Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 80

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Doesn’t Your Daughter Like Shoes?

Feng Chen Yu was forced to accept the mess left behind by Chen shi. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng had no other requests, she quickly informed the matriarch that she would be leaving to write the letter.

With her departure, Han shi visibly let out a sigh of relief. It was as though she had fought and won a war, with a look of joy emerging on her face.

The money had been retrieved, which meant that her Fen Dai would have money in her dowry, amounting to fifty thousand taels.

Fen Dai was a concubine’s daughter. When a concubine’s daughter married out of the family, her maternal family would not provide much for dowry, and she herself did not have a source of income. This fifty thousand taels would be significantly more than what would be given by the Feng family.

Thinking of this, Han shi’s looked towards Feng Yu Heng with a flattering gaze. Happy, she went forward and said: “This concubine thanks second young miss for providing for the fourth young miss’ dowry.”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “I am giving a pair of shoes is all. It is a pair of already worn shoes too. Concubine mother Han does not need to take it to heart.”

“Hm?” With these words, not only was Han shi startled, An shi and the matriarch were also slow to react. Han shi quickly followed up and asked: “What shoes is the second young miss talking about?”

Feng Yu Heng very naturally said: “Fourth sister really likes my shoes. This is something concubine mother Han should know. That day when I returned from the palace, fourth sister ran over without a care for anything else and lifted my dress. This was just to see my shoes. Since it is like that, as a sister, how could I not understand. As the saying goes, one must cater gifts to the tastes of the receiver. Since fourth sister like my shoes to such a degree, Wang Chuan,” She called for her servant, “After we have returned to Tong Sheng pavilion, bring out all of the shoes that I have worn. Clean them well and send them to the fourth young miss.”

Wang Chuan acknowledged this: “This servant will remember it.”

Feng Yu Heng continued: “Money is a worldly possession. Fourth sister is the beloved daughter of the honorable prime minister’s family. She naturally would not like to be covered in the smell of metal. Thus, concubine mother Han, you do not need to thank me too much. In the future, the shoes that I have worn, I will remember to send them to fourth sister, so she can play with them.”

Han shi was stupefied. She liked her shoes? What sort of person would like to wear someone else’s old shoes.

But how could she refute this? Feng Yu Heng had said it. That day, Fen Dai had lifted her skirt because she liked her shoes. If she refuted it now, that would be telling everyone that Fen Dai did not run over to look at the shoes.

Although everyone understood this logic, and Fen Dai had been punished, she had to make it clear to everyone, that was still unacceptable.

Han shi was depressed over this grievance she could not speak of. Thinking of how she could not acquire any amount of money, and what sorts of horrible things Fen Dai would say later, she became even more depressed.

Feng Yu Heng could not be bothered with her. Acting evil on her own, she should not live. When you two act, as mother and daughter, why do you not make any considerations for the future?

She turned back around and faced the matriarch and An shi. Smiling, she said: “Fourth sister voluntarily gave up on her share of the dowry, but I do not want to take it for myself. Thinking about it, father will not care too much about this small sum of money, so it will be split between grandmother and third sister. Take it as a token of my feelings as a granddaughter and as an older sister.”

If she said it like this, the matriarch naturally laughed without covering her mouth, as she said: “Good! Good! My dear granddaughter is the most understanding.”

An shi also understood the reasoning of accepting good things. Feng Yu Heng had already given Xiang Rong fifty thousand taels, so she could not accept this share no matter what. Going with the flow, she said: “Let us count it as the second young miss helping third young miss with her filial sentiments! Third young miss will also offer mother-in-law a share. The extra amount will be left to mother-in-law to handle!”

The matriarch looked at her granddaughter and daughter-in-law and felt they were both very good. She could not help but praise: “All such filial children! All such filial children!” At the same time, she did not forget to show some favor to An shi: “Do not worry, when Xiang Rong marries out of the family, I will not let her down.”

An shi quickly bowed and gave her thanks.

Standing alone, Han shi felt embarrassed.

With the accounts settled, Feng Yu Heng prepared to return to Tong Sheng pavilion. Before she left, she handed a clean copy of the accounts to the matriarch. It had been prepared by Qing Yu and eunuch Zhang. This was also meant to be used as evidence, in the event that the Chen family refused to recognize the debts. This way, she would not be caught without evidence.

When she returned, it was already time for dinner. She had eaten late in the afternoon, so she was not very hungry and only ate a few bites. Afterwards, she ordered Huang Quan and Qing Yu: “Bring along the deed for the jewelry shop, we are going over right now. Qing Yu take a look at the shop front and see what else needs fixing. If there is nothing, it can be re-opened today. Also, Qing Yu will be responsible for controlling these three shops. Go out once every day and take a look. Every month, reconcile the accounts with the shopkeepers. This way, I won’t be running back and forth.”

Qing Yu knew that this was Feng Yu Heng trusting her and immediately became moved, “Young miss, do not worry. This servant will take care of it properly.”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng nodded and continued: “Eunuch Zhang will be going back tomorrow. Qing Yu, you have been in contact with him the most over these past ten days, so take care of him for me. I will be preparing medicine tonight. Aside from finding some medicine for eunuch Zhang, I will also be preparing some special medicinal herbs for Hundred Herb. Go take care of the jewelry shop today and take care of Hundred Herb Hall tomorrow. Bring the medicine I will be preparing. The day after tomorrow, have Wang Lin take care of the newly re-opened shop.”

Qing Yu and Huang Quan complied with the errands and did not ask Feng Yu Heng what special medicinal herbs would be prepared. Instead, they hurriedly rushed over to the jewelry shop.

Feng Yu Heng told Wang Chuan to bring a few pairs of her old shoes to Fen Dai. She then turned and went into the medicine room and began contemplating what medicines would be necessities at Hundred Herb Hall.

The medicine for eunuch Zhang would be easy to take care of, just some rheumatism plasters would do. More importantly, since she wanted for Hundred Herb Hall to be different, she had to display some accomplishments.

Feng Yu Heng entered the pharmacy in her space and wandered around. In the end, she stopped at the counter of prescription Chinese medicine.

She could not haphazardly reveal Western medicine. In her eyes, Western medicine was to be used in emergency situations, while Chinese medicine could treat the root. Moreover, things had to be done gradually. She could not bring out all of her best wares all at once. If she did, then improving in the future would be difficult.

After the previous discovery of the pharmacy’s automated replenishing ability, Feng Yu Heng was extra attentive. Now, she had confirmation that it was the case, so she was more at ease when using medicine.

When she had been cleaning up the medicine room in Tong Sheng pavilion, Feng Yu Heng had taken out a great number of small porcelain bottles and butter paper for wrapping. Now, she would be able to make use of them.

She tore open the packaging for some common prescription medicines and sorted them in to small porcelain bottles. Each bottle came with a note with details on the efficacy of the medicine and instructions. She sorted medicines and wrote the notes. She had prepared around ten types of common prescription medicines, with each type having ten portions. These would be used for business by Hundred Herb Hall. She could predict that these things would definitely be well-received. She was waiting for Qing Yu and the others to return, so she could have the literate servants help her with the writing. Handwriting the instructions was the only way at present.

Of the prescription medicines that she had prepared, some were tablets, some were pills, and some were powders that had to be diluted in water. Each one was something that this era did not have. Feng Yu Heng had thought of a solution if anyone were to ask about them. The explanation would be that these had been made based on the instruction of her teacher, the Persian eccentric. They were then produced by her. As for the production method, that is obviously a secret.

With everything prepared, she brought the medicines out of the space. At this time, Qing Yu and Huang Quan had also returned from the shop.

Feng Yu Heng brought the two into the medicine room and handed the things to Qing Yu: “These have the same efficacy as those traditional medical soups; furthermore, they are even better than those medical soups. I have written the efficacy and instructions, along with warnings, on them. Bring them to Wang Lin and have him place them on the counter to sell. As for the price, have him base it on how much ginseng the prescription calls for, then increase it five times.”

“Huh?” Qing Yu was taken aback, “Increase it five times? How much money would that be? Will anyone buy it?”

“Do not worry.” Feng Yu Heng had a well-thought-out plan, “Doesn’t the Hundred Herb Hall have an attending physician? Everyday, choose a patient that can be treated with one of the medicines and gift it to them. If these people become well after taking the medicine, information will naturally spread. Quality products do not need to worry about a lack of customers. In this year, there are plenty of people who are wealthy.”

Huang Quan nodded, “Young miss is correct. Who wants to drink a bitter medical soup, let alone a dignitary, if I could choose this type of medicine when I fell ill, I would never choose to drink the bitter medical soups.”

Qing Yu was speechless, “Sister Huang Quan is really rich.”

Huang Quan raised an eyebrow at her, “Stubborn girl, you will very soon be very wealthy.” Seeing Qing Yu appear confused, she added: “With you helping the young miss take care of three shops, do you think young miss will not pay you a higher salary!”

Qing Yu was startled, “But I did not think to ask for a higher salary!”

Feng Yu Heng also laughed, “Whether you thought to ask is your problem. Whether I will give it is mine. I am not a stingy person. If you sincerely follow me, then when I am blessed, I will enjoy it with everyone.”

Her position made Qing Yu very grateful. Huang Quan also felt more and more that Feng family’s second young miss fit her family’s Highness very well.

The next day, everyone in the Feng family sent eunuch Zhang of Prince Yu’s Palace to their manor’s gate. Feng Jin Yuan specially ordered the servants to prepare the carriage.

Eunuch Zhang did not at all feel embarrassed by Feng Jin Yuan’s politeness. Instead, he accepted it very naturally.

And Feng Jin Yuan was not one to argue. He naturally understood that it was best to avoid causing offense to someone like eunuch Zhang.

Feng Yu Heng had given a total of ten rheumatism plasters to eunuch Zhang earlier in the morning. She had also said that if they were effective, she would prepare some more.

Eunuch Zhang could not figure out how such a thin plaster was made, but he was too embarrassed to ask. Instead, he expressed a thousand thanks to Feng Yu Heng. He became even more satisfied with this future princess. It seemed that the ninth prince’s vision was pretty good. No wonder lady Zhou praised this girl so much after returning.

Finally sending away eunuch Zhang, the teacher Feng Jin Yuan had invited for Zi Rui arrived. According to Feng Jin Yuan’s introduction, this teacher had instructed many children from wealthy families. He was quite famous within the capital.

Feng Yu Heng did not have high hopes for someone who had interacted with many great families. This type of person was usually a wily old fox. It was hard to pinpoint just how much ability they really had. Thankfully, Zi Rui only needed to learn to read. Her goal was to have this teacher teach Zi Rui how to read. Everything else could be handled slowly later on.

The servants brought the teacher and Zi Rui back to Tong Sheng pavilion. Feng Yu Heng prepared to visit the matriarch to request permission to leave the manor with Qing Yu to visit Hundred Herb Hall. But before she could speak, a girl waved at her from outside the door with a smile.

The matriarch saw her and was the first to recognize her, “Oh! Isn’t that sovereign Wu Yang?” She wanted to bow to greet her.

Sovereign Wu Yang, seeing this, quickly trotted over and stopped the matriarch: “Matriarch Feng, do not overexert yourself. I came today to look for A-Heng. I will take this chance to ask permission for her to leave the manor. Us sisters will be going out, is this ok?”

“Fine! Of course it’s fine!” Did the matriarch dare say no. That person was a real, live sovereign. Moreover, she earnestly wished for Feng Yu Heng to go walk about with sovereign Wu Yang. Like this, the relationship between the Feng family and Wen Xuan palace would slowly be repaired.

Even Feng Jin Yuan nodded with a smile: “Sovereign getting along well with A-Heng is our A-Heng’s good fortune.”

Wu Yang could not be bothered to listen to Feng Jin Yuan’s bureaucratic tone. Pulling Feng Yu Heng, she ran out of Feng manor. Wang Chuan hurriedly followed behind them.

Only after they rounded the corner of the street, did Wu Yang stop. She then pointed at some people who stood not too far away: “A-Heng, do you see! They are the sisters that I want to introduce you to, today.”

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  1. Ooohhh… I would not want to be Fen Dai and Han-shi right now. That’s the ultimate insult right there. Taking the money out of their greedy noses under the guise of changing it to “Fen Dai likes Yu Heng’s shoes, so Yu Heng will give Fen Dai Yu Heng’s shoes.” 🤣

    An-shi can be very slick too. 😏 And now they just made Feng matriarch’s breeches wet with all the taels thrown her way. 🤢

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  2. LOL, FD with a worn out shoes as dowry. It would be interesting to see her reaction when she learns of it. I am so glad that she is not getting away with her vileness just like that… Thanks for this chapter.


  3. Thanks for the chapter! I really appreciate 🙂

    So, I thought I’d share something about Xuan Tian Ming and his wheelchair since I know some are sceptic about him flying around and to be honest, so was I.
    I watched a chinese movie called “The Four” today which is based on a Wuxia (I thnk?) novel. There was a young woman in a wheelchair in the movie but she could move around just by using her “mind”, aka qing gong. I think the wheelchair used some special metal so you’re able to do that and I think Xuan Tian Ming’s wheelchair is probably the same (maybe we’ll get some explanation in a later chapter, who knows). This girl couldn’t move her legs but she could pretty much move around like a normal person, though it appeared to be very mentally taxing to constantly use qing gong. But I think Xuan Tian Ming is probably a lot more powerful than her, he seems pretty op haha.
    Well, basically what I wanted to say: apparently it’s not unusual for crippled people in wheelchairs to be able to move around just fine with their qing gong. Somehow I get the feeling, they could walk with their qing gong if they wanted to…
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