Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 741

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Father Emperor, Help Support A-Heng!

“His Highness the Ninth Prince has gone to send the princess of Gu Shu back to her country, and he is currently in the South. A few days ago, a letter arrived that said that His Highness the Eighth Prince, who has always been stationed in the South, has had a joyous celebration. Based on what I know, His Highness the Eighth Prince personally chose some great gifts and has asked His Highness the Ninth Prince to bring them back to the capital with him. They are a betrothal gift to be sent to the Lu family’s third young miss.” As she spoke, Feng Yu Heng stood up and saluted grandly toward Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, saying: “I really must congratulate Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu!”

Once these words came out, a piece of news came out. This was that the eighth prince was going to be joining the Lu family!

But why was this?

Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu was dazed, and everyone present was dazed. But compared to everyone else’s surprise, the Lu family rejoiced quite a bit. Lu Yan was so moved that she even grabbed Ge shi’s arm and repeatedly asked: “Is this true? Mother, is this true?”

Ge shi also could not understand. To the Lu family, this was an unexpected joy, but could this news coming from Feng Yu Heng’s mouth be trusted? She quietly asked Lu Song: “Husband, didn’t you go and see Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu this morning? Did you hear her mention it?”

Lu Song shook his head and sighed: “Not only was it not mentioned, but Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu even rejected this marriage. Our Lu family has not even reached the point of supporting His Highness the Eighth Prince? What can be used to help him? Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu has clearly told me that marriage between the two families is impossible; however, I don’t know why it’s now… ah!” He suddenly swayed and seemed to have become enlightened, as he said: “I’ve got it. Our Lu family’s situation is something that has happened over the past two months, and Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu has sent a letter to His Highness the Eighth Prince about this marriage before this. After the Lu family’s incident, even if she sent a letter, it was already Winter, and it would take two or three months to reach the South. As for the letter that His Highness the Ninth Prince sent back, it should be after the first letter that Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu sent. Like this, His Highness the Eighth Prince should not know too much about our Lu family’s situation. Or perhaps… the information still had not reached the South when His Highness the Ninth Prince sent this letter.”

But after thinking about it some more, he was not too optimistic, “Even if it had not reached the South, it’s a matter or time. As I see it, this marriage won’t happen.”

Lu Yan, however, did not care about such things and only said: “It won’t happen? Since Imperial Daughter Ji An has already said it in front of so many people, that means it can happen. Also, it must happen!” She spoke resolutely with her eyes opened wide. She told Lu Song, “The Lu family and the eighth prince being joined by marriage is something that was mentioned by the ninth prince’s letter. Father, now that Imperial Daughter Ji An has said it in front of so many people, do you think that these words can be retracted?”

Lu Song was startled, “You mean to say…”

“Daughter means to say that we should turn the trick against her.”

Lu Song’s eyes lit up and exchanged a look with Ge shi. The family of three immediately came to an agreement. Thus Lu Song stood up and very politely saluted to Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, saying: “Many thanks Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu for the favorable care. My young daughter will definitely not become bedeviled by His Highness the Eighth Prince.”

“Shut your mouth! Cease your nonsense!” Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu became frantic, as she suddenly stood up. No longer having the time to worry about speaking out against Feng Yu Heng, she pointed at Lu Song and said: “Who said His Highness the Eighth Prince will marry your Lu family? This One definitely does not agree! Also, the marriage of a prince requires His Majesty’s approval. How could it be agreed to with just you saying it?”

Lu Song said in a grief-filled tone: “Replying to Imperial Concubine, this marriage was not brought up by this official. It was…” He looked at Feng Yu Heng, “It was Imperial Daughter that said it!”

Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu was truly so angry that she did not know where she should vent. She turned her head and angrily glared at Feng Yu Heng, saying: “What nonsense are you spouting? An imperial daughter is still just an imperial daughter. This One is the dignified Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu! I am the birth mother of a prince! You really are bold to cook up a story about this One!”

Feng Yu Heng blinked then pretended to be afraid, shifting a couple steps to the side. She then simply walked to the center of the stage and dropped to her knees in front of the Emperor, “Father Emperor, you must support A-Heng!”

Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood, support her? The one that should be asking the Emperor for support ought to be her, right? Thus she also kneeled in front of the Emperor and said something similar: “Your Majesty, you must support this concubine!”

The Emperor looked down below and did not speak; however, he gave Zhang Yuan a look. Zhang Yuan was helpless and said to himself that you are an emperor and immediately push things to the eunuchs whenever a situation arises. You really are grand! But he still needed to obey the Emperor. After looking at the Emperor’s expression, he very quickly knew what he ought to do, thus he raised his shrill voice and said to the two: “There should be an order to asking His Majesty for support. It was Imperial Daughter Ji An that asked first. Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, please kneel in wait.”

The servants went to help Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu over to the side and reminded her: “Imperial Concubine, you cannot stand or sit, you must kneel in wait.”

Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu was so angry that her liver began to hurt, but there was nothing that she could do. Zhang Yuan represented the Emperor. This was something that everyone understood. She could only kneel and wait for Feng Yu Heng to say: “Father Emperor, A-Heng is just an imperial daughter, but I offended Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu. What should be done? I am but a lowly imperial daughter, while Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu is someone from the palace, and she is the birth mother of a prince. If she bites A-Heng and refuses to let go, will A-Heng be able to continue living?”

These words were said in a tearful tone. That’s right, it was indeed a tearful tone, as Feng Yu Heng “went against her conscience” and squeezed out a few tears, causing the Emperor to feel extremely distressed.

“Good child, quickly get up to speak. The ground is cold.” He leaned forward and moved to personally help her up, which scared Zhang Yuan into holding him back then trotting over to Feng Yu Heng’s side to support her.

Feng Yu Heng continued to wipe away tears, but the people that watched this scene just rolled their eyes. They thought to themselves, Imperial Daughter Ji An, you really are good at acting! A lowly imperial daughter? Imperial daughter was not a lowly position, alright? Offended Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu? You’re afraid that she will make life difficult for you? You actually think something of this imperial concubine? Thinking back to when you and the high-ranking imperial concubine faced off, you didn’t even appear half as worried!

But these were just mental complaints. The people that were thinking these things, the majority were close with Feng Yu Heng. Only a small portion were currying favor with Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, hoping for the eighth prince. But now that the Emperor had such an attitude, what could they say? Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, you’ve been wronged. This is something that everyone knows, but who dares to help you?

Feng Yu Heng acted the part and used her handkerchief to wipe her tears. Only then did she raise her head and say to the Emperor: “Father Emperor, with Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu saying the things that she just said to A-Heng, A-Heng is really scared, but… but the news really was not A-Heng spreading nonsense! It was a letter that His Highness the Ninth Prince sent back to the capital. Father Emperor also saw that letter. It was the one that A-Heng sent into the palace the day before yesterday.”

The Emperor nodded, “A-Heng is right. The day before yesterday, the letter sent by Ming’er was brought back. It was indeed written that he intends to have the Lu family’s third young miss as his princess. Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, come, come, come, say what you just said to Us one more time!”

Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu was shocked. Shock once again surrounded her. She never thought that what Feng Yu Heng had said was something that the Emperor knew about! The only one that was left in the dark… was her?

She trembled with fear and raised her head to look toward the Emperor. Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu did not know what she should say. She thought at first that Feng Yu Heng had to be spreading nonsense and could not have received such news. Or it was something that she had worked up between her and Xuan Tian Ming, but now that the Emperor had such an attitude, regardless of whether or not this was a deliberate incident, but it seemed that the Emperor was not opposed to it? But this meant that he agreed to it? This…

“Your Majesty.” Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu still wanted to make one final appeal, “Your Majesty, His Highness the Eighth Prince has been stationed in the South and has not interacted much with the Lu family’s daughter. How could he possibly make such a decision to marry her? There must be some misunderstanding.”

The Emperor waved his hand, “Let’s not speak of this matter. We just wanted to support A-Heng. What did you threaten her with earlier? She is just a lowly imperial daughter? You are the dignified Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu? Alright, since you thought of this, We will support A-Heng!”

Once these words came out, everyone froze. They just could not understand. How would the Emperor support Feng Yu Heng? Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu had said that she was a lowly imperial daughter, so could it be that she would be promoted to palace princess? But even if she was, she could not be compared to an imperial concubine!

As the people began speculating, they heard the Emperor say: “Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, Yuan shi, unable to repay kindness and being unkind when speaking, you will be demoted to concubine and lose the title of Shu. You will simply be known as Concubine Yuan.”

This sudden imperial decree came out, as Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu became Concubine Yuan. She had even lost the title of Shu. This left everyone feeling shocked, but a concubine was still a position in the palace. Concubine Pin was still above Feng Yu Heng’s position as imperial daughter!

Very clearly, Concubine Yuan thought this way too, as she coldly looked at Feng Yu Heng and forcefully said: “Even if I am just a concubine, you should still treat this One with respect.”

Feng Yu Heng acted and moved a couple steps back. While patting her chest, she acted very frightened, and the Emperor said: “Oh, concubine is also no good. Then let’s go with noble lady!”

Everyone inhaled sharply. Without a position in the palace, even if a noble lady was one of the Emperor’s women, that status was far too different. Feng Yu Heng was an imperial daughter, and her status was celebrated. If she wanted to go against a lowly noble lady, there would be nothing that Noble Lady Yuan could do.

The former Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, now just Noble Lady Yuan, collapsed on the ground. She fell from the heavens to the ground and was instantly dropped to her former status. Noble lady, this was the title that she held when she first entered the palace! She had worked hard for many decades and finally gave birth to a son for the Emperor. She worked to obtain the position of imperial concubine for herself; however, it was all lost in just a moment. This… why exactly was this?

She cried and begged the Emperor: “Your Majesty, this concubine knows her mistakes. This concubine really knows her mistakes and begs Your Majesty for your grace. Don’t lower this concubine to the position of noble lady! Your Majesty!”

She loudly pleaded, causing the Empress to feel irritated, “When we came to the hunting ground, Yuan shi, you just kept on crying. This One told you about it many times. Today is not the time to be crying. Who are you crying for at this time?”

Noble Lady Yuan really wanted to say that Feng Yu Heng had also cried, but she no longer dared to. She could only beg for the Emperor to change his mind and return the title of imperial concubine to her. She could no longer worry about anything else.

But the Emperor clearly did not have any intention of changing his mind. She cried for a long time without a response. At this time, Feng Yu Heng spoke up once more: “Father Emperor, then as you see it, the marriage between His Highness the Eighth Prince and the Lu family’s young miss…”

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  1. These three are really in sync.

    Does this mean that A Heng is helping the Lu family? Then in accordance with their agreement, the Lu family has to publicly support the 9th.

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    1. Not likely. I believe she’s helping the Ninth Prince secure his position in the palace, while he’s in the South.

      While it may seem like she’s siding with the Lu family, she probably just wants to push this burden onto the Eighth Prince. After all, she knows that the Lu family’s businesses have been suppressed to the point of no longer being able to make a comeback, so they basically don’t have any future prospects.

      Besides in doing so, she can kill three birds with one stone:

      1. Disrupt any hidden designs Noble Lady Yuan has for Fu Ya
      2. Eliminate a future marriage prospect for the Eighth Prince which could possibly build new relations with other ministers in the court
      3. Demote Noble Lady Yuan from her position as Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu lolol :3

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      1. Nice analysis, i only could guess one of the reason – that Fu Ya part. Iirc Yu Heng already found out that Imperi- eh, Noble Lady Yuan sent the picture of Fu Ya to Mo’er, so she smells something fishy there?


  2. Haha i had read ahead all the chapters with crappy google translation. And I still can’t understand the reason behind Yu Heng’s deliberate lie about Lu Yan’s marriage. Don’t say it is just to strip out Imperial Concubine, oops sorry, Noble Lady Yuan’s many ranks?
    Thanks for the update Springrain, so early todayy it makes me happy 😊

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    1. Well she knows the Lu family is in a bad situation. If the eighth prince marries Lu Yan that blocks the position from someone with a family that can provide better support which is the same as weakening the eight prince’s support. The eight prince could kill Lu Yan/the Lu family in which case FYH is killing with a borrowed knife. In either case it works out.

      Bad outcome would be if Lu family somehow recovers and becomes even stronger than they were before. Not likely but it’s still a potential scenario.


      1. It will be convenient to cement Mo’er’s feet with Lu family’s misfortune haha. But I don’t think Mo’er will kill Lu Yan, at least publicly. His opponent in throne war is Tian Ming x Yu Heng and he has to at least appear good and kind to gain some support. Eventho it will be hard to outfame Imperial Daughter Ji An’s merits hahaha.


  3. *A heng staring at trash noble lady Yuan with indiferent face* Good, father emperor like i was saying this 8th prince want to marry that girl over there please sanction the marriage there is none that oposse to it
    Lady yuan:i oposse
    A heng:like i said NONE IMPORTANT oposse
    Thanks for the chapter 😘

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  4. Este matrimonio con la familia Lu sirve para bloquear la alianza con el reino del sur, la princesa esa insoportable no querrá ser una princesa secundaria, mucho menos una concubina, si el emperador da el decreto esto deja al octavo en un aprieto con respecto a sus ambiciones


  5. I have a feeling that FYH is pushing both the Eighth Prince and Lu family together to get rid of them one shot. She starts with Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu, Yuan shi who attacked her first.


  6. I really like how the Emperor look at Zhang Yuan like asking what he needs to do. And his reaction like im not the Emperor but you. Their relationship as master and servant is unique( in their era). LOL


  7. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 solo es padre emperador podría apoyar así a HengHeng, quien hizo esa actuación de dama débil que ni ella misma se cree, jajajajaja ahhh lady, usted no sabe con quién se ha metido jajajaja


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