Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 76

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Xuan Tian Ming, Take Care of the Mosquitoes

Xuan Tian Ming’s question caused Feng Yu Heng to freeze.

Who did she learn it from? She learned it from an officer in the Marine Corps back in the 21st century.

But could she say such things?

She obviously could not.

“That…” She picked up a branch from the ground and drew a circle, “I thought of it myself.”

“Feng Yu Heng, your ability is great and your courage is not lacking either, huh?”

“… I learned it from an expert who was secluded in the mountains. Un, it was that Persian eccentric that gave me those unique medicines and odd medical tools.” She had found a root, “You also know this. That eccentric’s things are all very odd.”

Xuan Tian Ming agreed with this point. Also, even if he wanted to refute it, there was nothing he could refute.

From the day he returned to the capital, he had had Bai Ze investigate this girl. The results only showed up to three years ago, from the time of her birth to when she was nine years old. The three years that followed were an empty slate.

She lived in a small village in the mountains of the Northwest. Everyday, she would go looking for medicinal herbs in the mountains. What sort of people she met and what sort of experiences she had, nobody would know.

Xuan Tian Ming suddenly felt a pang of regret and subconsciously said: “Actually, when you were in the northwest, I was also engaged in battle over there. If I could have entered those mountains a day earlier, would I have been able to meet you a day earlier?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “There was only that one day that you could have met me. That is life.”

He automatically understood her meaning as “This was arranged by life.” However, he did not know her actual meaning was: Even if you met me a day earlier, that was not actually me.

“That’s right.” He remembered an important matter, “The employer behind the groups of assassins from Yama’s Palace has been found. It’s the Chen family’s third master, Chen Wan Liang. The Feng family’s eldest young miss has been in contact with Chen Wang Liang frequently, so she should have knowledge of all the plans. She was the one who colluded with Chen Wan Liang.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “I had also thought of this. My mother’s granny Sun had a problem, so I had Ban Zou go investigate overnight. He discovered that granny Sun’s only granddaughter is Chen Wan Liang’s ninth-ranked concubine.”

“You absolutely must be careful.” He did not truly believe that anyone of the Feng family had the ability to harm Feng Yu Heng; however, if they acted against the people around her, then that would be difficult to prevent. “I will not be leaving tonight. I will protect you until you return to the capital tomorrow.”

She raised her head and looked at the profound eyes under the mask. Sitting on this sort of mountain peak, it was like the time they met in the mountains of the northwest. She waited with him for Bai Ze to bring the older doctor out of the mountains. At that time, the two had also sat on the ground. Except at that time, his body had been severely injured, and she was filled with curiosity towards the many unknowns of this world.

“In truth, I really like the big mountains of the northwest.” She told him: “Compared to the capital, I prefer the simple life of the village. You were the first person I met, although the meaning is different.”

He still could not understand the things she was saying, but he could see the dedication in her eyes.

“If there is a chance, i will bring you back there.” This counted as a promise. “Let’s go.” He saw her reach out her hand, “The wind is cold. Return to your room and sleep.”

Just as when they went up the mountain, they relied on his qing gong to return to her room. Wang Chuan had remained at the door waiting. Seeing Xuan Tian Ming holding Feng Yu Heng, she quickly opened the door. Only after seeing the two people enter the room, did she close the door and return to guarding it outside.

Feng Yu Heng got off and looked at him, asking: “You said that you won’t leave, so where will you be staying?” Looking around the room, she said: “How about I have Wang Chuan go find you a soft chair, and you can make do for one night?”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed: “Silly girl. Do you not know what sort of effect this will have on your reputation?”

She nodded, “I know, but I will be married to you sooner or later. Moreover, who knew that you even came here tonight? I am allowing you to sleep on a soft chair. If you understand, then that’s enough.”

Xuan Tian Ming reached out and patted her hair, “Quickly go wash up and sleep. You can sleep soundly. I will be right by your side, protecting you.”

Feng Yu Heng obediently went to wash up then slept. Climbing in to bed, she did not forget to remind him: “If you are not leaving, then help me take care of the mosquitoes.”

Xuan Tian Ming was speechless.

That night, Feng Yu Heng slept very soundly.

Early the next morning, she was awakened by the screams of a pig being killed.

When she opened her eyes, Xuan Tian Ming had already disappeared. She did not know when that person had left. He was clearly sitting in a wheelchair, yet he could move around freely without making any sound. Feng Yu Heng acknowledged that she could not do such a thing.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Hearing the repeated screaming, she could tell that it was Chen shi. She could not help but tap her head and called out: “Wang Chuan!”

Wang Chuan, who had woken up earlier and stood guard outside the door, pushed the door open and came in, “Young miss is awake!”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng rubbed her eyes and looked outside. The sky was not yet bright. “So early in the morning, what is Chen shi wailing about?”

“She has been crying for a while. She has been yelling about wanting to go home and not wanting to stay here. Things like that. This servant has not yet gone to see.” Wang Chuan replied while helping her with the bedding, “The water for washing up has been prepared. Young miss, please wash up first.”

“When did Xuan Tian Ming leave?” She walked over to the basin and washed her face.

Wang Chuan was not too accustomed to hearing someone call the ninth prince by name, but remembering that the two had always referred to each other in this way, in private, she felt that it was fresh and interesting. “Only after 5 in the morning did he leave.”

Feng Yu Heng was surprised. After 5 in the morning was not too long before she woke up. She could not help but secretly blame herself for not getting up a little earlier. It was possible that if she woke up a little earlier, she could have seen him.

“Big sister! Big sister!” The sound of Zi Rui’s voice came in from the yard, followed immediately with a bang, as the door was pushed open by the child. “Sis!” Zi Rui’s face appeared full of fear, as he dove straight for Feng Yu Heng’s waist.

She had just finished washing her face, and the water had yet to be dried. On one side, she desperately tried to get a cloth from Wang Chuan, and on the other, she asked Zi Rui: “What happened?”

Zi Rui raised his face to look at her, his face was a little pale, “Big sister, so scary! Mother is very scary!”

She froze for an instant. Mother, in this case, should be Chen shi.

“What did she do?”

“Mother just bit a maidservant. She bit out of a piece of her flesh. Her mouth was full of blood, with the flesh still hanging there. It was so scary!”

As Zi Rui spoke, his voice began to tremble.

Feng Yu Heng also felt a little nauseous, as she frowned. Was this Chen shi acting crazy?

“Let’s go. We’ll go take a look.” She pulled Zi Rui’s hand and went into the yard. Upon arriving at Chen shi’s living area, she noticed the arrival of some well-built nuns, who carried a fainted Chen shi and placed her in a soft sedan. Then, they saluted Feng Jin Yuan and left with the sedan.

The members of the Feng family were all gathered here. Feng Jin Yuan announced: “Head madam Chen shi voluntarily went to Pu Du Nunnery to pray for the fortunes of the Feng family. From this day forth, she will never return to the manor. Everyone should pack up and prepare to depart.”

Only now did she know. So the Feng family had made these sorts of plans. They actually expelled Chen shi from the manor then used the good name of praying for good fortune to preserve her position as head wife. At the same time, this preserved Chen Yu’s position as daughter of the first wife. This was truly a good plan.

Man Xi, who had come with Chen shi, looked at Feng Yu Heng. Pondering a little, she immediately knelt to the ground and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “This servant wishes to stay at the temple to take care of madam. Would master please give his grace.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded and allowed Man Xi’s request.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Man Xi, knowing what she was thinking, she silently mouthed: “Thank you.” She then reached in to her sleeve and felt around her space for a while before pulling out two small bottles. Turning around, she handed the small bottles to Wang Chuan, “Find a chance to give them to Man Xi. Also ask her where her mother currently resides. Tell her that I will have someone send the medicine here on schedule. Give her peace of mind.”

Wang Chuan nodded with understanding.

The people of Feng family began to pack. Not long after, they were gathered at the gate, preparing to load the carriages.

Princess Wen Xuan would be remaining at the temple for another two days, so Yao shi took the initiative in bidding her farewell. Feng Yu Heng also went to say goodbye to sovereign Wu Yang. The two scheduled another meeting for after they returned to the capital.

When they were preparing to enter the carriages, the An Ding siblings, who had also come to offer incense at Pu Du Temple, finally came to greet the people of the Feng family. The daughter faced Feng Jin Yuan and said: “It seems that I am fated to meet with lord Feng. This daughter rarely comes to offer incense at Pu Du Temple, yet the one time I do come, I would have a meeting with lord Feng.”

Feng Jin Yuan also greeted her, saying: “Qing Le girl.” His attitude was cold and aloof, which was completely different from when facing people of Wen Xuan palace.

The Qing Le girl also did not blame him, simply saying with a bit of a smile: “In a few days, my princess mother will celebrate a major birthday. When the time comes, an invitation will be sent to your manor, and we hope that the Feng manor’s madam, young masters and young misses can come.”

Feng Jin Yuan smiled and said: “An invitation from the princess, the Feng manor would be too unreasonable to not accept. I hope this girl will rest easy, the Feng family will definitely be there for the birthday.”

“If that is the case, then many thanks, lord Feng.” Qing Le girl did not say anything further. After exchanging a few pleasantries, she turned and left. As she left, she did not forget to shoot a glance filled with hostility towards Feng Yu Heng.

She raised her eyebrows and followed that gaze over. Staring over, it was Qing Le girl who retreated her gaze first.

On the road home, because Chen shi was no longer present, it became significantly more peaceful. The two carriages that Chen shi had been using were given to Han shi by Feng Jin Yuan. This made Han shi smile happily for the entire ride back.

Feng Yu Heng once again chose to sit with Yao shi and granny Sun. Granny Sun appeared not at all natural, not daring to look at Feng Yu Heng.

This morning when granny Sun awoke, she felt that there was something in her hand that did not belong. She lowered her gaze to look; however, she found that at some time unknown to her, a hairpin had appeared in her hand. That hairpin appeared very familiar. When she rubbed her eyes and fully woke up, she realized with a start that this had been secretly given to her granddaughter when she married out. Although it was old, it was her oldest belonging. It was from the time Yao shi married out of the family, and the madam of Yao family had given it to her.

Granny Sun was extremely scared. She did not know why her granddaughter’s belongings suddenly appeared in her hand, but when she thought of the things that she had helped the Chen family’s third master with, she could not help but begin trembling with fear.

Second young miss, Feng Yu Heng was no longer the same. She had noticed this long before, on the road back to the capital. The current second young miss was completely different from three years ago. If it weren’t for her caring for her own granddaughter, she definitely would not want to oppose Feng Yu Heng.

The previous incident with the witchcraft doll, Feng Yu Heng had not chosen to single her out. She still thought that she had done a good job of concealing herself. This time, she once again helped Feng Chen Yu and Chen Wan Liang separate Yao shi and Feng Yu Heng from Zi Rui. She had assumed that it would be fine; however, this hairpin had shattered her thoughts of having been lucky.

It wasn’t fine. Rather, there was a problem. Furthermore, it was a big problem.

Feng Yu Heng watched granny Sun’s expression change continuously and could not help but sneer.

Seeing that Yao shi had fallen asleep, she spoke clearly: “There are something that I am completely clear on. Know when to stop, and do not push me too far.”

Hearing these words, granny Sun broke in to a cold sweat.

Finally, the carriages stopped at the Feng manor’s gate. When Feng Yu Heng got out of the carriage, there was an odd feeling. It seemed as though something had suddenly vanished from the area.

She knew. It was Xuan Tian Ming, who had been protecting her from the shadows, leaving. She could not help but smile, as she raised her head and silently mouthed: “Until next time.”

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  1. These two really… I’m squealing like a little kid hopped on candies and chocolates in a toy store. *sighs*

    Where to begin…

    Granny Sun, I understand your desire to protect your granddaughter, but your mistake wasn’t that you went against Feng Yu Heng. It was that you tried to harm Feng Yu Heng’s precious little brother, Zi Rui. So, anytime now… it was (not) nice knowing you.

    An Ding idiot girl… seriously? Try to find another guy to obsess with. Xuan Tian Ming never was, be or will ever be interested in you. Throwing laser-beam glares at Yu Heng isn’t going to change that fact and the fact that you can’t even hold Yu Heng’s deadpan stare shows you’re just a sheep pretending to be a tiger. Try scheming against Yu Heng and your father’s manor burning will be the least of your worries.

    Sheesshh… I am ranting like an idiot. But thanks to the translator for the double release!! You are awesome!!! 🙂

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    1. I hate when female antagonists/rivals in these novels stay obsessed with the ML after the ML literally harms their or their family. Why would you still want to be with someone who is willing to beat you up or burn your family home down? And their feelings are usually shallow and based on how the ML looks or “his aura.” I know the author makes them this dumb and obsessed so we can watch people get face slapped but it is plain tiring to read their thoughts/plans

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  2. XTM and FYH are truly a great pair…totally in synch and in love. Nice to read on how their relationship developing so smooth while tackling all the evil people around. Thanks

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  3. So you gonna tell me that shattered knees are merely uncomfortable to move and little restricting in front of QI-Qong. I really thought that internal Qi in Wuxia makes use as lightness technique jumping AKA floating ,Also using Qi is enhancing muscles or body parts.Though they mention they can temporarily suppress injuries but you cannot tell me you can just disregard it.

    If it is like this why does he need a wheelchqair? Ah scratch that In these stories ML is so skillfull that he is better than an army, so hoowww he could sustain evensuch an injury? Logically he should be drop dead or… invicible (retarded)…

    My runt is I Just hope that later if he becomes healthy there not gonna be situation in which There is none/nothing than can harm ML except our ML


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