Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 747

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Deity Comes to the Rescue

The imperial physician’s words caused everyone’s gazes to gather in one place. Feng Yu Heng was the closest and immediately noticed what was wrong. Sure enough, there was something inside the little white tiger’s mouth!

She reached out and held the little white tiger’s lower jaw with one hand. Using the other, she reached into the tiger’s mouth, as the Emperor subconsciously said: “Be careful.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and muttered to herself: “Xiao Bai, be good. There’s something inside your mouth. Elder sister will help take it out for you. Otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable.” The little tiger was very obedient, keeping its mouth open for fear of hurting Feng Yu Heng. It even did its best to open its mouth wider until Feng Yu Heng pulled out the thing inside. Only then did it try to close its mouth.

There were two things that were retrieved from the tiger’s mouth. One was a piece of cloth, and the other was a chunk of armor. Feng Yu Heng looked at them with her brows furrowed for a long time then turned to order Wang Chuan: “Quickly go and call the imperial guards that were stationed outside our tent.” Wang Chuan complied and quickly left. Feng Yu Heng handed the things in her hands to a palace servant then had that servant bring it over to the Emperor. She then said: “Father Emperor, please look. A-Heng recognizes that cloth. It’s the same as the clothes that the young imperial grandson was wearing. As for the piece of armor, if A-Heng is not mistaken, it should be from the imperial guards.”

The words “from the imperial guards” shocked everyone present once again. The Emperor then looked at the piece of armor and nodded, expressing “That’s right.” He then looked toward Feng Yu Heng and asked her: “You’re suspecting the two imperial guards that were stationed outside of your tent?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head and said with uncertainty: “A conclusion cannot be formed right now. I had my maidservant go and fetch my medicine kit earlier and did not hear what was said about the guards, but since the little white tiger was able to escape from the tent, they need to be brought over and questioned.”

Just as she was saying these words, Wang Chuan lifted the tent flap from the outside and entered. An imperial guard followed behind her, and the two kneeled in front of the Emperor Wang Chuan then said: “Reporting to Your Majesty, when this servant went to the imperial daughter’s tent, I ran into this soldier. He is one of the ones that was stationed outside the imperial daughter’s tent. A servant has also been sent to call the other one. Thinking about it, word should be coming back very quickly.”

The imperial guard was filled with doubts while looking at the white tiger being held by Feng Yu Heng. Puzzled, he asked: “Imperial daughter, wasn’t this little tiger in the tent? How did it end up being held by you?”

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not reply to this question and asked him: “You were not standing guard in front of the tent. Why did you appear along the way?”

That person quickly replied: “Someone came with a message that said that imperial daughter had some wild game that needed to be moved, and someone from the tent needed to go and help. This subordinate made a total of four trips and moved a large amount of wild game.”

Everyone was puzzled, “Moving wild game? Moving it where?”

He replied: “Speaking about it, it is strange. It was moved from the hunting ground to the cooking area. After two trips, this subordinate could not understand why it had to be someone from the imperial daughter’s tent that went to help, but after some thought, perhaps there was some wild game that imperial daughter had captured, thus I was helping the entire time.”

Just after he finished speaking, Huang Quan also returned. She also kneeled and said: “There is nobody standing guard in front of the imperial daughter’s tent. The other imperial guard has gone missing.”

Everyone froze, as the second prince asked the kneeling imperial guard: “What sort of person told you to go move things?”

That person said: “It was just a normal eunuch. He was very pale and clean, and he was very thin. This subordinate did not pay too much attention to anything else.” He still could not understand what had happened. He just noticed that the little white tiger was covered in blood, and it was immediately clear that it had been injured. He thought that this might be related to the little white tiger’s injuries, right? Thus he quickly said: “This subordinate really does not know how this little thing ended up injured?”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “It’s not about that.” She then looked up and said to the Emperor: “Your Majesty, give the order for the hunting ground to be closed up. Nobody is to enter or exit.”

The Emperor nodded and quickly gave Zhang Yuan this order.

For a while, the matter was stuck in this place, but everyone knew that Feng Yu Heng’s little white tiger suddenly appeared in the hunting ground and hurt someone. But there was something even more strange about it, thus everyone took the initiative in investigating the matter.

Feng Yu Heng turned around and saluted to the second prince, saying: “Second Brother, I’m sorry. Regardless of the situation, it was A-Heng’s neglect that gave those people this chance. But would second brother please trust that A-Heng had no desire to hurt the young imperial grandson. If I knew earlier that this sort of thing would happen, I would not have brought the little white tiger here.”

Because she never got up, she maintained her kneeling position. Even if the second prince was extremely distressed and anxious over Xuan Fei Yu’s injury, he still could not handle Feng Yu Heng speaking with him in her current state. He quickly went forward and helped her up. At the same time, he said: “This prince naturally trusts Younger Sister. Younger Sister has always been very loving of Fei Yu. How could you have any intentions of harming him? As for this little beast…” He looked at the little white tiger and found that the little white tiger was so afraid that it desperately tried to dive into Feng Yu Heng’s lap. The pitiful appearance was quite distressing, thus he helplessly shook his head, “This little beast does not look to be a violent one. It looks like a cat. This matter needs to be investigated. It is far too strange.”

At this time, a palace servant’s voice came from the outside. “His Highness the Seventh Prince has arrived!”

Following this, the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, entered with hurried steps. After entering the tent, he immediately took a glance at Feng Yu Heng then furrowed his brow before bowing to the Emperor.

Because of Xuan Fei Yu’s matter, the Emperor was not very spirited and simply waved his hand to have him stand. After Xuan Tian Hua stood up, the first thing that he did was say to the second prince: “Second Brother, that little white tiger was something that I gave the imperial daughter. With this sort of thing happening, I cannot avoid criticism.”

How could the second prince not understand his intentions. It was just fearing that he would blame Feng Yu Heng, thus he personally came to alleviate the blame. He knew very well that old seventh’s relationship with old ninth was very good. Now that old ninth was not present, old seventh naturally needed to take up the responsibility for protecting her. But at the same time, the second prince smiled wryly, this was Imperial Daughter Ji An. What did she need protection for? Even with such a big thing happening today, even if she was at fault, Da Shun still could not touch her.

The second prince shook his head and said to Xuan Tian Hua: “This matter cannot be blamed on Younger Sister. Our current mission is to catch the person that is doing these things from the back.” After he said this, he went forward and asked the Emperor, “Would Father Emperor allow son to personally take care of this case.”

As Xuan Fei Yu’s father, the second prince asking for the right to handle this case was not unexpected. The Emperor naturally nodded and agreed then stood up, saying: “We will be going back to the imperial tent to be with Fei Yu. The matters here will be left to you to handle.” After saying this, he took another look at Feng Yu Heng, “You head over in a bit too. Only with you personally looking after Fei Yu can We feel at ease.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and also said: “A-Heng was also thinking the same way. The young imperial grandson’s wound was taken care of cleanly, but I am worried about a fever breaking out overnight. He will need to be observed overnight.”

The Emperor nodded and left the tent with Zhang Yuan. The others also began to follow him out. The second prince expressed his thanks to Feng Yu Heng for personally looking after Xuan Fei Yu before leaving with the eldest prince to quickly take care of the case.

Outside the tent, Feng Xiang Rong was anxiously waiting outside. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng came out and was seemingly fine, she let out a sigh of relief. When she had heard that Feng Yu Heng’s little white tiger had hurt the young imperial grandson she was extremely worried, fearing that the Emperor would lay the blame on Feng Yu Heng. She wanted to come over and take a look, but she also felt that it was improper, thus she wanted to go and find the fourth prince for some help. Who could have known that the fourth prince had gone with some soldiers to race horses. For a while, she could not find him and could only grit her teeth and come on her own to wait for more information.

Upon seeing that Feng Yu Heng was fine, she was preparing to sneak away; however, she was seen by Feng Fen Dai. She then heard a shrill voice raised and very impolitely ask: “Oh, isn’t that our family’s third sister? Why are you here?” She then looked at Xiang Rong’s gaze that had not yet been retracted and looked over. This landed directly on Feng Yu Heng, and she could not help but feel anger wash over her, “You’re worried about her? Very well! You’re actually worried about Feng Yu Heng? Have you forgotten that she has cut ties with the Feng family? Or are you saying that your falling out was all fake?”

Fen Dai’s sudden shout gave Xiang Rong a fright. At the same time, Feng Yu Heng also looked over and found Xiang Rong’s slightly panicked expression. She stood there with her gaze just being averted away from her. Faced with Fen Dai’s accusation, she did not know what she should say.

Everyone knew that Fen Dai was someone that never let anyone off easy. She pointed directly at Xiang Rong and said: “I know that you two have been close since you were young. In the past, she protected you inside the Feng manor. But do you not think a bit. In the end, you are a child of the Feng family, while she is living a good life on her own. If she really was good to you, why did she not bring you to live a good life in the imperial daughter’s manor? Instead, she’s left you and your mother in the Feng residence to survive off of your embroidery shop? Do you have no heart or no face? You’re treating her kindly, while she treats you coldly. In the end, are you still a daughter of the Feng family? You really are losing face for me!”

Fen Dai’s words were uglier and uglier. Xiang Rong truly could not bear to continue listening and simply stomped her foot: “I didn’t come to look for Feng Yu Heng. Don’t spout nonsense!”

“Didn’t come for her?” Fen Dai laughed, “Could it be that you came to look for me? I just saw you with a face full of worry. Feng Yu Heng is the chief culprit. If you aren’t worried about her, who could it be for?”

“I…” Xiang Rong was rendered quite speechless. Looking over toward Feng Yu Heng, she simply gritted her teeth and said: “I came to look for His Highness the Seventh Prince.” She was interested in the seventh prince. This was something that everyone in the Feng family knew about, and the little white tiger was given to Feng Yu Heng by the seventh prince. This was something that also could not be hidden from people. That was why Xiang Rong thought that this was the only way to avoid this problem and explain why she had looked worried. She just did not know if he would want to help her or not.

As she thought about it, she gradually lowered her head, as regret began to pile up. She blamed herself for being rash. How did she end up dragging His Highness the Seventh Prince into this?

As for Feng Fen Dai, she also looked in Xuan Tian Hua’s direction with some doubt. Her gaze was filled with doubt, but she did not continue to criticize Xiang Rong. Thinking about it, she was also quite dubious.

Feng Yu Heng knew that Xiang Rong was in desperate need of help and was about to think of a way to have Xuan Tian Hua help that girl out. At this time, however, Xuan Tian Hua took the initiative to step forward toward Xiang Rong. Arriving before her, he stopped and said: “You’ve waited a long time, right? I was thinking of taking you to see Fei Yu. I know that you were worried about him, thus I sent someone to bring you over.” After saying this, he turned toward Feng Fen Dai and asked: “Fourth Young Miss Feng, do you have some objections to this prince’s actions?”

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