Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 73

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You’re the Damn One Missing

That night, aside from the injured Chen shi and Feng Zi Hao, everyone of the Feng manor had moved out to search for the missing Feng Yu Heng and Feng Zi Rui. The matriarch also followed along on a chair carried around by servants.

Speaking of, Feng Yu Heng and her brother disappearing was first discovered by Feng Chen Yu. She only said that she woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly felt a very uncomfortable stuffiness near her heart. Extremely unwillingly, she could only get out of bed and bring some maidservants to go look for help from Feng Yu Heng. But when she arrived at Feng Yu Heng’s room, she discovered that there was only Wang Chuan who was guarding the room. There was nobody else.

Feng Chen Yu didn’t even ask what the situation was and went straight to loudly screaming: “Not good! Second sister has been kidnapped!”

With this scream, everyone from Feng manor was woken up.

Feng Jin Yuan brought along all the members of the Feng family to search the back of the mountain because Feng Chen Yu had said that the front had too many monks everywhere, so they could not have escaped through the front.

They had searched the back of the mountain a large portion of the night, yet they had not seen even half of a person’s shadow.

The people of Feng manor came to a standstill in the forest, their torches lighting up the forest as if it were day time. Feng Chen Yu’s face was pale, and she held her chest. Her face carried a trace of worry, and her eyes held tears.

“What to do? What do we do if we can’t find second sister?” Her voice was full of worry, and it sounded like an older sister who really cared for her little sister.

Feng Xiang Rong, after eating the anti-fever medicine, felt much better. At this time, she was with An shi. An shi tightly held on to Xiang Rong’s hand, fearing that she would also lose her daughter.

But Xiang Rong continued to look at Feng Chen yu. After a long while, she whispered quietly in to An shi’s ear: “Why do we not search to the side? It seems like we’ve been following eldest sister around this entire time.”

An shi was shocked, then carefully reflected. It seemed that Xiang Rong was correct. Along the way, Chen Yu had appeared very anxious, so everyone followed her in searching, so the area was not very large.

She wanted to remind Feng Jin Yuan to search the surroundings, it was Han shi that faintly said: “Being kidnapped in the middle of the night. No matter if we can find her or not, I worry the second young miss’ good name…”

An shi pulled her eyebrows together. She knew that because of Fen Dai’s injury, it was eighty percent likely that Han shi ended up hating Feng Yu Heng.

In reality, without Han shi reminding them, everyone understood this reality. A girl being taken away in the middle of the night, and they haven’t found here even to this point. What did this mean? Even if Feng Yu Heng returned safely, who would believe it?

The matriarch sighed heavily and faced the sky, saying: “What sin has my Feng family committed!”

Feng Jin Yuan quickly comforted her: “Mother, do not get anxious. Aren’t we still searching.” Although the words were said, he still had no clues. Sending out four hidden guards to search around, none returned with any news.

Chen Yu covered her lips and lightly sobbed, but her eyes continued to search the surroundings. Unfortunately, under the bright light of the torches, not even Feng Yu Heng’s shadow could be found.

In truth, they did not know. At this time, the area where the people of Feng manor stood was where Feng Yu Heng and company had fought off the people dressed in black. It’s just that, in the blink of an eye, aside from the air being filled with the stench of blood and some traces that were difficult to remove in the dark, there wasn’t the slightest sign of anything abnormal.

An shi saw that Feng Jin Yuan was out of ideas and could not help but call out, “Husband.” She walked forward, “Let’s split up to search. Earlier, we were too preoccupied with getting to the back of the mountain, so there are many places that haven’t been searched!”

Feng Chen Yu said with a cry: “Concubine mother An, this is the most probable path. The front has monks who keep watch at night, so criminals must run towards the back.”

An shi did not want to argue with Feng Chen Yu, so she only reminded Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch: “The second young miss came out with the entire family. Now she has gone missing. If Prince Yu comes investigating, who can afford to bear the responsibility?”

Because her son and daughter disappeared, Yao shi, who was on the verge of collapse, finally began yelling. She was no longer weak and easy to bully. Opening her mouth, her tone was fierce “Since the Feng family will not put forth its full efforts to find A-Heng and Zi Rui, I will go ask Wen Xuan Palace for help. Wang Chuan, granny Sun! We’re returning!”

Yao shi was preparing to leave when the matriarch became worried, “Full effort! How could we not put forth our full effort! They are my grandson and granddaughter. Tonight, even if we must dig them up from shallow graves, we will find them!”

The matriarch made her stance clear, so Feng Jin Yuan could once again give the order: “Search the mountain! Do not miss any corner!”

The people of the Feng family were waiting to spread out when they saw some monks carrying lanterns while coming from the direction of Pu Du Temple. Arriving before Feng Jin Yuan, they stopped and asked: “Amitabha, might I ask the patron if something has happened? Why, in the middle of the night, do you not sleep and gather the family here instead?”

Feng Jin Yuan originally did not want to disturb the temple monks. Furthermore, this was not something that should be made widely known. Even if they couldn’t find the missing Feng Yu Heng tonight, he still figured he could stop the information while slowly searching in secret. In the worst-case scenario, he could simply say that she had died from an emergency illness. Either way, it could not be known that the Feng family’s young miss had been kidnapped. Otherwise, not only would the Feng family’s name be tarnished, he would have no way of handling Prince Yu’s Palace!

But there were clearly people who did not think this way. Han shi, with a signal from Feng Chen Yu, spoke up before Feng Jin Yuan and replied to the monk: “To tell great master the truth, it’s our family’s second young miss. She was kidnapped tonight. We have looked for her for a long time, but we have not found her.”

Feng Jin Yuan fiercely glared at Han shi, scaring Han shi in to shrinking back. Feng Chen Yu, however, carried on: “Father should not fault concubine mother Han. Before the great master, how could we tell a lie. That would be a great sin.”

Jin Zhen looked at everyone, her mind continuously making calculations. She was calculating the likelihood of something actually happening to Feng Yu Heng. If something really had happened, would her position be affected. At this time, which side should she take? This was a real problem.

But after considering Yao shi’s relationship with the Wen Xuan Palace, she felt that regardless of what happened to Feng Yu Heng it was far better than Chen shi’s side. At the very least, the people of Feng Yu Heng’s side would not lose power. If they could find her quickly, perhaps the situation could even reverse.

Thus, with Chen Yu finished speaking, she also added on a few words, asking Chen Yu: “Eldest young miss, how did you determine that the second young miss was kidnapped?” As she spoke, she looked at Wang Chuan with uncertainty, continuing: “Aren’t you the second young miss’ servant? You should know exactly where second young miss and second young master have gone.”

Wang Chuan coldly looked around at everyone. Her cool expression held a smile that was hard to understand. She then faced Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch and saluted, saying: “Concubine mother Jin Zhen’s question is extremely good. This servant is also confused, why did the eldest young miss determine so readily that the second young miss and second young master had been kidnapped by criminals?”

These words shocked everyone, including Yao shi.

She simply grabbed Wang Chuan’s arm and anxiously asked: “Wang Chuan, you are saying that A-Heng and Zi Rui have not been lost?”

This question was answered in her place by the monk: “Amitabha, so the patrons were gathered to look for people. But this old monk does not understand. Clearly, the two young patrons Feng were always in the hall chanting sutras. Why did you come to the back of the mountain to search for them?”

With these words coming from the monk, it became Feng Chen Yu that asked in a shrill voice: “What did you say?”

The monk repeated the same words, and Feng Chen Yu subconsciously whispered: “Impossible.”

Jin Zhen was standing a little closer to her and asked: “Why does eldest young miss say it’s impossible?” At this moment, she was very happy that she had joined the right team. The second young miss’ really had heavenly ability.

“Chen Yu.” Feng Jin Yuan’s expression also sank. Tonight, he felt that the daughter, who had always been understand and obedient, was a little off.

Feng Chen Yu immediately sobered up and quickly said: “I was happy for second sister.” After speaking, she was not reconciled and asked the monk: “The two patrons Feng you speak of are my second sister and second brother?”

The monk replied: “It is a girl just over ten years of age and a boy around five or six years of age.”

Yao shi let out of a sigh of relief: “That’s right! It must be A-Heng and Zi Rui.” In a rush, she forgot to call them second young miss and second young master. She simply called them by their names.

Han shi, hearing this, felt discontent and spoke up to remind her: “Sister Yao, do not forget about the rules.”

The matriarch, however, waved her hand. The unease in her heart subsided: “Oh! A-Heng and Zi Rui escaped danger. With such great news, the rules can be put aside for now.”

Wang Chuan made a timely correction for the matriarch: “How is it that they escaped danger. Second young miss and second young master originally went to the hall to chant sutras. What danger was there. It was the eldest young miss who came to the second young miss’ room in the middle of the night. When she came in, she saw that they were not present. Without asking this servant, she began to wildly yell out that the second young miss had been kidnapped. This servant truly is baffled even after giving it much thought.”

Feng Chen Yu was rendered speechless by what she had said. Seeing Feng Jin Yuan glare over at her, she began to justify herself: “Daughter was also seized by a feeling of anxiousness. Who could have thought that second sister would go chant sutras in the middle of the night?”

Wang Chuan spoke once more: “Second young miss said that many things have happened in the manor recently. She had just returned to the capital from the Northwest not long ago, so she naturally should go put in this extra effort. With that, she brought the second young master to the hall to chant sutras overnight for the fortune of the manor.” As she spoke, she looked around at everyone, “Coming to Pu Du Temple, was it not for the sake of praying for the fortune of the Feng family?”

With these words, everyone became red in the face.

Feng Jin Yuan saw that some people were already beginning to drop, so he quickly gave the order for everyone to return.

Under the guidance of the monk, everyone returned to Pu Du Temple’s hall. Sure enough, they saw Feng Yu Heng and Feng Zi Rui knelt on rush cushions, as they held their hands together, sincerely praying for good fortune. At their side, there was a young monk who was tapping a wooden fish and chanting sutras.

Not long after, a message arrived. Hearing movement from outside, Feng Yu Heng pulled on Zi Rui and turned around. Seeing everyone from Feng manor standing outside the hall’s doors and looking at her, she could not help but sneer.

They thought she had been kidnapped?

Did anyone secretly rejoice?

How very sorry to disappoint you.

She pulled Zi Rui towards the door and feigned a surprised look, asking Feng Jin Yuan: “Father, why did you all come here? Did you also come to chant sutras?”

Feng Jin Yuan found it difficult to look directly at this daughter. In truth, he had some doubts about the things Wang Chuan said, despite the monk providing evidence, he still had doubts. But looking at Feng Yu Heng, he could not see any flaws.

“A-Heng has been in this hall praying for good fortune the entire time?” He asked the daughter before him.

Feng Yu Heng nodded: “That’s right. From nightfall, I have been here the entire time. Some great masters can act as witness. Why does father ask?”

Feng Jin Yuan shook his head, “It’s good that you are fine.”

Feng Yu Heng asked: “Did father think something happened to A-Heng?”

Feng Jin Yuan froze for a moment and could not respond.

“It’s very late. Go get some rest.” Feng Jin Yuan did not wish to speak with her anymore. Turning around, he left.

Only when he returned to his room did a hidden guard appear. Standing before him, he respectfully said: “Master, twenty corpses were discovered behind the mountain. All were assassins from Yama’s Palace.”

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  1. Thanks for the upload!

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  2. Well… it’s a good thing idiots are so predictable. Loving the fact that Yao-shi’s finally growing some backbone. I hope that as soon as A-Heng marries the prince, A-Heng will get her mom to divorce the douche-canoe Jin Yuan, who wasn’t much of a husband to Yao-shi anyway, let alone a father to A-Heng And Rui’er.

    Thanks for the slap-in-your-fake-white-lotus-face-Chen-Yu-and-Han-shi chapter! 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for this novel….I am loving every chapter. I just don’t understand why they keep referring to A-Heng as about 10, I thought she was 13.


    1. A-Heng, her mom and little brother were basically left to fend for themselves for three years while in exile with A-Heng doing most of the chores and taking odd jobs since her mom was sickly and her little brother was only three. So A-Heng ended up becoming malnourished and small for her size, which Xuan Tian Ming kept commenting over and over again since their second meeting, which A-Heng has developed sort of a complex over it. Poor A-Heng. 😅


    2. Well, when she was in the mountains they did not have enough food, so I assume that she looks younger than she is. People probably just assume that she is 10.


  4. Hehe, hope she trains some body guards for her family or does she want to loose them again this life as well. Hope her abilities improve as well


  5. even Jin Zhen was wiser than the prime minister ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

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