Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 77

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Is the Fourth Young Miss Expressing Herself to the Future Second Brother-in-Law?

When the Feng family left, they had brought Chen shi; however, when they returned, she could not be found at all. Feng Jin Yuan repeated the words he had said at the temple to the servants. Very quickly, everyone knew that the head madam had a big heart. For the sake of praying for the fortune of the family, she voluntarily stayed at Pu Du Nunnery.

Feng Yu Heng did not want waste her time with the people of the Feng family. Pulling Yao shi and her servants, she wanted to return to Tong Sheng pavilion, but when she turned around, she was called by Feng Jin Yuan.

She knew that Feng Jin Yuan had something he wanted to say to her, so she had Yao shi take Zi Rui back.

Seeing Yao shi moving away, she turned around and politely saluted Feng Jin Yuan, asking with a smile: “Did something happen for father to call A-Heng?”

Feng Jin Yuan looked at this daughter and did not speak for a long time.

Twice, twice he had sent hidden guards out and received reports related to this daughter.

He trusted that his hidden guards would not make a mistake, but he could not understand what Feng Yu Heng wanted those ten or so young girls from Xiao Zhou for. He had an even harder time understand the twenty assassins from Yama’s Palace, who had failed to harm her and died by her hand instead.

Since Feng Yu Heng returned to the capital, Chen shi suffered one attack after another. The Chen family wanted to get rid of Feng Yu Heng. He understood the underlying logic. He also knew how costly it was to hire the assassins from Yama’s Palace. If it weren’t for the Chen family being an exceedingly wealthy one, how could they afford the expenses.

Regardless of how he looked at Feng Yu Heng, the Chen family hiring assassins to murder his, Feng Jin Yuan’s daughter, was a debt that he had to settle clearly.

But this daughter, he had no choice but to defend against too.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Feng Jin Yuan, who had called for her to stop yet did not speak for a long period of time. She knew that this father was thinking of something. She did not disrupt him and quietly stood there, remaining calm and collected.

“A-Heng.” At last, Feng Jin Yuan opened his mouth and said: “Father hopes that you can make some more considerations for the family. After all, the Feng family prospering is the way to allow for your face to shine.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng thought that he would ask about the bandits from that night, but she had forgotten. Her father only ever thought of himself and the Feng family’s future. She face became cold and her gaze became cold, “I never once took the initiative in causing trouble. I only hope to not be bothered.”

“You are a child of the Feng family, so you need to act like the daughter of the Feng family!” Feng Jin Yuan felt this daughter was absolutely too stubborn.

“Then I hope father will first act like a father!” She directly glared daggers at Feng Jin Yuan, her belly full of anger, “I hope father will act from a father’s perspective when their children have been harmed. Show some concern and comfort them, instead of speaking only of Feng family this, Feng family that! When the day comes that all your children have been murdered, I wonder what family will remain!”

After she spat out these words, she turned and left.

Feng Jin Yuan trembled with anger. He clenched and loosened his fist a few times, but he had lost this battle. He simply shouted to the retreating back: “I will arrange to have a teacher come for Zi Rui, tomorrow.”

Hearing this, she waved behind her and did not say anything.

When she returned to Tong Shen pavilion, all of the servants were very happy and came forward to ask: “Second young miss, is everything well? Second young miss, was the food at the temple to your liking? Second young miss, this servant made some food and will go bring it up immediately. Madam and young master are waiting for you to eat.”

For a while, she was slightly affected by Feng Jin Yuan’s indifference.

Looking at her Tong Sheng pavilion and her own servants, things were very good.

While eating, she told Zi Rui, “Father will invite a teacher to the manor tomorrow. Zi Rui will begin receiving lessons.”

The child was very happy. He happily spoke of how his study had many books and inkstones. He wanted to be able to read and make use of them as soon as possible.

Yao shi and Feng Yu Heng were both very happy that this child was so receptive to learning. Yao shi lightly caressed Zi Rui’s head and said: “Wait until you are older and can go to Yun Lu Academy in Xiao Zhou. In the future, you will also attain a scholarly rank.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, had a different way of thinking: “You don’t necessarily have to try for a scholarly rank. Zi Rui is very lively and likes to move. If you like martial arts, big sister will also support you.”

Yao shi helplessly said: “You’re just spoiling him.”

“He’s a boy, after all!” She patted Zi Rui, “It doesn’t matter if you wish to become a scholar or a martial artist, so long as the things you are doing are correct, big sister will support you.”

Feng Zi Rui was very happy that his big sister would say these things. He could not help but say: “I like reading books about the art of war. Big sister, can I learn the art of war? I also want to learn martial arts. After I learn it, I can protect sister and mother, so nobody can bully you.”

“Of course you can.” Feng Yu Heng agreed in an instant, “The person invited by father is responsible for teaching you the basics. After you have learned to read, you can read books on military books all you want. If there is anything you do not understand, big sister will specially invite a teacher for it. Does that sound good?” Thinking a little, she added: “If you want to learn martial arts, you will need to wake up early every morning. Can you do it?”

The child vigorously replied: “I can!”

“That’s good.” Feng Yu Heng looked at Huang Quan and said: “Starting tomorrow, you will be in charge of teaching Zi Rui martial arts. Start teaching from the most basic fundamentals. There is no rush to succeed. Just teach at a stable pace.”

Huang Quan immediately accepted the job and said, “Do not worry, young miss. This servant will remember.”

“The precise time should be discussed between you and Zi Rui. Un, I will also need to do some practice. The muscles need to be exercised every now and then.”

Yao shi looked at Zi Rui’s eager face and felt it was cute, no longer caring if he wanted to become a scholar or learn about warfare. She now had a great deal of trust in Feng Yu Heng. So long as Feng Yu Heng said it was fine, Yao shi would not have any objections.

After the meal, Yao shi took Zi Rui to rest. Feng Yu Heng went to the treasury to find Qing Yu and eunuch Zhang.

When she arrived, Qing Yu was carrying the journal and about to head out. Seeing the Feng Yu Heng had come, she quickly pulled her inside: “This servant was just about to go find the young miss.”

Eunuch Zhang very seriously gave a salute to Feng Yu Heng, “This servant greets the princess.”

“Eunuch, there is no need.” Feng Yu Heng knew that this eunuch had accompanied the current Emperor growing up and that he had taken care of Xuan Tian Ming for many years. She had a great deal of respect for him. “I met his Highness yesterday. His Highness had mentioned that eunuch Zhang’s leg has an old injury. When it relapses, the pain is unbearable. A-Heng wanted to take a look for eunuch.”

“Oh! This must not happen!” Eunuch Zhang was extremely moved, “I have troubled his Highness and princess with worrying over it. This is one of this servant’s old illnesses. It is not a problem.”

Feng Yu Heng advanced and helped eunuch Zhang sit in a chair, “Eunuch, there is no need to be courteous with me. From childhood, I have been learning medicine from my maternal grandfather. Although I have not been in the capital for the past few years, my abilities have not been lost.” As she spoke, she reached out and pressed eunuch Zhang’s leg.

Seeing that he could not avoid this, eunuch Zhang no longer refused. Instead, his eyes began to water, as he emotionally said: “This servant definitely has a good life. At a young age, I followed the Emperor and developed a deep trust. After that, I followed his Highness, and his Highness treated this servant very well. Now, princess is treating this servant like this. This servant is reaping the fortune from a previous life!”

Feng Yu Heng inspected his leg and smilingly said: “That is because eunuch is a good person and is stable with work. This is why the Emperor and his Highness trust you.” She pressed a few of his acupuncture points then felt along some meridians. Only then did she tell eunuch Zhang, “Your illness is called rheumatism. It is an illness that encroaches on the joints, bones, muscles and blood vessels. The illness is usually concealed and slow to develop. The illness is quite advanced. To cure it completely is not easy, but I can help you alleviate the pain.”

Eunuch Zhang could not understand the illness, but he heard that the pain could be alleviated, so he replied: “Really? That’s too great. Princess might not know, but when these legs start to hurt, it is truly awful. Especially when the days are cooler, it’s almost impossible to walk.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded. She obviously understood this. Rheumatism was an illness that affected almost all elderly people.

“I will personally prepare some medicine for eunuch to help deal with this illness. Do not worry, eunuch.” She rose and gave eunuch Zhang a reassuring smile.

Qing Yu saw Feng Yu Heng had finished her business, so she spoke: “Young miss, this servant and eunuch Zhang have already audited all of the journals.

Eunuch Zhang also rose and rubbed his face. His face became serious, “All of the journals have been altered. This servant and Qing Yu girl have redone all of the accounts. With all three shops combined, the Feng family’s head madam, Chen shi, has embezzled two hundred thousand taels.”

Qing Yu added: “This has not taken Wonderful Treasure House’s antiques in to consideration. The value of antiques varies too much, so it is hard to estimate. We only added in the amount for things that were missing.” As Qing Yu spoke, she handed the newly reconciled journals to Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng did not understand these things too well, so she randomly flipped to a few pages before closing it. “I trust you.” She turned and left the room. Qing Yu and eunuch Zhang also followed behind, “Qing Yu, go invite concubine mother An and concubine mother Han to Tong Shen pavilion. Say that I have something to discuss with the two.”

“Yes.” Qing Yu accepted and quickly left.

At this time on Han shi’s side, Feng Fen Dai was holding her broken arm and loudly cursing at Han shi “You’re just a brain dead donkey!”

Han shi shook with anger, “I am your mother!”

“Mother?” Feng Fen Dai’s eyes almost bulged out of her head, “Is there any mother that acts like you? What have you brought me? You only know how to use your looks to entice father, but why do you not think to say a few good words for me when lying next to father in bed?”

“How do you know I have not said any?” Tears fell from Han shi’s eyes. She was indeed a concubine, and her birth status was indeed not good; however, what face did she have if her own daughter cursed her like this?

“If you said them, why does father still treat me this way? I am his daughter! My arm was broken by someone in front of him! Why did he not even say a single word on my behalf? Why does he not even come to see me? Am I or am I not his child? Am I a child that you stole from someone?”

Feng Fen Dai’s irresponsible words came out and they scared Han shi, who immediately covered up her mouth, “What nonsense are you spouting? Do you not want to live? Of course you are your father’s child! If these sorts of words were said outside, then you are looking to die!” Han shi also felt some hatred, “Fen Dai, let me tell you. In this manor, above you is your eldest sister, Feng Chen Yu. At the same level, there is your second sister, Feng Yu Heng. Wanting to stick out, it’s best to give up on that! You do not know this yet, but head madam has already been sent to a nunnery. It is likely that she can never return to the manor. This is the result of opposing Feng Yu Heng! Think about it for yourself.”

“What?” Feng Fen Dai was extremely surprised. With great force, she pulled Han shi’s hand away from her mouth: “She was sent to a nunnery? Why? Does the Chen family not have a lot of money? Does she not have eldest sister’s future as the Empress?”

“Shut your mouth for me!” Han shi was furious that even her liver hurt. This daughter of hers had a temper like Chen shi and her mouth had no filter. “So what if they have money? She did not look to see who she was offending. It does not matter if it was the ninth prince or imperial concubine Yun in the palace, which one of them could she afford to offend? Even if it was your father, he could not afford to offend them! Do not assume that I do not know about your feelings for the ninth prince. While it’s still early, reign those feelings in!”

“I will not! I only like the ninth prince! I will only get married to him!” Feng Fen Dai went crazy and yelled out these feelings.

But a voice came from the door: “Fourth young miss, are you expressing your feelings for your future second brother-in-law?”

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  1. Seriously… what a bunch of opportunistic jackals. The father only cares about his reputation and social standing and the rest of the family are just looking for ways to outdo one another. 😤 Fen Dai, just give up. 🤦‍♀️

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  3. When the servants are talking to her after arriving back at the pavilion they say the mother and Young miss are waiting. Isn’t master?


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