Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 751

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The Strange Imperial Concubine Li

Feng Fen Dai had come to look for Imperial Concubine Li. This was also a sudden and strange thought that had come to her that stemmed from her fight with the fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan, and her increasingly unreconciled feelings. Just the fifth prince alone could no longer satisfy her, or it could be said that she felt that the fifth prince was too lacking as a person. He would have a hard time becoming an influential person, thus she had to do all that she could to strengthen his position. If one person was not enough, go at it with two. If two were not enough, she would just keep looking for more people. In summary, the floodgates to her ambition had already been opened, and they could no longer be closed.

“Young Miss.” Dong Ying was a bit puzzled, asking: “What did we come here for? This… this is the tent for the imperial concubines. Let’s quickly leave!”

“What’s the rush.” Feng Fen Dai shrugged her shoulders, “Imperial concubines? They’re just the imperial concubines of the present day. There will come a day when I also become one.”

Dong Ying was frightened and repeatedly advised her: “Young Miss, you must not say such a thing! Even if Young Miss is indeed thinking such a thing, you should not say it so clearly!” While advising Fen Dai, she looked all around. Fortunately, everyone was preparing for the evening banquet, and there was nobody to pay any attention to them.

Fen Dai took another few steps forward, and Dong Ying quickly followed behind her. The two quickly found that there were no imperial guards guarding the entrance of the tent. The soldiers guarding this side were sent quite far away, only leaving a palace maid to stand outside. Watching the two of them vigilantly, a look of displeasure appeared on her face.

Feng Fen Dai, however, acted as if she did not see this. She continued to step forward until the palace maid truly could not bear to continue watching. Stepping forward to meet them, she reached out to stop them: “Stop! Who are you? This is the tent of Imperial Concubine Li. Irrelevant people are not to get close.”

With the master being stopped, it was the maidservant’s job to announce her master’s identity, thus Dong Ying quickly said: “Greetings Sister, our young miss is the Feng family’s fourth young miss. This time, she has come to the Winter Hunt with the fifth prince.”

The palace maid looked at Fen Dai for a while then said: “Oh, it turns out that it was the Feng family’s young miss. May I ask the Feng family’s young miss, is there a reason that you have come here?”

Dong Ying did not know how to respond to this. Even she did not know whether her young miss wanted to see Imperial Concubine Li or just pass by, thus she could only look toward Fen Dai and wait for her to respond on her own. But at this time, Fen Dai did not make a sound. She just stood there in silence. Listening to the sounds from inside the tent, from time to time, crying could be heard. A look of doubt appeared on her face. “Your imperial concubine is crying?” She spoke up but did not answer the palace maid’s question.

The other side was clearly very angry. Glaring at her, she fiercely said: “Young Miss Feng is not permitted to ask about what the imperial concubine is doing. Young Miss Feng just needs to pay attention to herself. If you don’t have anything to do, please leave. This is the tent of the imperial concubine. Young Miss Feng standing here is inappropriate.”

Fen Dai, however, did not pay attention to her. Her attention was entirely focused on the inside of the tent, and her ears were practically on edge. The crying sounds came out a bit at a time, saying: “I didn’t do it intentionally. I really didn’t do it intentionally. I never thought that it would become like this. How could it be like this?”

Fen Dai heard this and felt even more confused. The cries definitely belonged to Imperial Concubine Li. Who else would dare to go inside an imperial concubine’s tent and cause an uproar. But what was Imperial Concubine Li crying over nothing for? She even said that sort of a strange thing, but why?

Just as she was thinking about it, the palace maid had become even more impolite in chasing her away, “Don’t keep standing here. Quickly leave, quickly leave. Our imperial concubine is not feeling well and is not seeing any guests. Young Miss Feng is someone with prestige, and in any case, you have His Highness the Fifth Prince’s face to worry about. You might not worry about your own image, but you must not implicate His Highness the Fifth Prince and lose face for him! If you continue to stand here and refuse to leave, I will call for guards. When that time comes, it will be an ugly sight for Young Miss.”

Dong Ying could no longer bear to listen, “How can you speak like this! Although you are taking care of the imperial concubine, you are still just a servant. Our young miss will be marrying His Highness the Fifth Prince and will be his official princess. She is also a proper master. With saying these sorts of things, are you not afraid of retribution later on?”

“Stop threatening me.” The palace maid looked at Dong Ying with disdain: “That’s something that will happen in the future. Even if she does become His Highness the Fifth Prince’s official princess, she will still need to kowtow when seeing our imperial concubine. Today, I am giving face to His Highness the Fifth Prince by not arguing too much. If you still don’t know what’s good for you, I will go in and report to the imperial concubine and report you for the crime of being disrespectful!”

“Alright, everyone stop talking.” Feng Fen Dai suddenly stepped up and looked at the palace maid. With a smile, she said: “I just came to see Imperial Concubine Li. I heard His Highness the Fifth Prince say that Imperial Concubine has not been feeling well recently, yet she still endured and came to this Winter Hunt with His Majesty. I was feeling uneasy and came to take a look. Since the imperial concubine is fine, we will be going back. As servants, you need to take care of your imperial concubine and not allow her to suffer any grievances.” After she finished speaking, she smiled and pulled Dong Ying along, the two returning toward their own tent.

Back at the imperial daughter’s tent, Feng Yu Heng had already handed the little figure to the second prince. She also gave voice to her and Xuan Tian Hua’s analysis. At this time, Ban Zou was in front of her, telling her: “Fu Ya entered the hunting ground while dressed as a servant. She is at Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu’s side.”

Huang Quan laughed and reminded him: “You know, she’s no longer Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu. She’s just Noble Lady Yuan. She didn’t know what was good for her and went against our master, which caused the Emperor to demote her.”

Ban Zou shrugged, “It should have happened long ago.” He then looked at Feng Yu Heng and said: “That Fu Ya has entered… Noble Lady Yuan’s tent. For the time being, there haven’t been any further movements. I will continue to keep an eye on that side. You… you be a little more careful. Don’t keep having the tiger bite people and don’t keep getting cursed. You really don’t let others feel at ease.”

Feng Yu Heng had become accustomed to being mocked by Ban Zou and just rolled her eyes, saying “I got it” and sending Ban Zou off. She did not remain inside the tent, advising Huang Quan to remain inside to keep an eye on the little white tiger. She herself then went to the imperial tent to watch over Xuan Fei Yu.

At this time, the sky was beginning to darken, and the Emperor had woken up. He was sitting next to Xuan Fei Yu’s bed and watching over his young grandson. She saluted to the Emperor then asked: “Father Emperor, will you be going to the banquet? Daughter-in-law saw that the preparations are more or less complete. The fourth prince has done a good job of handling it, and there are a large number of people gathered.”

The Emperor waved his hand, “Not going. How could I still have the desire? No banquet is more important than Our grandson. Only by seeing this child get better can We feel at ease.”

Feng Yu Heng quickly comforted him: “Father Emperor, don’t worry. Fei Yu really is fine. A-Heng will fix him up to be just like before. Not a single trace will be left.”

The Emperor nodded and looked at her, “We trust you, but why has Fei Yu still not woken up?”

Just after this question was asked, the young Fei Yu spoke up from the bed. Everyone looked over, very well, the child woke up as they were speaking. When he woke up, he was quite lively. Holding the corner of the Emperor’s robe with his little hand, he said to him: “Imperial Grandfather, you need to go participate in the banquet. You can’t miss something because of grandson’s matters. That would be going along with what the bad guy wants.”

“Oh!” The Emperor laughed, “You know that it would be in line with what the bad guy wants?” After thinking a bit, “Right, Our good grandson has already grown up. He’s a big boy that is understanding and filial.”

Xuan Fei Yu was very embarrassed by what he had said, as his face turned bright red. This made Feng Yu Heng very worried that the child had become feverish, but she could not say it in front of the Emperor for fear of making the old emperor worried. If the Emperor became ill from the anxiety, she would have caused a huge mess.

“Imperial Grandfather, quickly go.” Xuan Fei Yu pushed the Emperor, “There are so many people waiting for you. Only with Imperial Grandfather going out can everyone know that Fei Yu is fine. Also, the matters of the country cannot be disrupted by family matters. This was something that Imperial Grandfather taught grandson.”

The Emperor laughed at what he had said and continued to say that his grandson had grown up and was already lecturing his Imperial Grandfather. With this chat and laughter, his mood had already improved a great deal. Following this, he exited the tent and happily went to participate in the banquet.

Xuan Fei Yu called to Feng Yu Heng after the Emperor left then saw Feng Yu Heng sit at his side before saying: “Elder sister, there is something that I could not understand this entire time. Why would your little white tiger run into the forest? Also, why do I feel like that little white tiger hates me?”

“Hates you?” Feng Yu Heng was stunned by this question, “What do you mean? Why do you say that the little white tiger hates you?”

Xuan Fei Yu said to her: “Because when I saw it at first, it did not have any reaction to me. Only then did I think of running over to hug it. But when I got a little closer, it suddenly went wild. It glared at me as if I was its enemy. When I got closer, it simply dove on me and bit me. I really don’t understand. Why was this?”

Xuan Fei Yu’s words caused Feng Yu Heng to recall the analysis that the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi, had brought up earlier. He had said that it was possible that the little white tiger had made a mistake in recognition. Because there was that smell on Fei Yu’s body, it caused the tiger to mistake Fei Yu as the person that it wanted to bite. As for the person that it really wanted to bite, it should be an imperial guard with that sort of smell on his body. If this was not wrong, it was definitely the one that had been stationed outside of the imperial daughter’s tent then went missing.

She patted Xuan Fei Yu and told him: “The little white tiger does not hate you. It’s possible that it made a mistake in identity. Either way, elder sister is apologetic about this. Elder sister did not keep a close eye on the little tiger and let our Fei Yu suffer so much. Don’t worry, elder sister will definitely take good care of you. I definitely won’t let anything happen to you.” While she spoke, she felt the child’s forehead. Sure enough, it was a bit warm. she quickly had Wang Chuan bring some water and fed Fei Yu a pill. She then had him go back to sleep before letting out a sigh of relief.

At this time, the banquet outside had already begun. Because the Emperor had come out, the princes naturally needed to make an appearance. The sound of music clearly made its way to the imperial tent, and it was quite a lively sound.

During this time, Feng Fen Dai’s gaze remained fixed on Imperial Concubine Li and continued to size her up. The person that was said to be feeling unwell looked to be in low spirits. Although she had beautiful makeup applied, it was noticeable that she had just been crying. It was just that nobody paid any attention to her mood. Even the Empress felt that the imperial concubines of the inner palace having fits and crying a bit was normal. In addition to the matter with Noble Lady Yuan, Imperial Concubine Li was her sister. That she would feel uncomfortable was normal.

Fen Dai stood up with a smile and went to toast Imperial Concubine Li then said a few polite words before returning to her seat. She then shot a glance at the fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan. She saw Xuan Tian Yan look at her with a frown on his face. It was very clear that he was unhappy and puzzled by her actions.

Fen Dai did not care about such things and even rolled her eyes at Xuan Tian Yan with a look of indifference. This made Xuan Tian Yan so angry that he really wanted to call the girl over to his side to ask what exactly she was trying to do. However, who knew that Fen Dai was becoming more and more suspicious of Imperial Concubine Li.

At this time, while nobody was paying any attention, Noble Lady Yuan stealthily left the banquet, bringing along a servant. They headed in the direction of the forest on the hunting ground…

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    1. It’s not even that she can’t kill them. She could, what would they do about it? She’s their source of technological edge over their neighbours, she has what they see as divine medical knowledge, she’s filthy rich, she’s got the backing of the royal family, etc. If this story was actually realistic she would only need to look out for external threats, but the emperor and her own backing would be enough to take care of internal threats… Let’s be honest, most of the supposed ‘enemies’ in this story are utterly retarded (to the point of it being difficult to believe) and any drama is forced. If she wanted to use her advantages she could literally assassinate anybody who stands in her way. She’s got a sniper rifle for fuck’s sake, she can kill the eighth prince from miles away, same with his mother, same with fu ya, same with all her enemies. It would just make a pretty short story if she were to actually deal with her enemies efficiently though…


  1. Anyone can tell me the chapter where Fen Dai starting to be a better person? Coz with how she is right now I seriously couldn’t believe the spoilers saying that Fen Dai become a better person and has a happy ending in the future. All her actions are so maliciously greedy and stupid


  2. estoy leyendo spoiler sobre Feng Dai, y no los creo su corazón es oscuro y no tiene cerebro, a menos que sea para maldecir a otros… juro que sí termina como emperatriz… no creeré en el mundo


  3. Fen Dai una buena persona? No lo creo! Es cierto que es impulsiva y maliciosa, también suelta la lengua muy rápido. Pero el ser idiota la salva de ser un potencial enemigo.

    Espero que muera y se reúna con Chen Yu!!!


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