Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 745

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Xiao Bai Caused Trouble

While Xuan Tian Qi spoke, he looked at Feng Yu Heng with a troubled expression. Just this look caused Feng Yu Heng’s heart to suddenly go “thunk,” as she heard Xuan Tian Qi say: “The animal that bit him was Ninth Sister’s little white tiger.”

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow tightly. Even Wang Chuan and Huang Quan, who were standing behind her were extremely shocked. Huang Quan even rushed to say: “How could that be possible?”

Feng Yu Heng stopped her and quickly said: “What about Fei Yu? How are his injuries? Where is he? Quickly take me there.”

Xuan Tian Qi said: “His arm was bitten, and he has already been sent to the medical tent.”

Xuan Fei Yu was the Xuan family’s first grandson. He was the one most beloved by the Emperor. Upon hearing that he had been bitten, The Emperor immediately stood up, dragging Zhang Yuan toward the outside. While walking, he said: “Quickly come with Us to the medical tent to see him!” As he spoke, he looked sent a doubtful glance toward Feng Yu Heng, saying in a puzzled tone: “How did you end up raising a tiger?”

Feng Yu Heng could tell that this question was filled with a plaintive tone, and she knew that it would be fine if there was nothing wrong with Fei Yu. But once anything did happen, the old emperor might get angry at her. After all, no matter what happened, he was his grandson, and he was the one that he loved the most. Moreover, Xuan Fei Yu was very adorable and well-liked. Not to mention the Emperor feeling anxious, even Feng Yu Heng was exceedingly anxious. But at the same time, she could not help but feel a bit perplexed. How could it be her little white tiger that had bitten him? Not to mention the fact that the little white tiger was still in the tent with someone keeping watch to prevent it from escaping, but even if it did run out, would that little guy bite someone? How could it have that ability? It is a tiger in name, but it’s been a few months, yet the little thing had not grown. It was still that small. It was like a large cat, and it was still drinking milk formula. How could it bite anyone?

The group headed toward the medical tent with all kinds of doubts. Before they could even get close, Wang Chuan pointed at the entrance of the tent and quietly said to Feng Yu Heng: “Young Miss, look. The one being watched by the guards, is that Xiao Bai?”

With her saying this, Feng Yu Heng and Huang Quan looked over. Looking was fine, but Huang Quan immediately shouted: “How did Xiao Bai end up injured? So much blood is flowing?”

Feng Yu Heng angrily pinched her and quickly spoke up: “If it hurt the little imperial grandson, even beating it to death would not be too much. Stop spouting nonsense. Quickly going to see the young imperial grandson’s injuries is most important.”

Ahead, the Emperor did not have much of a reaction. He did not stop, but the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi, looked back with a solemn expression. He looked to want to say something to Feng Yu Heng; however, given that he was at the Emperor’s side, it was inconvenient for him to speak. As for Feng Yu Heng, she was currently focused on the little white tiger.

The little white tiger was indeed injured, and its body was bloody, and it could not be seen where it had been injured. The hunting ground did not have much, but it did have cages for animals, thus it was locked up inside the cage at the first possible moment then brought over to the entrance of the tent. It seemed that they were waiting for her to take care of it further. The people placed the iron cage on the ground, and the ground was covered in snow. Who knew if the little white tiger was cold or in pain, as it was shivering endlessly. Seeing Feng Yu Heng come over, it immediately got up and tried to dive towards her, but it rammed into the cage, bouncing it back. It had a face filled with grief.

Feng Yu Heng had raised this little white tiger for a long time, and she felt extremely distressed, but she trusted that the eldest prince would not lie. If he said that the little white tiger had bitten Xuan Fei Yu, it was definitely the truth. Before this matter was clearly figured out, she could not express too much sympathy for the little white tiger in front of the Emperor to avoid angering the Emperor. Xiao Bai’s ending would be even more grizzly.

She helplessly looked toward the cage and paused for a moment. In the end, she still followed the Emperor into the tent, leaving Wang Chuan and Huang Quan to watch Xiao Bai. This would ensure that nobody had bad intentions and harmed it.

When they entered, aside from the medical officers, there were the second prince, Xuan Tian Ling, and the fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan. Aside from them, very surprisingly, Fen Dai was standing next to the fifth prince. Seeing the Emperor arrive, they could not think to pay their respects. They just nodded, as Fen Dai began to question Feng Yu Heng: “Imperial Daughter Ji An, you really are bold. You actually dared to use a beast to harm the young imperial grandson. Do you know what crime that is?”

The fifth prince tugged her back, but he was still a step too late. Fen Dai had already spoken. In addition to this, the Emperor was only worried about Xuan Fei Yu, thus he did not speak up for Feng Yu Heng. Through this, Fen Dai felt that Feng Yu Heng had offended the Emperor through this matter, thus she said even more loudly: “You are an imperial daughter and have a noble standing, but no matter how noble, could you be nobler than an imperial grandson? Da Shun did not have many imperial grandsons, to begin with. His Highness Fei Yu is the one that His Majesty loves the most. Now that he has been hurt like this, who knows if the wound has some sort of poison. If some sort of unfortunate incident were to occur, I want to see what sort of explanation you would provide His Majesty! What sort of explanation you would give to Da Shun!”

“Shut your mouth!” The fifth prince could no longer bear to listen and angrily scolded Fen Dai, saying: “What unfortunate incident?* Fei Yu’s life is precious. Nothing will happen to him!”

Fen Dai also knew that she had chosen the wrong words and cursed the young imperial grandson. She also knew that she could not go against Xuan Tian Yan’s intentions, thus she shut her mouth and fiercely glared at Feng Yu Heng. Her gaze also carried a faint delight. It looked as if Feng Yu Heng would not be able to escape, and she would just have to wait for her head to be lopped off.

At this time, they heard the Emperor speak, asking the medical officer: “Has the injury been looked after? Is the injury serious? Was there any poison on the wound?” It was very clear that he had heard Fen Dai’s words.

The medical officer quickly shook his head, “Your Majesty, do not worry. There is no poison in the wound. The wound was just very deep. Thinking about it, when the beast bit down, His Young Highness must have struggled fiercely, thus… a piece of flesh was ripped out. It’s an external injury, but if this official treated it, it’s likely that a scar will be left behind.”

The second prince heard this and let out a sigh of relief then said: “It’s fine if there’s a scar. He’s a boy, so a scar on his body is fine. As long as there is no poison in the wound, thank the heavens and the earth.” But hearing that a chunk of flesh had been ripped out, the second prince was still extremely distressed. After all, this was his son. Seeing that Xuan Fei Yu had fainted from the pain, he could not help but sigh and say: “It’s also fortunate that his mother did not come along. Otherwise, she would have fainted from crying.”

The Emperor, however, heard something important and asked the imperial physician: “You just said that if it was you that treated it, it would likely leave a scar. You mean to say that if it was someone else, there would be no scar?” These words had woken up everyone in the tent, thus everyone began to gather around the imperial physician and began asking.

Feng Yu Heng let out a quiet sigh then faintly said: “Let me take care of it.”

Everyone looked back with doubt, and the Emperor asked: “You have a medicine that will get rid of scars?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, as the imperial physician said: “There’s no need for medicine for the scar. Imperial Daughter Ji An’s medical ability with sutures is the best method of treatment. As long as Imperial Daughter is able to do it, His Young Highness’ injury would be much smaller and will become nothing.”

Feng Yu Heng stepped forward and said: “What do you mean by willing. His Young Highness has always been close with me. If something happened to him, I would personally take care of it.” She then bowed to the Emperor and said: “Father Emperor, today’s matter was caused by the little white tiger that A-Heng was raising. A-Heng cannot avoid criticism for this. When A-Heng has finished treating His Young Highness’ injury, Your Majesty, please handle this matter as you see fit.”

The Emperor waved his hand, “Take a look at Fei Yu’s injury first. As for the others… we’ll talk about it later.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and quickly turned around, loudly saying: “Wang Chuan, come inside.” Wang Chuan lifted the tent flap and entered. Feng Yu Heng then ordered her: “Quickly go back to the tent to fetch my personal medicine kit and bring it back here.” Because this was a hunt, it was quite likely that some sort of accident might occur. Feng Yu Heng had become accustomed to taking her medicine kit out of her space when traveling to distant places. This would allow her to use it easily in a time like this, when it would not be convenient for her to fetch it from her space.

Very quickly, Wang Chuan retrieved the medicine kit. When she handed it to Feng Yu Heng, she was puzzled and said: “Odd, there were not imperial guards standing outside the tent.” But she did not think about it, only saying: “Perhaps they were in the middle of a shift change.” She then retreated out of the tent.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng could not think about anything else. Opening the medicine kit, she began to take care of Xuan Fei Yu’s wound.

From wiping away the blood to cleaning the wound then adding some anesthetic, she progressed one step at a time up until the wound was stitched closed. Her movements were professional, fast and accurate. The majority of the resentment that the Emperor felt toward Feng Yu Heng from Xuan Fei Yu being bitten by the little white tiger had been reduced by more than half. Including the people present, especially the imperial physician, they had personally seen Feng Yu Heng’s exceptional technique in handling the wound. They just stared blankly. By the end, he could not hold back and asked: “Will this thread be taken out later on?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “No need, this sort of thing is called chromic gut, and it will be naturally absorbed by the body. Although it will leave a bit of a mark, it’s much better than the scar that you were speaking of.” Suturing and removing stitches in the modern era was something done in the past. Feng Yu Heng always used chromic gut to prevent the injured from needing to go through another round of suffering. Although this sort of thread was more expensive, she was a military doctor. How could the military be distressed over that little bit of money.

With the injury taken care of, Xuan Fei Yu also woke up. The young child subconsciously furrowed his brow in pain, but after feeling for a while, he felt that his arm was numb. The pain from earlier was no longer there. He was puzzled and could not help but ask: “Did I just have a dream? And in this dream, I was bitten by a cat?” That tiger was truly too small. It was such that Xuan Fei Yu felt that it was a cat.

Feng Yu Heng told him: “It was not a dream, and that was not a cat. It was a little white tiger that elder sister was raising. I’m sorry that it hurt you. Elder sister helped take care of treating your injury. The pain might return at night. Don’t worry, elder sister will stay with you and won’t let anything happen to you.”

Only then did Xuan Fei Yu regain his senses and say: “It turns out that I really was bitten!” After looking around, he found that there were a large number of people surrounding him, including the Emperor and his father. The young child was a bit embarrassed, “It’s fine. It was my arm that was bitten, not my face. Imperial Grandfather, you don’t need to worry. Fei Yu isn’t in pain.”

The Emperor saw that he really was fine and finally felt at ease. He then said some comforting things for a while before saying to Zhang Yuan: “Have the servants bring this child to the imperial tent. Tonight, We will personally take care of him.”

The people that heard this felt that it was outrageous and quickly tried to advise against it, but the Emperor was stubborn. How could he possibly listen to any advice. There was nothing that they could do, as they watched Zhang Yuan arrange for Xuan Fei Yu to be carried back to the imperial tent.

Just after the child was carried away, Feng Yu Heng immediately got up and kneeled in front of the Emperor, “A-Heng is guilty. Would Father Emperor please hand down punishment!”

TN: The term used by Fen Dai could imply a sudden death

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