Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 746

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Xiao Bai’s Abnormality

Feng Yu Heng respectfully and sincerely admitted her mistake and asked for punishment. Everyone was stunned, as this was the first time in their memory that Imperial Daughter Ji An had been so meek in lowering her head and admitting her mistake, yet it was for the sake of a tiger.

The Emperor frowned and looked at her. Without telling her to rise, he just asked: “Why would you bring a tiger here?”

Feng Yu Heng replied: “Replying to Father Emperor, the little tiger was being raised as a pet in the imperial daughter’s manor. After being raised for a few months, it did not grow and continued to be like a cat. It usually only drinks milk, and even its teeth are still baby teeth. A-Heng felt that it was cute and has trouble putting it down when hugging it. Second, it did not have any violent tendencies, as it had a calm demeanor, thus it was brought along to play with.”

Once these words came out, the Emperor did not have much of a reaction, but Feng Fen Dai’s mouth was unable to hold back. With a yelp, she began shouting: “What did you say? He was already bitten to such a degree, yet you still say that it has no violent tendencies? You still call that a calm demeanor? Feng Yu Heng, in your eyes, what would be considered violent?”

Feng Yu Heng tightly furrowed her brow, and even the princes felt that Fen Dai was being too noisy, yet what she had said was the truth. The little white tiger had already hurt someone, yet Feng Yu Heng used these words at this sort of time, which was a little improper.

The second prince, Xuan Tian Ling, was the one in the most awkward spot. The one injured was his son, and his relationship with the imperial daughter’s manor was usually quite good. At a time like this, he really felt awkward.

As for the Emperor, he momentarily did not express his position. He just sat there while pondering. Nobody could tell what he was thinking. Only after quite a long period of time had passed did he say: “What happened in the forest? Who was there when Fei Yu was injured?”

The fifth prince stood at Fen Dai’s side and spoke at this time: “Father Emperor, the situation was like this. Young Miss Feng wanted to learn to ride a horse, and son brought her to the hunting ground to try and teach her how to ride a horse. Who knew that before long, a shrill scream came from the forest. Son could tell that it was Fei Yu’s voice and hastily brought Young Miss Feng over toward the sound. Upon arriving, we found that it was Fei Yu being bitten by the little tiger. As for the eldest prince, who was at his side, he was desperately trying to save him; however, there was nothing that he could do to get the tiger to let go. At that time, son was still a bit far away, thus son pulled out the bow that I was carrying and injured the tiger, allowing nephew to be saved.”

The Emperor frowned from hearing this and glared at the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi, angrily saying: “Eldest one, you really are rash! How dangerous is the hunting ground. Fei Yu is a young child. What are you bringing him there for?”

The eldest prince quickly kneeled and admitted his mistake: “It was all son’s mistake. Son just liked nephew and wanted to play with him properly. These past two years, Fei Yu has entered the academy, and we uncles very rarely see him. Finally coming back to the hunting ground, son thought that with the hunt already concluded, the beasts would have already been rounded up, and a net would have been raised to surround the area, so nothing would happen. With this in mind, I thought to bring Fei Yu to the forest to look around and maybe hunt some rabbits to let him play around.” After speaking, he looked at the second prince, Xuan Tian Ling, and sincerely said: “Second brother, it was all eldest brother’s rashness that caused this. Today’s matter was eldest brother’s fault.”

“Eldest brother!” Xuan Tian Ling and Feng Yu Heng spoke up at the same time. The two then looked at each other, as Feng Yu Heng said: “I was the one raising the tiger. If we are speaking about responsibility for this matter, there should be some that falls to me, but now is not the time to be talking about this. Instead, it should be to investigate the matter.”

The eldest prince was stunned, “Younger sister, this means… today’s matter was not an accident?”

Feng Yu Heng looked toward the Emperor and said in a heavy voice: “Father Emperor, A-Heng is not a foolish person. If that little white tiger really was a violent beast, how could A-Heng dare to keep it at my side? How could I dare to bring it to the hunting ground? Even if it was brought, how could it not be kept in a cage without any additional supervision to be kept in the tent? Father Emperor has known A-Heng for more than just a few days. Is A-Heng that rash of a person?”

The Emperor furrowed his brow and did not say a single word. As for the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi, he was pondering something at this time and said: “At the time that we saw the little white tiger, it was going around in circles in the snow. It seemed like it did not know where it wanted to go, and it was a bit dazed. Fei Yu thought that it was a cat and was shouting that it was cute. Sliding off his horse, he ran over to play with it. Although I recognized that it was a tiger, but it was still that small and thought that it would not harm anyone. Only then did I allow Fei Yu to hug it. Who knew that after the little white tiger saw Fei Yu, it would suddenly change, as it suddenly dove at Fei Yu with a violent look. It was completely different from its cute appearance from earlier. Fei Yu wanted to run, but his arm was bitten by the time that he had turned around. Thinking about it now, the little animal suddenly changing its demeanor was truly quite strange.”

The fifth prince also nodded, saying: “Indeed, it was like this. Although I did not see the beginning, but when the little white tiger was biting Fei Yu, it looked very frightening.”

Fen Dai snorted coldly, “Raising this sort violent thing and injuring the imperial grandson, this sort of person doesn’t admit her guilt. I really feel sad for the young imperial grandson.”

The fifth prince glared at her and scolded: “Shut your mouth. Stop speaking nonsense.”

“What nonsense have I spouted?” Feng Fen Dai had never been polite with the fifth prince, and she immediately rebuked: “Could it be that I said something wrong? Could it be that the young imperial grandson was not bitten by the tiger that she was raising?” While saying this, she turned to look toward the second prince, “Your Highness, the one bitten was your darling son.”

The second prince did not say much, but the fifth prince scolded her once more: “The situation still has not been thoroughly investigated. Be a little more obedient and don’t speak out of turn.”

Feng Yu Heng understood Fen Dai’s temper. After so many years, she understood Feng Fen Dai too well. She just felt that there was no need to argue with her at a time like this. Moreover, all signs pointed toward Xiao Bai having been in the wrong. It was indeed as Fen Dai had said. She could not avoid criticism. “Father Emperor.” She said to the Emperor: “Is it possible for the little white tiger’s cage to be brought in. A-Heng will take a look.”

The Emperor nodded and raised his hand toward Zhang Yuan and immediately passed the order down. He then said to Feng Yu Heng: “You can also get up to speak. There is no need to remain kneeling.”

Feng Yu Heng only said: “Thank you, Father Emperor.” However, she did not move, as she continued to remain kneeling. At this time, the cage containing the little white tiger was carried in. The person carrying the cage was Wang Chuan.

When the little animal entered the tent, Fen Dai subconsciously took a step back. Thinking about it, she had indeed been frightened by the scene in the forest. The fifth prince had a great demeanor and immediately protected Fen Dai. His eyes were also staring straight at the cage.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the cage. Feng Yu Heng personally removed the little lock on the cage then opened the cage’s door. Reaching in, she picked up the little white tiger.

Zhang Yuan subconsciously moved to block the Emperor, fearing that the little tiger would suddenly go crazy. It would be problematic if it hurt the Emperor. Who knew that the Emperor would not be afraid, only saying in a heavy voice: “Get out of the way for Us! We are not a young child. We can slap that little thing to death in a single blow. What is there to fear.” Zhang Yuan helplessly moved aside to allow the Emperor to get a better look; however, he continued to remain ready. Once the little tiger changed, he would definitely move to protect the Emperor. No matter what, he would not allow the Emperor to suffer any harm.

However, contrary to the expectation of all, the little white tiger being held by Feng Yu Heng did not have any inclination to harm people. Being held by Feng Yu Heng, it was like an infant being held by its mother, as it repeatedly tried to dive into her embrace. With a look of grief on its face, it would raise its injured leg for Feng Yu Heng to see. After receiving some comfort from Feng Yu Heng, it moved to lick her face. The appearance was no different from one of a cat. If it was not for the character for “king” clearly visible on its forehead, even the Emperor would have thought that it was a cat.

The Emperor felt that this was odd. This sort of little thing was capable of biting Fei Yu like that? Would it really become violent in a short span of time? Not to mention him not understanding, but nobody present could understand. Just as everyone was feeling confused, they heard Feng Yu Heng say to the imperial physician: “Would lord imperial physician come and help take a look. Everyone also saw it. This little white tiger’s usual demeanor is like this, but if the little tiger suddenly became violent and bit someone, could I trouble the imperial physician with taking a look to see if something is wrong.”

This was the medical tent, and there was definitely more than just one. The one from earlier had left with Xuan Fei Yu. There were still a few imperial physicians in the tent. But hearing that they would be examining a tiger, they all shook their heads, with one of them saying: “Imperial Daughter, it’s not that we officials do not want to take a look. It’s just… we officials really don’t know how to examine animals!”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “It’s fine. It’s the same as with people. I suspect that someone gave the little white tiger something to eat that it should not have eaten or may have given it some sort of drug that led to it suddenly changing. Would the imperial physicians come and take a look as to whether or not the little tiger met with this sort of circumstance. In truth, I could do this examination, but I am involved in this case, and there is a crime lingering over me. This tiger was also one that I raised, thus it would be inconvenient.”

The imperial physicians heard her say it like this, thus they had no choice but to step forward. The group finally managed to get a grasp of things with Feng Yu Heng’s help and guidance. After busying themselves for a long time, they shook their heads and said: “Replying to Imperial Daughter, everything is normal with this tiger. It does not seem like it was fed any sort of drug.”

Feng Yu Heng frowned, “Since that’s the case, things are strange.”

“Hmph!” Fen Dai’s sarcastic voice could be heard once more, “Don’t bother looking for excuses for yourself. Do you think that someone finding poison would allow you to avoid this problem?”

Feng Yu Heng coldly said: “If I really thought this way, I would have personally examined the little guy. Like that, regardless of whether or not anything was wrong, I would have said that it had been fed a drug, leading everyone to search for the perpetrator in order to relieve my own guilt. Why would I bother having the imperial physicians come over?” While she spoke, she picked the little white tiger up and inspected it. Who knew if it was the result of the wound, but the little white tiger felt a little tired and opened its mouth wide in a yawn.

At this time, one of the imperial physicians said: “Quickly look. It seems like there’s something inside its mouth!”

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