Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 733

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Who Would Covet That Sort of Mother

Following this shout, there were some people that were very quick to move out of the way. Huang Quan was angry and wanted to argue; however, she was stopped by Feng Yu Heng. Pulling the two maidservants to the side, she gave way and motioned for the two not to attract any attention.

Wang Chuan understood her intention and quietly told Huang Quan: “Let’s watch the liveliness for a while first.”

Huang Quan managed to react, but her thoughts were not quite the same as Feng Yu Heng and Wang Chuan’s. She said: “Oh, Young Miss Feng, to be able to come to this embroidery shop, it must be the third young miss, or maybe it’s Feng Fen Dai.” After thinking about: “So arrogant, it must be Feng Fen Dai.” As she spoke, she looked up but was extremely shocked, as she nearly let out a cry. Only when that group entered the embroidery shop that Wang Chuan stopped covering her mouth. Only then did Huang Quan ask in confusion: “Isn’t that Fu Ya? How did she become Young Miss Feng?”

Wang Chuan reminded her: “Have you forgotten that she has been referred to as young miss in that courtyard?”

“Even then, she should be called Young Miss Yao!” Of course, Huang Quan knew about this matter, but she always believed that was something reserved for inside that courtyard, and Fu Ya would not dare do it outside. It was just a pity that she had forgotten that even if Fu Ya did not dare, Yao shi did. Moreover, with Yao shi’s instigation, even Fu Ya now dared to.

Seeing that Fu Ya was politely invited into the embroidery shop, a couple of attendants were left at the door. The two stood with their noses pointing toward the sky and would occasionally shout: “Stay further away. Don’t watch on. If you disturb Young Miss Feng in choosing her things, it would not be good for you.”

In truth, how could there be many onlookers? Aside from a few people that were passing by that wanted to see what was happening, the others did not even look in that direction. This was the Feng family’s shop, and the Feng family had a few young misses. Everyone acted as if it was Feng Fen Dai or someone that had come, and they did not even think much of it. How could someone noble be seen so easily by the common citizen. Even in the capital, where Feng Fen Dai strolled the streets, they did not dare to look at her a little more. They could not even differentiate between who was who, and what they looked like.

Just like this, Fu Ya spent quite a bit of time in the shop. During this time, the servants that she had brought with her would exit the shop with a pile of things in their hands. It seemed that Fu Ya bought quite a bit of stuff. Huang Quan was puzzled, “Is Concubine Mother An’s shop having a clearance sale? It is it buy one get one free? Fu Ya bought so many things but won’t bring in any money, right? Where did she get money? Madam Yao has lost her position as first-rank noble lady. Wasn’t it said that they’re living very poorly?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Since the Yao family is using my actions toward Yao shi as a reason to become hostile with me, this play will need to be acted out in full. Although Yao shi is a daughter that has married, in a situation where it’s inconvenient for her to move back into the manor, the Yao family cannot treat the other courtyard too poorly. For the same of expression that they stand on Yao shi’s side, my three uncles and aunties and even my grandfather have gone to that courtyard. Each person presented a large amount of wealth to comfort her. At the same time, the Yao manor sends an allowance that is no less than what is provided to her as a first-rank noble lady. That’s why Fu Ya has money.”

Wang Chuan smiled and said, “That’s also good. The money was taken from the Yao family then spent at the third young miss’ place. It can’t be considered a waste. Young miss, do you want to go in and meet with her?”

“Alright!” Feng Yu Heng did not reject this idea and agreed, as she was the first to begin moving.

When they reached the entrance, the two people standing guard outside saw her come over. First, they loudly shouted: “Stop!” They then said: “Young Miss Feng is currently choosing things inside. Irrelevant people are not allowed to enter!” At the same time, he reached out with his long and thick arms toward Feng Yu Heng.

Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng’s feet did not even stop moving. It was as though she did not see the pair of arms, as she just continued to walk forward. In the blink of an eye, the two suddenly felt their forearms turn cold, as though they had been firmly grasped. They could neither be moved nor pulled back. Following this, a “crack” sound could be heard, and the arms that had been stopped in mid-air suddenly drooped down. The sturdy man’s face contorted, and sweat soaked his head; however, the pain left him unable to make a single sound. The bone had been broken very suddenly. It happened without warning, and they did not even get a chance to see how the arms had been broken. They just felt that the girl that had come forward gently raised her hands and gently bumped into them without a change in expression before the bones broke.

With an expression filled with disdain, Huang Quan looked at the two people that had fallen then kicked them to the side a couple times. At the same time, she said: “You’re like a dog threatening people with the power of its master, but even if you guys wanted to be dogs, you need to pick a good master, no? A dog that can’t even pick a good master isn’t a good dog.”

Wang Chuan sneered while glancing at them then followed Feng Yu Heng into the shop.

The commotion from the entrance caught the attention of the patrons in the shop. Fu Ya still had not acted to clear up the situation. Even if the people outside did not want to offend the two men outside and could not get in, none of the madams and young misses that were already inside exited. Some of the people were regulars and were familiar with An shi and Xiang Rong. They naturally recognized Feng Yu Heng, and Fu Ya’s appearance caused them to believe that Feng Yu Heng had come. They all kowtowed and paid their respects, and Fu Ya nodded in satisfaction, calling for them to rise. As a result, in just the blink of an eye, another Imperial Daughter Ji An actually entered, and…

If the real Feng Yu Heng was not present, the Fu Ya the pretender really might have been able to pass herself off as the real deal, but once Feng Yu Heng herself stood before everyone, the people that were not blind were immediately able to differentiate between the real and the fake! Those madams and young misses that had been deceived were all shocked. This bearing, this atmosphere, this appearance, the two were completely different levels. Compared to Feng Yu Heng, the former was like a roadside performer that could not put on a show.

Someone got angry and began to point at Fu Ya while cursing. But no matter how much she cursed, Fu Ya had many servants at her side, and someone immediately went forward to push away the people that were causing a stir. Feng Yu Heng did not stop them and just watched Fu Ya cause a commotion until almost everyone that had come to buy things were chased out. Only then did she hear Fu Ya speak up and say to her: “Imperial Daughter Ji An, you and the Yao family have already severed ties, thus you shouldn’t continue to hold onto the position as the Feng family’s young miss, right?”

Feng Yu Heng did not speak, but Huang Quan, who was at her side, was unable to hold back, “Tsk! Who would covet that. Feng family’s young miss, Only a country bumpkin like you would happily charge forward.”

Fu Ya had always hated the servants at Feng Yu Heng’s side, but there was nothing that she could do. Huang Quan and Wang Chuan knew martial arts, so she could not offend them. Thus she simply ignored them, turning around and continuing to look at the embroideries that she had chosen. After flipping through all of them, she pointed to the other side that she had not yet browsed and directly said: “Just wrap them all up. I want all of them.”

Today, it was An shi personally taking care of the shop. Feng Yu Heng’s arrival was not met with the usual warmth. Instead, she was respectful and cautious like the other madams and young misses. Now that she heard that Fu Ya wanted to buy all of the embroideries, she did not say much and quickly arranged for the clerks to wrap things up for her before saying to Fu Ya: “Young miss, it’s a total of 270 taels of silver.”

270 taels was not a small amount. In Feng Jin Yuan’s hands, it would be enough for a few months of expenses, but Fu Ya treated it as if it was nothing. Simply gesturing to the maidservant at her side, the maidservant immediately brought out three banknotes. Feng Yu Heng took note of the banknotes. This maidservant was not one that originally belonged to that courtyard. Thinking about it, she must have been brought in later.

Huang Quan could not get used to Fu Ya’s arrogant appearance and casually said: “With just that bit of money, don’t go around losing face everywhere.”

Fu Ya steeled her heart and ignored Huang Quan, only saying to Feng Yu Heng: “However much money, it’s all given by Mother. Having a mother dote on you is a good thing. Imperial Daughter Ji An, what do you say?”

“You.” Huang Quan became furious. Fu Ya’s words were the same as stabbing at Feng Yu Heng’s heart. How could she bear that?

But Feng Yu Heng did not mind in the slightest. She even laughed and said to Huang Quan: “What are you getting worked up for? A mother like her’s, hmph, who would covet that.” She then looked at Fu Ya with the corners of her lips curled up: “This imperial daughter also has a mother, the palace’s Imperial Concubine Yun. I call her Imperial Concubine Mother. This imperial daughter also has a father, and he’s also in the palace. I forgot to tell you that I call him Father Emperor.”

“Hahahaha!” These words caused Fu Ya to begin laughing. She then pointed at Feng Yu Heng and said: “Don’t keep trying to add gold to your face. Can those be called your mother and father! Are they blood-related? You have not even gotten married, yet you already go along with your man in calling them mother and father, yet you don’t even feel ashamed.” The current Fu Ya was like a bitter woman yelling insults in the street, and she was becoming more and more like Feng Fen Dai. It was just that there was a scheming look in her eyes that even Feng Fen Dai could not compare to. “Imperial Daughter Ji An, don’t blame me for not reminding you that even your biological father and mother don’t acknowledge you. Instead, you’ve gone out and casually recognized another father and mother. A person like you will suffer retribution someday! Be careful that your new father and mother don’t get implicated in this retribution. When that time comes, the entire family will have no clue how it died. An unfilial girl like you will be split by thunder someday!”

The more Fu Ya said, the more fire came out of her eyes, and the more excessively harsh her words became. Even An shi could not bear to listen. She wanted to go and stop her a few times, but she was stopped by a look from Wang Chuan.

Fu Ya’s hysterics continued. She glared at Feng Yu Heng and gnashed her teeth: “You caused the death of my own parents. This debt, this hatred, I have kept them all in my heart. Feng Yu Heng, I curse you. I curse you, your Father Emperor and your Imperial Concubine Mother to die tragically! To die unjustly!”

Once these words came out, Wang Chuan and Huang Quan immediately exchanged a glance, and the two both thought the same thing: This person had gone crazy.

That’s right, if she did not go crazy, how could she dare to say this sort of thing out in the open?

But Feng Yu Heng did not get angry. She still smirked slyly while looking at her. That sort of wicked smile that was the exact same as Xuan Tian Ming’s had become their symbol. People that were familiar with the two also knew that once they revealed this sort of expression, the one that had offended them would very quickly suffer a loss.

Sure enough, just as Fu Ya finished speaking, she heard footsteps come from behind her. She subconsciously looked back. In a blur, the person that had just been seen seemed to be another master of this embroidery shop. She was also the Feng family’s third young miss, Feng Xiang Rong. Raising her hand, she did not hesitate and landed a slap on her face.

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10 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 733

  1. OH HELL YEAH!! Xiang Rong My girl! You have grown up…!
    Sadly Fu Ya you’re in a sama position, you don’t have any blood relations with your so called ‘mother’. She’s also pretty stupid and a coward for one thing, has no power at all…nd is completely in the palm of FYH and the Yao family, they’re not truly supporting you and your ‘mother’.

    And did Fu Ya just insulted THE Emperor and THE Imperial Concubine Yun…? Her head’s gonna flew away when XTM or other people of the palace heard it..well at least she gets a rare slap from XR! 👍👍👍👍

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  2. Fu Ya’s arrogance really knows no boundaries. She insulted both the Emperor and his favourite concubine. I do understand how she thinks Yao family will protect her from the Emperor’s wrath.

    I really cannot wait for her to continue the way she is an only get slapped in the faced by others.

    She talks so much about FYH’s biological parents not acknowledging her. So since FYH’s own biologicial parents don’t acknowledge her, how is acknowledging the Emperor and Concubine Yun as her parents wrong and being unfilial? It was FHY’s own biological parents who discarded her first.

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    Fu Ya’s had become so conceited just because Yao Shi had her back…
    Does she know that Yao Shi has no longer any back-up? She still insulted Ah Heng and the royal family being not related and curses them to death, despite not being blood relative of Yao Shi!!! I abhor you to death Fu ya!


  4. What the heck girl! Cursing the emperor and imperial concubine to die! Σ(゚Д゚)
    Dang! You only not eat the bear’s heart and leopard’s gall, you eat the whole bear and leopard.
    If that was me, I would have drag you to the palace and let the emperor execute in front of the people and be a warning to others.
    Talk about blood ties, she was only recognize because of her face and white lotus act.
    Plus, did she forgot whose fault it is that her parents died?
    IT WAS FU YA’S FAULT!! A-Heng warned them to be careful not to go outside but who is the stupid one that got her face exposed outside? Hmp!


  5. Why’s Fu Ya getting bolder and vicious every single day?

    It’s as if she not satisfied by YS support her, but she know want to know she is the real deal and A Heng is a fake???

    She is soooooo twisted in the brain.
    And turns out her attitude is the same as Fend Dai. Tsk tsk tsk tsk

    Thanks for the updates 😉


  6. Oh yeah, cause insulting the emperor and his most beloved is the smartest move ever. Real smart, the Feng master really just add other idiot into his family collection.


  7. Fu Ya’s arrogance make no sense. She’s actually someone who’s faced hardship and know what it’s like to be stepped on. It’s a little disappointing her scheming is on Fen Dai’s level. I’m craving for a smart villain. Not only that but offending the imperial family is worthy of execution… Especially imperial concubine Yun! Is this the chance Feng Yu Heng has been waiting for?


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