Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 78

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Let’s Go! We are Going to Ask for Money!

The sudden sound of a voice nearly scared the soul out of Han shi. Feng Fen Dai’s face also blanched from the shock.

The two turned their heads and saw a first-rate maidservant from Tong Shen pavilion, Qing Yu, standing in the doorway.

“It seems this servant arrived at a bad time. Concubine mother Han and fourth young miss were busy with a conversation. This servant will wait in the yard.” Qing Yu had a cold expression, as she moved to leave the room.

“Wait a moment!” Han shi quickly called for her to stop, “It’s Qing Yu girl! Oh my, what are you saying. You coming here must mean that you have something to say. How could I allow you to wait.” Pausing for a moment, she continued: “Fourth young miss has injured her arm, so her temper is very bad. I hope Qing Yu girl will not take what she said to heart!”

Qing Yu forced out a smile, “Second young miss wanted this servant to invite concubine mother Han to Tong Shen pavilion. She also wanted me to invite concubine mother An.”

“Oh!” Han shi was surprised, “Did second young miss say what this was about?”

Qing Yu glanced at Feng Fen Dai then said: “The second young miss had once made an agreement before the matriarch and master. After the three shops belonging to concubine mother Yao have been properly audited, if there were any discrepancies, the amount would be split between the matriarch and master, along with the third young miss and fourth young miss. Recently, the auditing has been completed, so young miss has invited the two concubine mothers over.”

Hearing that there was money to be split, Feng Fen Dai became lively and quickly hurried Han shi: “You should go quickly. Quickly.”

Han shi turned her head and glared at her for a moment then responded to Qing Yu: “Girl, you go first. I will follow along shortly.”

Qing Yu nodded, “Then this servant will depart first.” After speaking, she turned and left.

After Han shi saw Qing Yu move further away, she moved back to Feng Fen Dai’s side. Furious, she stomped the entire way: “Does your mouth not have a filter! That Qing Yu is Feng Yu Heng’s first-rate maidservant. Did you not see how she already has already begun putting on airs after only being here a few days. If the words you just said were told to Feng Yu Heng, then you will be feeling it.”

“Hmph.” Fen Dai also knew that it would be bad if those words made it out. She lightly snorted and stopped talking. But after thinking a little, she could no longer hold back and advised Han shi: “Later, if Feng Yu Heng is splitting money, you need to remember to request some more. Concubine mother An has a shop of her own, so Xiang Rong will not need to worry about a dowry. I, however, will not have anything!” As she spoke, she also glared at Han shi, “You don’t have a shred of ability.”

Han shi had been scolded by her daughter, with her shortcomings being listed out, and felt depressed. It was indeed the case that she had no ability. She did not have the ability to afford a dowry for Fen Dai.

“The people of Feng family all lie in their nests.” Fen Dai held the arms that periodically hurt and mumbled, “Upon meeting a person of power, they shrivel up.”

It was this lack of thought that made Han shi angry: “He is a prince! What sort of temper do you want to see from the Feng family?”

Upon mentioning the ninth prince, Fen Dai found a second wind “For what reason is she the one getting married? We are all daughters of concubines, so why was she the one that had this marriage arranged? I remember that this marriage was arranged for the daughter of the first wife.”

“So what if that is the case?” Han shi was in a hurry to leave, but she had to comfort Fen Dai: “Even if he chose not to marry Feng Yu Heng, the duty would not fall to you. If they wanted the daughter of the first wife, they would want Feng Chen Yu!”

“Doesn’t everyone just take turns as the daughter of the first wife?” Fen Dai was unhappy and subconsciously said: “Since everyone gets a turn, sooner or later, there will come a day where it is my turn! I am not afraid to wait.” Looking again at Han shi, she angrily said: “Previously, you only know to deal with Chen shi. In the end, what benefits did you receive? You can not even compare to what comes out from between Feng Yu Heng’s fingers! Alright alright, quickly get going. Remember that requesting more money is most important.”

Han shi was chased out by Fen Dai. The distortion in Fen Dai’s character made her feel pessimistic. Arrogant and bossy, she was just like Chen shi. Chen shi at least had a good maternal family, yet she still met with this outcome. What did Fen Dai have? She was a concubine’s daughter. Could the Feng family support her?

Han shi headed towards Tong Sheng pavilion in a complicated and upset mood. At the same time, she had some worries about being pursued by Feng Yu Heng over her collusion with Chen Yu that one night.

When she finally arrived at Tong Sheng pavilion, the maidservant, who kept watch of the small moon gate between the Feng manor and Tong Sheng pavilion, gave her a slight bow and led her inside.

This was the first time Han shi came to this side, and she could not help secretly sigh: This place was too impressive.

Although she knew this was a mansion, seeing it for herself gave birth to a different kind of feeling. No wonder Fen Dai felt unhappy. They were both daughters of concubines, yet there was such a big difference. Who would be happy?

When she arrived at Feng Yu Heng’s courtyard, An shi had already arrived and was chatting with Feng Yu Heng. They spoke and smiled, and it seemed very lively and warm.

Han shi wanted to join in, but when she opened her mouth and before she could let out her signature laugh, Feng Yu Heng’s warm expression immediately became cold. Facing her, she said: “Concubine mother Han has arrived!”

Han shi opened her mouth then closed it again. Lowering her head in embarrassment, she gave a greeting: “Greetings to the second young miss.”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng did not even say “No need to be polite.” She naturally accepted her greeting and said: “The main reason for inviting the two concubine mothers today is because the auditing of the journals has been completed. Over the years, the head madam has embezzled a full two hundred thousand taels. Previously, I have said that this money would be offered to grandmother and father; furthermore, some would be split between my two little sisters to bolster their dowries. Since everyone has a share, I invite the two concubine mothers to come visit grandmother with me. I will request grandmother help in retrieving the things that belong to us.”

Han shi, hearing her get straight to the point, quickly nodded: “Good! Good!”

Feng Yu Heng reminded the two: “Now that the head madam has been left behind at the temple, if this debt is not settled properly, it can become difficult to collect. I hope the two concubine mothers will help think of some ideas.”

She mentioned the two concubine mothers, but her gaze remained fixed on Han shi, as she watched Han shi begin to feel worried.

“Of course. Of course.” Quickly walking over to An shi’s side, “Sister An, let’s help the second young miss retrieve her money.”

Feng Yu Heng corrected her again, “You are helping yourselves retrieve money.” Then, without waiting for Han shi to speak again, she advanced, “Let’s go. If we go any later, grandmother will be wanting to eat dinner.”

Thus, the group of three walked towards Shu Ya courtyard.

When they arrived, the matriarch was leaning against the back of the chair, resting, while a young maidservant was massaging her leg.

Seeing the three arrive together, the young maidservant clearly hesitated for a moment. The matriarch felt the hand that massaging her leg stop briefly. She could not help but frown: “Put in some effort.” Kicking her foot, the maidservant fell to the ground.

Feng Yu Heng sneered internally and quickly advanced a few steps to say: “Is grandmother’s leg not feeling well?”

The matriarch, hearing Feng Yu Heng’s voice, quickly opened her eyes. Waving her hand and dismissing the young maidservant, she put on a smiling face and asked: “Why has A-Heng come?” Then, looking behind her, An shi and Han shi also followed along, “Why have you all come together?”

An shi and Han shi went up to greet the matriarch, while Feng Yu Heng went forward and felt the matriarch’s legs, “Hm, there are no major problems. Grandmother, if you feel any discomfort, A-Heng will prepare some more medicine for you.”

“Ah! Good, good.” The matriarch liked hearing Feng Yu Heng mention delivering medicine. In her eyes, the medicine in Feng Yu Heng’s hands all came from an eccentric and were all unique medicines. Not only were they effective, they were easy to use. “Good granddaughter, come sit. You two also should not remain standing, so sit.” Her attitude towards An shi and Han shi were clearly much colder, as she continued to wonder why exactly these three had come.

Feng Yu Heng did not leave her guessing for very long, as she took the initiative to explain: “Granddaughter came along with concubine mother An and concubine mother Han to help support us.”

“Support?” The matriarch was surprised, “Support for what?”

An shi took the initiative in answering: “Mother-in-law, it is like this. The second young miss has already finished auditing the accounts for her three shops. Over these years, the head madam had embezzled two hundred thousand taels.”

Han shi also jumped in: “That’s right! Mother-in-law, two hundred thousand taels! This is not a small amount. When I heard about it, I was almost scared to death! The head madam really has some nerve.”

Feng Yu Heng continued: “I dont know if mother put this money in to the manor?” She looked around at the matriarch’s room and shook her head, “It doesn’t look like it. If the funds had increased by two hundred thousand taels, would grandmother’s room still be this shabby?”

She had deliberately said this. In reality, the matriarch’s room was not at all shabby. Over the years, CHen shi and Chen Yu had given her many things to curry favor with her. However, no matter how much was sent, it could not compare to Chen shi’s Jin Yu courtyard.

Thus, Han shi spoke again, “Exactly! Mother-in-law, you do not go to Jin Yu courtyard often, so you might not have noticed. Her Jin Yu courtyard is like a mountain made of gold! It truly is a hall filled with gold and jade!”

When the matriarch heard An shi say two hundred thousand taels, she already felt dazed. She had figured Chen shi would embezzle, but she did not think that vile woman would embezzle that much. In addition, Feng Yu Heng and Han shi had compared her room to Chen shi’s Jin Yu courtyard. The more they compared the two, the more she felt angered.

“Vile woman!” The matriarch gritted her teeth in anger, “What money has she put in to the manor’s funds? Every year, we say that the manor’s funds are in a poor situation. I remember previously, did Fen Dai not receive a dress made with common materials? If she really put in two hundred thousand taels, how could we not have the money to make a dress with Sichuan brocade?”

“That’s right.” Upon mentioning this, Han shi felt saddened, “Mother-in-law, you must help support the younger generation! Over these years, the head madam has bullied the young misses and young master quite a bit. Previously, the second young master’s bowl of medicine…”

“Enough.” The matriarch became infuriated just thinking about that bowl of medicine. Further remembering that it was because of that bowl of medicine that Jin Zhen was taken in, she became even more infuriated. “The one in Ru Yi courtyard was once one of her people. I still do not know if she will bring about any storms or disasters.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and comforted the matriarch, “The matters of the future should be discussed in the future. At least for now, concubine mother Jin Zhen is still fairly stable. In addition, she should have suffered beatings and scoldings while working in mother’s courtyard, so she should not be aligned with mother.”

“Hmph.” The matriarch scoffed, “I do not think she even dares to.” Looking again at Feng Yu Heng, she took the initiative and asked: “For this matter, A-Heng, do you have any ideas?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “A-Heng’s plan has already been said before the elders. This money, A-Heng does not want. All of it will be offered to grandmother and father. At the same time, some will be split between third sister and fourth sister for their dowries. But now…”

An shi picked up where she left off: Now, the head madam has been left behind at the temple. Who should we go to for this money?”

Han shi put on an appearance of having been wronged and said: “Is it possible that this is it? Mother-in-law, that is two hundred thousand taels! And there is a portion that is being offered to you.”

The matriarch pondered a little. Turning her head, she called granny Zhao: “Go and bring Chen Yu over.”

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  1. Dun dun dun… how selfish of the Chens. Tsk tsk. Fen Dai…you’re only 10 years old. Now can you be so vicious. And Han-shi, Fen Dai’s your kid. Do something!

    Thanks for the chapter! ☺️

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  2. Fen Dai, I really wonder is she really Han Shi’s daughter?? Fen Dai is so selfish and shameless, she is only 10 years old yet she coverts her older sister’s future husband…

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  3. I thought the same thing when I was hearing what Fen Dai was saying. I don’t think she will get any better, she seems the type of person who will claim things are unfair because of her birth but at the same time say she deserves better.

    The one I feel bad for is her mother, what mother doesn’t want what is best for their daughter… At the same time she knows she can’t do much because of her position.

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