Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 749

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Ambition, Why Not Take Off?

The cause of the little white tiger’s sudden violent turn was finally found, but what about what followed?

Xiang Rong suggested: “Do we need to report to the Emperor and have all of the imperial guards that use this sort of fragrance rounded up?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “The Emperor must not be disturbed. This matter should be discussed with His Highness the Second Prince.” The imperial tent was divided into an inner room and an outer room. Xuan Fei Yu was laying in the outer room, and it did not affect the rest of the Emperor, who was sleeping in the inner room. But the group remaining inside to the discuss the matter was not proper, thus Feng Yu Heng kept Wang Chuan behind and told her: “Keep an eye on Fei Yu. If anything happens, you must send someone to notify me. Remember, send someone instead of going yourself. You must not move from this spot and protect him. Understand?”

Wang Chuan nodded, “This servant understands. Young Miss, don’t worry.”

As for Xuan Tian Hua, he spoke up and said: “I will send the third young miss back. You go to Second Brother first. I will catch up with you later.”

After the group split up, Feng Yu Heng brought Huang Quan toward the second prince’s side. After the little white tiger was brought away from Xuan Fei Yu, its violent mood gradually passed. It regained its appearance of a small cat in Huang Quan’s embrace, and it even withered slightly. Huang Quan was slightly dejected and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Did someone deliberately use that fragrance to cause Xiao Bai to go wild? It’s too much. Our Xiao Bai is still a young child, and it’s so cute. How could they bring themselves to drug it?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled wryly, “In the eyes of others, no matter how small, it’s still a tiger. Moreover, if someone really did apply a drug, it was on Fei Yu’s body, and that drug…” As she spoke, she began to furrow her brow. She then muttered to herself: “In truth, that sort of fragrance does not have the power to cause a person or small animal to become violent. I truly cannot figure it out. Why would this little guy become like that after smelling it?”

Huang Quan analyzed it with her: “Could it be that it’s unrelated to the fragrance? Instead, the problem is with the young imperial grandson’s body?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “No, when far away, it can still see Fei Yu, and there were no changes in demeanor. It only reacted once it got closer. The problem is definitely related to that fragrance. I just don’t know what sort of drug was in use here.”

As the two spoke, they arrived at the second prince’s tent. Upon arriving at the entrance, they heard the second prince loudly scolding the servants. Following this, one imperial guard came out of the tent after another. They then dispersed in all directions. Immediately following this, it was the eldest prince’s voice, as the two continued to discuss Xuan Fei Yu’s injury. Feng Yu Heng lifted the tent flap and entered. When the second prince saw her, he immediately asked: “How is Fei Yu? Young Sister, if you came here, does that mean that something happened?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head and consoled him: “Second Brother, don’t worry. There are no problems with Fei Yu. He’s still sleeping. I left Wang Chuan to stand guard. There’s also the Emperor in that tent, so absolutely nothing will happen.”

Xuan Tian Ling also knew that he had been overly worried. After all, that was the imperial tent. Even if someone wanted to act stupid, they would not dare do it in front of the Emperor, thus he let out a long sigh then said: “With just this one child being raised and treasured, I never dared to allow anything to happen to him. Who knew that going out for a simple hunt would end up with this sort of situation. I am also quite anxious.” After speaking, he said to the eldest prince: “Speaking of, Eldest Brother is the most fortunate. After not having children for many years, two appear with just a few passing mentions. It’s much better than me having only one heir.”

Feng Yu Heng felt very uncomfortable from hearing this. Although the second prince did not blame her, what Feng Fen Dai had said was correct. The tiger was one that she was raising, and no matter what, she could not clean herself of this matter completely. Feng Yu Heng had also thought that Xuan Fei Yu was just a child, and His Highness the second prince did not compete for the throne. Regardless of who it was, they should not have turned their dark ideas on Xuan Fei Yu. After much thought, it seemed that they just wanted to use Xuan Fei Yu to give her a shock in the same vein as the imperial carriage and the heater. It let her know that there was still an enemy hidden in the background; however, she could not see them nor touch them. She could only worry. That was to say that at the very root of this, she had implicated Fei Yu. The opponent’s goal was just her, Feng Yu Heng.

But in the end, now was not the time to assign blame. Instead, they had to quickly find the true culprit. Feng Yu Heng calmed herself down and quickly told the two princes about the matter regarding the fragrance. The second prince was in an anxious mood and immediately wanted to give the order to round up all of the soldiers that were using this fragrance; however, he was stopped by the eldest prince, “Second brother must not be overly hasty. If our actions get too big, it will not help with finding the culprit.”

Feng Yu Heng also spoke up: “Right now, this matter still has not been figured out. It is indeed not a good idea to go rounding people up.”

The group remained in the tent and began discussing the fragrance. The second prince said: “There must be something else in that fragrance, and it must be very well-hidden, such that Younger Sister would not even find it. As for that amount, it was just enough to make a small tiger become violent and bite someone. As I see it, it’s very simple.” While he spoke, he pointed at the little white tiger that Huang Quan was holding. The more he looked at the little thing, the more he felt that it was cute. He was completely unable to understand how this thing would get violent so quickly. It seemed that tigers were just tigers and could never become cats.

But his views caused Feng Yu Heng to fervently shake her head, “There really was no different content. Second brother, trust me. This little tiger was raised by me. If there is even the slightest chance to clear its name, I definitely will not be vague about it; however, the search for the true perpetrator cannot be delayed because of it. Otherwise, this time it’s Fei Yu, but next time, who knows who it might be. I fear… that Father Emperor might get hurt.”

With her saying this, the second prince did not dare make another conclusion, thus he lowered his head and began to ponder to himself.

At this time, the eldest prince’s analysis was voiced, as he said: “There is another possibility. Say, could it be that someone that had this sort of smell on their body might have offended the little thing at some point? It’s such that whenever it smells it, it will react and go wild to bite that person?” While he spoke, he began to think back and suddenly said: “I’ve got it. Before I brought Fei Yu to the hunting ground, that child was holding a sword and copying an imperial guard. Boys, you know, playing around with swords and weapons is quite normal. In addition to this setting, playing outside with an imperial guard does not seem improper. Thinking about it now, some of that fragrance might have gotten on him at that time. I can still find those people. Should I call them over to ask about it?”

The second prince nodded, and the eldest prince immediately went outside to search for those people. Feng Yu Heng remained inside the tent and felt that the eldest prince’s analysis was very reasonable. Following this, she recalled a couple things that had happened, and clues gradually began to appear. She said to the second prince: “The other side might not have done this to harm Fei Yu. I was thinking that it’s very likely that Fei Yu getting that fragrance on him, and the tiger running into him ended up causing this incident. And the other side’s true goal… should just have been to throw the little white tiger into the forest. Put plainly, this matter was directed at me. Fei Yu’s matter, I…”

“Younger Sister, you must not speak like this.” The second prince waved his hand, “Regardless of the reason, this is a clue. If it really is as Younger Sister said, and they did not intend to harm Fei Yu, this matter would be an accident to them.” He thought for a bit then ordered his servants to pay close attention to everyone at the imperial hunting ground. If they found anything abnormal, they were to report immediately.

Feng Yu Heng saw that the second prince’s arrangements were ordered and rational, thus she did not continue to remain. After a few kind words, she brought Huang Quan and left the tent. Outside the tent, Xuan Tian Hua was walking over with a bit of a helpless look on his face. She went over to him and asked: “Sending Xiang Rong took so long. Thinking about it, Seventh Brother’s helpless expression should also be related to that, right?”

Xuan Tian Hua declined to comment, only spreading his hands and smiling bitterly. “Where are you heading? Going back to the imperial tent?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “There’s no rush to go back. I’ve taken a look at Fei Yu earlier. Regardless, he will need to sleep for at least four more hours. If seventh brother doesn’t have much to do, how about accompanying me into the forest for some horse riding! We won’t go far. We will just stay near the edges. That way, it won’t be the case that they can’t find me if something happens with Fei Yu.”

Xuan Tian Hua nodded and went to fetch some horses. The good thing about the hunting ground was that there were horses everywhere. They could be grabbed from anywhere. The people that had come had all arrived on horseback. This sort of arrangement was quite convenient for the masters.

Feng Yu Heng sent Huang Quan back to the imperial daughter’s tent with the little white tiger. There was no need to follow. Following this, the two rode toward the forest, neither quickly nor slowly. Since they started riding from the camp area, they saw quite a few people. Among these people was Feng Fen Dai. At this time, she was standing in front of the tent’s entrance. Squinting her eyes, she saw the two people depart on horseback, and she could not help but ask her maidservant Dong Ying: “Say, aside from His Highness the Ninth Prince, is the prince that sees the most benefits His Highness the Seventh Prince?”

How could Dong Ying understand these things; however, she could understand what was happening before her, “Young miss, this servant does not know about the matter with the princes in court, but His Highness the Seventh Prince and Second Young… no, and Imperial Daughter Ji An are very close. This is something I know.”

“Hmph.” Feng Fen Dai shrugged, “This is something that can be seen just by opening your eyes. I was just thinking that those princes all have their own proper niches, so why is mine so worthless? His title of prince and the Li Palace are just for show, but what are the other princes doing? What sort of rewards are the other princes receiving? That worthless trash is just that much worse than them. This sort of man, even if I get married, what’s the point?”

Dong Ying was frightened and quickly advised her: “Young Miss, you must not think like this. In any case, His Highness the Fifth Prince is still a prince. If you don’t acknowledge this marriage, based on the current Feng family, it will be difficult to find another one!”

Feng Fen Dai waved her hand in irritation, “I know this. This engagement can’t be changed, but I can try to change that person. What others have, he also needs to have. Only when he has it can your young miss have it in the future.”

Dong Ying asked her with a trembling voice: “Then what if His Highness the Ninth Prince takes the throne? Could it be that you want His Highness the Fifth Prince to fight for it?”

“Why not?” Fen Dai felt that this was a natural matter, “The current Da Shun still does not have a crown prince. That means that everyone has the right to compete for it. Xuan Tian Yi himself does not take it to heart, so don’t blame me for forcing him to take it seriously. There will come a day when I will have those people that look down on him know just how laughable their actions today are. Their future selves will be quite pitiful.”

Dong Ying felt that her fourth young miss’ ambition was growing more and more, but this was also good. What if there came a day when Feng Fen Dai really made it. As her first maidservant, the glory and honor would also reach her. Perhaps she could also be taken in by the fifth prince. In the future, she could also obtain a position as an imperial concubine.

The master and servant pair were in the middle of their blissful dream, but Dong Ying was still a bit more aware than Feng Fen Dai. At this time, she suddenly saw Huang Quan hastily heading in the direction of the forest.

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  1. I like Fei Yu and hope nothing happens to him – Fen Dai and Dong Ling need to die, and HQ!! Where’s the little tiger??!!! He’s the biggest victim in this scheme! Poor little guy 😭

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  2. Oh my God! Fen Dai is so stupid!

    Even 3rd prince who had military support and had the north backing him up, couldn’t even compare to A-Heng.

    The fifth prince has nothing. How can she even think that fifth prince can complete for the throne.

    Ugh! She is exactly like Chen Shi!

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  3. I wonder what happen now.

    It seems like no one but Xiang Rong and her mother are the only people in the Feng family who are not power hungry and ambitious.

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  4. Oh my God! Fen Dai is so stupid!
    Even 3rd prince who had military support and had the north backing him up, couldn’t even compare to A-Heng.
    The fifth prince has nothing. How can she even think that fifth prince can complete for the throne.
    Ugh! She is exactly like Chen Shi!
    Thanks for the update!


  5. Sometimes I wonder why feng fen dai hasn’t been punished despite being blatantly disrespectful even to the extent of being IN FRONT OF THE GODDAMN EMPEROR. WTF.


  6. Gen Dai will become a widow before being married if she keeps thinking like this…greed and stupidity, deathly combination


  7. I was sure that the fifth Prince was XT Yan, Yi is not the fourth? This has already occurred in the last chapter.


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