Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 74

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The Real Reason for Offering Incense at Pu Du Temple

After Feng Yu Heng returned to her room, Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Ban Zou stood before her.

Speaking of, she was rather pleased with how Huang Quan and Ban Zou had tidied up the area. When Ban Zou told her that the people of Feng family had stood at the spot of their battle yet not found anything out of the ordinary, it became clear how much they had tidied up in such a short span of time.

As for herself, she had carried Zi Rui and hid in thick clump of grass before using the space to return to the temple. She also used medicine in the space to wake Zi Rui up and advised Zi Rui to follow along with her act.

As for the cooperation of the monks, it could not be considered cooperation. The monk who had been tapping the wooden fish struggled to understand when a girl had appeared while he was chanting sutras. As for the monk who went to the back of the mountain to look for the Feng family, he had been given thousand-year bodhi prayer beads that Feng Yu Heng had retrieved from her space.

She had intention of judging the monk’s behavior, only saying that the thousand-year bodhi prayer beads had been acquired at a high price in the past. In the present age, she worried that there would be none that had fully grown. For the monk, it was truly too invaluable.

“When you dealt with the bodies, did you leave any trace behind?” She asked the two in front of her.

Ban Zou nodded and said: “This servant purposefully left behind enough for Feng Jin Yuan’s hidden guards to discover. As for the other members of the Feng family, none could find it.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded. Very good, she just wanted Feng Jin Yuan to understand that it wasn’t that she didn’t know how to kill people. She didn’t care who the ringleader acted for today, but she had to remind Feng Jin Yuan: if it was you who dared do it, then you can’t defeat me. If it wasn’t you who dared do it, then I will tell you that there is someone who wishes to kill your daughter. Do with it what you will.

This was the second time Huang Quan had been attacked with Feng Yu Heng. She remembered previously that the ninth prince had informed them that the it was the Chen family’s people. Feeling some doubt, she asked Feng Yu Heng: “As the young miss sees it, was this done by the same group of people as last time?”

Feng Yu Heng grimaced, “It seems it should be.”

Wang Chuan was watching all of this happen and could not help but remind them: “It seems that even if the Feng family’s eldest young miss isn’t the ringleader, she is definitely an accomplice. Her actions tonight made it clear that she knew what the plan was. She deliberately tried to make known where our young miss was, then she led the people of Feng family to the back of the mountain.”

Feng Yu Heng sneered. This elder sister of hers had the face of a Bodhisattva and the heart of a snake. If this sort of person really became the Empress, then perhaps the entire world would be subject to her schemes.

“Ban Zou.” She lowered her voice and arranged another mission.

“This servant is present.”

“Go investigate and see if granny Sun has any children or grandchildren. If she does, then see if these children and grandchildren have any relation to the Chen family or work for the Chen family.”

Ban Zou nodded, “This servant will remember.” Turning to face Wang Chuan and Huang Quan, he said: “Your two, properly protect master.” Finished with speaking, he disappeared in a flash.

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan knew nothing of granny Sun’s story. Hearing Feng Yu Heng mention it, they could not help but feel puzzled.

Huang Quan asked: “Young miss has doubts of granny Sun? Wasn’t she part of madam’s dowry?”

“So what if she was part of the dowry?” Feng Yu Heng sighed, “As the years change, so too will a person’s heart.”

The next day, Pu Du Temple arranged for the Feng family to offer incense and perform the lantern lighting ceremony.

The people of Feng family devoutly bowed to the Buddha and chanted sutras. Feng Yu Heng looked at this with cold eyes. Only Buddha could deliver all living beings from torment, but it was unknown if he could deliver them from the evil thoughts of their hearts. For such a family to come worship Buddha, it was truly ironic.

Offering incense and the lantern ceremony started early in the morning and ended in the late afternoon. After the ceremony, everyone’s belly was rumbling from hunger.

During this time, Feng Yu Heng once again saw lord An Ding’s daughter and nephew. That daughter once again looked at her with hostility, which made Feng Yu Heng laugh and cry.

After eating the vegetarian meal, Feng Jin Yuan announced to everyone that they would be remaining at the temple for another night. They would be returning to the capital first thing in the morning. After this, everyone dispersed.

The matriarch stayed behind.

Feng Jin knew what the matriarch wanted to ask and took the initiative to say: “Do not worry, mother. Everything has been arranged properly. Tomorrow morning, a nun will come down from the nunnery and take Chen shi away. The Feng manor will declare that Chen shi had remained at the nunnery to pray for the fortune of the Feng family.”

The matriarch let out a sigh and nodded, “This is the correct decision. If that Chen shi were to remain in the manor, then sooner or later, a big problem will occur.”

“That’s right. The reason son arranged for the entire family to offer incense at Pu Du Temple was to find an excuse to get Chen shi out of the manor. This will also save some face for Chen Yu and Zi Hao.”

The matriarch then thought of the matter with the Wen Xuan palace and could not help but feel the anger flare up, “If she were acting bossy at home, then it’s whatever. I never imagined that she would offend imperial concubine Yun. Now she has also offended Wen Xuan palace. This mess, you will need to properly take care of it.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s head also felt swollen, as he also sighed, “Princess Wen Xuan’s attitude, mother also saw. How could she be so easy to get along with. There is also sovereign Wu Yang, who, from childhood, had been like the ninth prince, a disaster provoking spirit, yet the Emperor still favored her.”

The matriarch, however, did not believe that there was absolutely no method of breaking through, “Isn’t Yao shi on good terms with her? Now that Chen shi has been taken care of, it’s the perfect time to ease tensions with Yao shi. Ever since they have returned, you have not even been to their courtyard right?”

The matriarch’s meaning was clear. She is your woman. You must go sleep with her.

But Feng Jin Yuan actually shook his head, “Placing Chen shi in the nunnery was a last resort, but her position as the head wife can not be taken. Furthermore, there is still Feng Chen Yu. She is the Feng family’s true hope.”

The matriarch lightly scolded him “Fool! Who told you to remove Chen shi from the position of head wife. I merely told you to visit Yao shi’s room more often. Yao family’s foundation is extremely deep. Now that the matter of marriage between A-Heng and the ninth prince has been set, you can no longer ignore her mother. Having Yao shi say a few more things to princess Wen Xuan would be best.”

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly nodded, “Son will do his best.”

The mother and son were chatting inside, but they did not think that outside the window, Chen Yu had been slow to leave and had heard the truth.

Chen shi would be left at the temple forever. Although she would remain the head wife in name, and she would still be the daughter to the first wife, but she would no longer live at the manor. Her title would be seen at illegitimately conferred. From today onward, what face would she, the eldest young miss, have to outsiders?

Chen Yu’s face became pale white and staggered back to her courtyard. Thinking again, she came up with an idea and went to find Feng Zi Hao.

Furthermore, this had to do with their mother. When she was upset, this brother would have to come up with a plan.

But she never imagined that when she arrived at Feng Zi Hao’s door, she was stopped by a servant that he had brought along “Eldest young miss can not enter.”

Feng Chen Yu raised an eyebrow: “Why? I have an urgent matter for brother.”

The servant shook his head again, “Even if it’s an urgent matter, it’s currently very inconvenient for eldest young miss to enter.”

Feng Chen Yu became angry and suddenly pushed the servant aside “Out of my way!”

The servant did not think that the always-kind eldest young miss would have such a temper. He was pushed aside and Feng Chen Yu actually entered the room.

The people inside never expected that someone would actually barge into the room, as Feng Zi Hao hollered unhappily: “Get the hell out!”

Feng Chen Yu instantly saw that Feng Zi Hao was tightly holding a young nun, without caring for the tears in the nun’s eyes, he continued to move his hands up and down her body.

She froze where she stood, as she became furious to the point of tears forming in her eyes.

Why did the heavens give her this sort of brother and mother? They all said that she was destined to be the aspect of the phoenix and the mother of all under heaven. But what would she rely on to become mother of all under heaven? Rely on this face? Rely on her father being the prime minster?

But she also had a mother and brother who could not be shown in public. With these two people present, how strenuous would her goal of becoming the Empress be?

“Chen- Chen Yu…” Feng Zi Hao didn’t think that it would be his angelic little sister. For a while, he was incredibly embarrassed. He thought to let go of the nun, but he also did not want to, “Why have you come?”

The young nun looked at Feng Chen Yu for help, but Feng Chen Yu had absolutely no desire to think of others. Looking at Feng Zi Hao, she felt more and more desperate and merely said: “Feng Zi Hao, why do I have a brother like you?” She turned and left.

Maidservant Yi Yue closely followed behind Chen Yu and glared fiercely at Feng Zi Hao. Her hands curling in to tight fists in her sleeves, she bit her lower lip and suppressed some simmering feelings.

This year, Yi Yue turned sixteen and was older than Chen Yu by two years; however, nobody knew that the year she turned twelve, she had already become one of people in the eldest young master, Feng Zi Hao’s room. At that time, Feng Zi Hao had yet to leave the manor to attend school. He was the capital’s famous playboy young master, and he liked younger girls. For a while, Yi Yue dreamed of living the life of a young mistress, but she did not think that after all these years, Feng Zi Hao would take in one girl after another. If she had not been at Chen Yu’s side, taking care of her, then Feng Zi Hao would very quickly have forgotten her name.

Both master and servant had things on their minds, as they quietly passed through the afternoon. Only after dinner, did Feng Chen Yu dismiss Yi Yue and personally go to the kitchen and prepare a bowl of soup for Chen shi. She then personally carried it over.

Chen shi’s legs and face both had wounds. Her upper body also had a wound from being whipped by Xuan Tian Ming. She was presently lying on her bed, reluctant to move. The three maidservants took turns watching over her room, fearing that her temper would suddenly flare up again, and she would rush outside to cause trouble once more.

When Chen Yu arrived, Chen shi was scolding Man Xi for pouring water that was too hot, screaming: “No matter what, I am still the Feng family’s head wife. You little sluts had better not assume that me not acting as the wife means I have lost my power. Hmph! How many more years can that old woman live for? Even if I have to endure, I will endure until she dies! The position of the Feng family’s wife will sooner or later fall back in to my hands.”

If this were the Chen shi from before that had said these words, Chen Yu could still persuade her to not be so impulsive; however, she no longer had that sort of mindset. She only felt that the scar on Chen shi’s face was very ugly and very disgusting. There was also this fat body. Just looking over made her remember yesterday, when sovereign Wu Yang had called Chen shi a pig.

She now also felt that Chen shi was a pig. Furthermore, she was a brainless pig.

With this sort of mother and brother present, for what reason should she look forward to the future? For what reason should she dream of becoming the mother of all under heaven!

“Oh, Chen Yu!” Chen shi talked and talked until she saw Chen Yu come in carrying a bowl of soup. She smiled, as her brows bloomed in to flowers, ” Chen Yu, come quickly! Mother is thinking of you.”

Feng Chen Yu heavily suppressed the malcontent in her heart. Walking before Chen shi, she said: “Noticing that mother did not eat much dinner, daughter personally prepared a bowl of vegetable soup and brought it for mother to taste.”

Man Xi went to receive the soup, but Chen shi did not allow it. Touched, she personally received the soup: “This soup was made for me by my daughter. I will hold it myself.”

Chen Yu’s heart twitched.

“My Chen Yu really is obedient.” Chen shi picked up a spoon and said: “From childhood to now, only Chen Yu is most obedient. I remember when you were little, there was a time you were sick, and I remember pacing around in circles. At that time, your father still was not the prime minister, so there was no doctor at home. I was not yet the head wife, so I did not have the power to send a servant to invite a doctor in the middle of the night. I could only go to the Yao family’s courtyard and kneel to beg for your father to come out and look at you.”

Chen shi spoke while scooping up a spoonful of soup. Smiling, she brought it to her mouth…

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    1. Honestly don’t blame her. I don’t even mind Chen Yu, if she hadn’t had such a terrible mother then I maybe the facade she puts on would be sincere, but instead she is a victim of a terrible upbringing

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  1. Oh my god. Is Chen Yu about to do what I think she’s doing? Will she go through it? Actually poison her own mother? 😲 Well, Chen Yu is a two-faced white lotus and Ah-Heng described her best: This elder sister of hers had the face of a Bodhisattva and the heart of a snake. As for Zi Hao… good god!!! Somebody castrate this abomination a la “Reek” style and feed it to him. Even castration seems mild compared to the atrocities he’s done. 🤮

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  3. Thank you for translating! I love reading this series. And the fact that Chen Yu did not stop her brother speaks volumes of her black heart, and she’s only what 14?

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  4. I kinda pity Chen Yu here cause she was brought up to be the perfect woman as her reason d’etre and TRULY dedicated herself to this role(Yun Heng even said she’s Oscar-worthy) but EVERYONE around her is a liability even though they all see her as a living treasure that cannot be harmed. Her brother, father, grandmother and her RETARD mother, with ALL their bad habits they broke and reduced her dreams to dust.


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