such a long time and acknowledged that monster?

“A-Heng, it was mother that let you down. Mother should have noticed that something was off sooner and brought you back to the capital sooner.” Yao shi cried while speaking to Fu Ya: “Don’t blame mother. From this day forward, mother will make sure to protect you and not allow you to suffer in the slightest.”

Fu Ya was crying but happy. She was in great pain from being whipped by Feng Yu Heng, but aside from the pain, nobody noticed that the corners of her lips were slightly curled upward through the bitterness. She said to Yao shi: “Mother, daughter does not blame you. Mother was also deceived by that person and was also a victim. Mother, don’t worry. It’s all in the past. Daughter has already returned to your side. From this day forward, we will no longer separate.”

The two held each other once more and began crying. After crying for a while, Fu Ya managed to stand up and support Yao shi back to the room with the help of a servant. She was then sent back to her own room by a servant. In the instant that she sat down, tears immediately welled up from the pain, and she nearly fainted.

The servant asked her: “Young Miss, do you want a doctor to be called?” They did not dare call her miss. Yao shi had already told them that they had to call her young miss, and they had seen Fu Ya beat Tian Qing. How could they still dare to make a mistake in calling her?

“No need to call a doctor. Just go and get me some medicine.” Fu Ya sent the servant away before letting out a long sigh. She then lifted her collar and immediately saw the bloody wounds that had been left by Feng Yu Heng’s whip. “Feng Yu Heng!” She gnashed her teeth and seemed to be shouting the name of the vilest person in the world. She was her greatest enemy and was someone that she had to get rid of. “There will come a day when I will have you kneel and beg. There will be a day when I will get revenge for every single wound you have inflicted upon me and leave them on your body. Feng Yu Heng, just you wait!”

Fu Ya had seemed to have seen hope. She recalled the people that she had met during the banquet, especially Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu. That person that had once extended an invitation to her…

Feng Yu Heng’s actions in that courtyard were very quickly circulated around the entire capital. Practically everyone knew about it. Lady Yao did not like Imperial Daughter Ji An, and she began to conflict with Imperial Daughter Ji An more and more, and it was getting more and more serious. Finally, Imperial Daughter was no longer able to endure and severed ties with her. Even further, word spread that Imperial Daughter Ji An had waved around her whip in that courtyard and hit the servants and Yao shi. She even made it public that she would be severing her ties as Yao shi’s daughter. From that day forward, she would not care whether she lived or died.

At the same time, the Yao family also made its move. Under Yao Xian’s lead, the three men of the Yao family and the three daughters-in-law entered the imperial daughter’s manor and denounced Feng Yu Heng.

The Yao family put on a show of being fierce. It was such that after they entered the manor, the gates to the imperial daughter’s manor did not even get a chance to close, as the people began to cause a stir in the front yard.

First, it was Yao Xian that attacked Feng Yu Heng, accusing her of letting down her mother and accusing her of being an unfilial daughter. Not only was she unfilial, but she even used a whip to strike her own mother. Her heart truly was too vicious!

Following Yao Xian’s attack, the three sons and the three daughters-in-law of the Yao family began to denounce her. For a while, their voices could be heard by all in the streets. Countless citizens ran to gather around the imperial daughter’s manor to watch. Gradually, more and more people began to arrive. Finally, Feng Yu Heng felt that she could not bear to continue. She became fierce and actually brought out her whip and chased the Yao family out of the manor. The gate was then closed with a “bang.” The people outside were no longer able to see or hear anything else.

That afternoon, the Yao family announced that they cut ties with Feng Yu Heng. From this day forward, Feng Yu Heng would have nothing to do with the Yao family. Whether she lived or died, the Yao family would not care. The problems that she caused would also not be the responsibility of the Yao family.

Following the announcement from the Yao family, the Feng residence did not lag behind. Although Feng Jin Yuan never believed that Feng Yu Heng would do something like whipping Yao shi, the Feng residence was no longer under his control. Instead, it was Feng Fen Dai. Feng Fen Dai already hated Feng Yu Heng. Upon seeing that Feng Yu Heng was being pushed away by everyone, she also joined in and gave a push. This was the Feng residence expressing to the world that the Feng family had also cut ties with Feng Yu Heng. From this day forward, Feng Yu Heng was just Imperial Daughter Ji An. She was no longer the Feng family’s daughter of the first wife.

When all of this news reached the imperial daughter’s manor, Feng Yu Heng, Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were playing with the little white tiger. It was Qing Yu that had brought this piece of news when returning from the outside. After she heard this, she let out a laugh then said to the maidservants: “Look, the outcome that I expected occurred so quickly.”

Wang Chuan sighed, while Huang Quan straightforwardly asked her: “Is young miss feeling regret? From this day forward, you will no longer have any blood relatives.”

“I never had any to start with.” Feng Yu Heng said with a smile, “What’s there to fear. I was always an isolated person. From the beginning up to now, there has never been a truly intimate person. In truth, the current situation is much better than at the start. At least I have you guys, and I have His Highness the Ninth Prince and Seventh Brother. Don’t worry. The road ahead is still long.”

Huang Quan nodded and did not speak any further.

The next two days, the Yao residence was not peaceful. Although Xu shi would still appear very relaxed, even throwing a few curses in the direction of the imperial daughter’s manor, her husband, Yao Jing Jun, and her son, Yao Shu, knew. The others also knew. Including Yao Xian, they were all very clear. Every night, when Xu shi went to wash her face, she would call for A-Heng.

She had once asked Yao Xian why they had to act to resolutely? Yao Xian told her that this was A-Heng’s way of protecting everyone. If they did not do this, the Yao family’s future might be even worse than it was five years earlier.

These days, Xuan Tian Ming did his best to remain at Feng Yu Heng’s side. Even at night, he would stay the night at the imperial daughter’s manor. During this time, he had even secretly met with Yao Xian inside the space. When Xuan Tian Ming found out that the Yao family had not truly cut ties with Feng Yu heng and was simply going along with her play, he let out a sigh of relief. In this world, there was not much that he feared, but he really feared that Feng Yu Heng would become truly isolated and would not be able to handle it.

Fortunately, the Yao family was still around. As for the Feng family, he was not worried in the slightest. Feng Yu Heng and the Feng family were not close. Whether or not ties were cut did not really matter.

After another two days, the imperial decree removing Yao shi’s noble status arrived. Immediately following this, the governor, Xu Jing Yuan, finally announced the result of the investigation into Lu Yao and Lu Ping’s fight. Lu Yao had deliberately pulled madam Yao, Xu shi, into the water. The crime of attempted murder was established. She had also used a venomous bug from the South to deliberately harm her own sister, Lu Ping. The crime of deliberately causing harm was also established. And the person that had provided her with the venomous bug was…

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  1. Not a good idea i think… the feng family is whatever, but the yao family has been so sweet…
    Also why didnt she (yu heng) announce that theres a person who looks exactly like her (fu ya), and that her mom thinks that this person is her???

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    1. I agree with Yu Heng should announce that faker and the relationship with her mother to avoid any misunderstanding later. But maybe it is under Yu Heng’s plan to ‘capture the big fish’ whoever the faker Fu Ya may lean on?


  2. I agree with FYH. When she cut ties with Yao shi then it means that faker wont be able to use her connection for that faker’s benefit. Cz as u know that faker using FYH identity everywhere. Now FYH already announce it to the world so faker cant act as FYH and everyone now know that she is a faker


    1. Back when FYH got those shops back from Chen Shi’s greedy little hands, Yao Shi didn’t want to manage them again and gave them to FYH (just a bit earlier than intended but they’d be hers anyway since they were part of FYH’s dowry). So the shops are FYH’s, and the workers are taught and paid by and obey FYH.
      Yao Shi has no claim over those anymore.

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  3. A greedy father, a good for nothing mother , an egoistic youngest sister, a deflowered elder sister, a good but coward young sister… i can have a a good and coward sister, but the entirety of the feng family… this is what you call damnable family… filled with utter damnation… and nothing but damning family… i am book worm, and have read countless novels bound or online, but this is the first novel that made be so angry with family full of rotten members… with child self sacrificing herself for them, but none would try to understand. They worse than scums defined by dictionary… i feel bad for Ah Heng…


  4. Somebody please spoil me whether Yao shi gets her retribution later on in the story or if she finally realizes her mistakes and laments and begs forgivness to FYH!!! Im so mad right now at the ungrateful bitch of a mother!

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