Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 82

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A-Heng, Domineering!

Imperial daughter Qing Le suddenly turned her head and immediately saw Feng Yu Heng, a hint of resentment drifted over.

“Who did I take it for, so it was the Feng family’s small daughter of a concubine.” Qing Le’s words were full of disdain: “One bowl is thirty thousand, small concubine’s daughter, how did you come up with this cost?”

Feng Yu Heng folded her arms over her chest and stared at imperial daughter Qing Le, saying: “Well well, so it was the imperial daughter. One dress is ten thousand, imperial daughter, how did you come up with this cost?”

“How can you care how this imperial daughter came up with it!” Qing Le placed her hands on her hips then pointed at Feng Yu Heng, saying: “Little concubine’s daughter, you have seen this imperial daughter, yet you do not kneel and greet me. Is this how you were taught in the Feng family?”

“Oh!” Hearing these words, Xuan Tian Ge stepped in, “A non-related imperial daughter has seen this one, yet why does she not kneel?”1

Qing Le finally saw Xuan Tian Ge, who had been standing behind Feng Yu Heng. She could not help but frown. Although they were both imperial daughters, their significance definitely different. The other side was a proper daughter of the Xuan clan, while her own father was simply conferred the title of royalty later on. Furthermore, he did not have any power. Now that Xuan Tian Ge had rebuked her, it really made her feel embarrassed.

Following Xuan Tian Ming’s words, Feng Tian Yu and Ren Xi Feng, both of whom were also standing in the back, also came forward. Feng Tian Yu said: “A-Heng might be the a concubine’s daughter in the Feng family, but I am the Feng family’s daughter to the first wife. Might I ask this imperial daughter, is there anything you would like to say to prime minister Feng’s manor?”

Ren Xi Feng also spoke up: “My General Ping Xi2 manor would also like to hear imperial daughter Qing Le’s advice. Or I could have my father make a trip to Ding An palace to hear what Lord Ding An has to say. Bai Fu Rong is our sister. No matter what sort of family she has, we will all support her. As for A-Heng, even if she is the daughter of a concubine in the Feng family, you had best not forget, she is the future official princess of Prince Yu.”

Feng Yu Heng suddenly smiled. Covering her mouth, she giggled then turned her head towards the sisters by her side and said: “Imperial daughter, people of importance forget many things. Not being able to remember is normal, but it is ok. I will have Xuan Tian Ming set fire to Ding An palace later to remind imperial daughter Qing Le. Imperial daughter, there is no need to be polite, Xuan Tian Ming will not find it bothersome.”

The way she casually used Prince Yu’s name naturally made it clear to everyone nearby that this couple was clearly in a loving relationship after being engaged. Imperial daughter Qing Le was so angry that her liver felt as though it were about to explode, but the people before her were not ones that she could easily offend. With nowhere to vent her anger, she saw the waiter on the ground and kicked forward.

But as she raised her foot, she suddenly felt something hit her knee. The pain caused her entire leg to feel numb. The foot that was raised also stopped in midair.

She turned her head and found that it was Feng Yu Heng who had thrown a spoon at her leg. She did not know why the force behind it was so strong. It was like a rock had been smashed on her leg, which made her leg sore.

Qing Le was unhappy. Even if she could not raise her leg, she still had hands. Bending at the waist, she picked up the waiter from the ground by the collar and slapped him twice across the face.

The waiter cried from the pain, but he could not afford to offend this imperial daughter, so he silently cried with grief.

Imperial daughter Qing Le felt a little better after hitting him and pushed the waiter away. She turned her head back and looked provocatively at Feng Yu Heng.

Perhaps it would have been better if she did not look. When she turned her head, she found that Feng Yu Heng had reached her side at some point. Copying what she had just done, Feng Yu Heng grabbed her collar and raised her hand before slapping her three times across the face.

Imperial daughter Qing Le was slapped silly by Feng Yu Heng. Even if she died, she did not think a concubine’s daughter from a prime minister’s manor would have such guts to hit her. Her cheeks stung with pain, and she wanted to retaliate, but she heard Feng Yu Heng say: “Do not assume that I did not see what happened when you three crashed. If it weren’t for you extending a foot and tripping Bai Fu Rong, how could this incident have occurred. Imperial daughter Qing Le, when looking to place blame, open your eyes and look clearly at who it is you are offending! I will tell you today, I, Feng Yu Heng, am this Refined Deity Building’s half-owner. My servants have been bullied. I absolutely can not pretend it did not happen. Those three slaps were returned to you. Let them improve your memory.”

How could Qing Le endure listening to this, especially the words “Refined Deity Building’s half-owner” made her even more aggravated. Moving her hand once more, she pulled out a dagger from somewhere on her body!

Growing up in a general’s manor, Ren Xi Feng had practiced martial arts from childhood, so her eyes were the sharpest. Being the first to see this, she hurriedly reminded: “A-Heng, be careful.”

Feng Yu Heng leaned back the moment she saw Qing Le pull out the dagger.

They simply saw her waist somehow bend backwards to a 90 degree angle. When Qing Le stabbed forward with the dagger, she came up empty.

Feng Yu Heng was endlessly furious. Moving her feet, she kicked straight at Qing Le’s lower abdomen.

She could dodge Qing Le, but Qing Le definitely could not dodge Feng Yu Heng. This kick connected firmly and caused Qing Le to double over in pain. Feng Yu Heng carried on and chopped her back, forcing Qing Le to half-kneel on the ground.

They all heard Xuan Tian Ge say: “Rise.”

Feng Yu Heng then raised her foot and straightened her up.

Qing Le was both hurting and furious to the point of almost vomiting blood. When she raised her head again, she fiercely looked at Feng Yu Heng and said: “You really are bold!”

Feng Yu Heng replied: “You are not lacking in courage either. Imperial daughter Qing Le, I originally had no intention of fighting with you. But you continued to try and force my hand. As a person, you always must take everything in to consideration before speaking and acting. You need to know if you can beat the opposition before acting. You wanted to compare families. Very well, on our side, we have someone representing the Wen Xuan palace, someone representing the prime minister’s manor, one representing General Ping Xi’s manor, and this worthless one is actually representing Prince Yu’s palace. I ask you, on what basis are you acting arrogant in front of us? Which one of us can you afford to offend?”

Qing Le was rendered speechless, even the cousins and wealthy relatives who had come out of their room were speechless. The people Feng Yu Heng mentioned were indeed people they could not afford to offend.

What could be done if they could not afford to offend them? They could only avoid them. Her cousin came forward and cupped his hand towards Feng Yu Heng, saying: “Apologies.” He then supported Qing Le and left the building. After they were quite far away, Qing Le could be heard screaming: “Feng Yu Heng, you wait for me! Sooner or later, you will regret it!”

Feng Yu Heng laughed and could not be bothered to pay her any heed. She simply shouted downstairs: “Shopkeeper, do not forget to have imperial daughter Qing Le pay for the bowl. Give her a discount. Five taels is enough!”

The waiter wiped his tears and gave his thanks to Feng Yu Heng. Cleaning up the shards from the broken bowl, he returned downstairs.

A perfectly good meal was ruined by Qing Le. Xuan Tian Ge waved to the waiter and had the foods that were not eaten packed up for Bai Fu Rong to bring home. Bai Fu Rong had her face slapped by Qing Le, so her mood was very poor. Gnashing her teeth, she ordered another two dishes before feeling a little bit better.

On the other side of the restaurant, also in a private room, Xuan Tian Hua held a cup of tea while watching the excitement.

From the moment when Qing Le used her standing to blackmail Bai Fu Rong, to Feng Yu Heng facing off against Qing Le, again to Feng Yu Heng beating up Qing Le, all of the events were taken in by his eyes. This kind and proper prince could not help but shake his head and smile bitterly. Simply saying I wonder if they really are from the same family. He had originally thought that his willful and reckless ninth brother would not be able to find a woman who was fated to be with him, yet, in the end, he actually found a girl who was even more willful and reckless.

This was what people called fate, right?

Xuan Tian Hua gaze continued to carry a certain expectation. He felt a little curious about the Feng family’s second young miss, not knowing what other things would happen around her.

On Feng Yu Heng’s side, the group exited Refined Deity Building and part ways on the dock, each returning to their own families. Right before parting, Feng Yu Heng stopped Xuan Tian Ge and asked: “It seems that Princess Ding An will be celebrating her birthday in a few days?”

Xuan Tian Ge pondered a little and nodded, “It should be soon. There is a celebration every year around this time.”

“Are you going?”

“I will not be going.” Xuan Tian Ge snorted contemptuously, “What sort of palace do they have. Normally, I do not hear of them having any relations with the other families. I only hear of them bringing up Lord Ding An’s position. Unfortunately, there is no heir. I definitely do not want to go give them any face.”

Feng Yu Heng was a little puzzled, “Apparently the throne is obtained through inheritance. Lord Ding An has no son, yet he did not think of any other methods?” For example, adopting a male relative, was this not considered normal?

Xuan Tian Ge told her: “Who would allow him to do that? Previously, Lord Ding An did not want to adopt a child to succeed the throne; however, uncle Emperor said that adopted children do not count. After that, Lord Ding An made a fuss of swapping out one of the princess’ children. This was exposed by uncle Emperor around ten years ago by a blood test. Furthermore, he told him that the hereditary throne must be given to a son born of his blood. If he dared to obscure the imperial bloodline, then Lord Ding An would be removed from his position. After that, he became obedient and stopped thinking of these unorthodox methods, while obediently waiting to die of old age. Now he has a nephew taking care of him. I heard that he has a few businesses. They seem to be for his daughter to his first wife, so she can live a comfortable life.”

In Feng Yu Heng’s mind, however, she thought that the current Emperor absolutely loathed this lord.

“Ah?” Xuan Tian Ge looked at Feng Yu Heng, puzzled, “Why did you think to ask about their family celebrating a birthday? It couldn’t be that you want to go, right?”

Feng Yu Heng told her: “It was that day at the temple, it was Qing Le that came to tell my father about it.”

Xuan Tian Ge pondered for a while then said: “It seems the Feng manor previously did not send anyone, but they did symbolically send some gifts. Your eldest sister, Feng Chen Yu is propped up like a treasure by the Feng family. They should feel that Ding An palace’s birthday banquet will not be sufficiently high rank and should be waiting her to debut at a palace banquet. As for the two younger sisters, I heard that they were too young and were not suited for such an occasion. This year, you have returned, so I do not know what sort of plans the Feng manor has.” Xuan Tian Ge pondered while telling her: “If the Feng family will be going this year, then I will accompany you to keep you from being bullied.”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “No need. If I can not even handle Ding An palace, how could I keep Prince Yu’s palace company!”

Xuan Tian Ge gave her a big thumbs up: “Domineering!”

The domineering Feng Yu Heng brought Wang Chuan along and domineeringly returned to Feng manor. Just as she passed through the gate, she saw housekeeper He Zhong come forward: “Second young miss, you have finally returned.”

She stopped in place: “Did something happen?”

He Zhong said: “The matriarch called the third young miss to Shu Ya courtyard. Now they are waiting for second young miss to go over!”

1: Qing Le and Xuan Tian Ge are both imperial daughters, but Qing Le’s family is not related to the imperial family. They have simply been conferred a title of royalty.
2: Fairly certain this should be Ping Nan, but author has it as Ping Xi for this chapter and next chapter.

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  1. Following Xuan Tian Ming’s words, Feng Tian Yu and Ren Xi Feng, both of whom were also standing in the back, also came forward. <— Shouldn't it be "Following Xuan Tian Ge"? Xuan Tian Ming wasn't there, though that would have been funner if he was. Hehe!

    They should feel that Ding An palace’s birthday banquet will not be sufficiently high rank and should be waiting her to debut at a palace banquet. <– "…should be waiting for her to debut at a…" I think?

    And that face slapping, spoon throw and kick in the stomach A-Heng was just awesome.

    Now what the heck does the matriarch want? (-_-)

    Thanks for the satisfying chapter!!!

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  2. These transmigration stories would be a lot more satisfying if the antagonists weren’t just a bunch of braindead idiots and actually were smart and faced off the mc with a battle of wits.

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  3. “Your eldest sister, Feng Chen Yu is propped up like a treasure by the Feng family. They should feel that Ding An palace’s birthday banquet will not be sufficiently high rank and should be waiting her to debut at a palace banquet.”

    Shouldn’t it be common news that Feng Chen Yu is BANNED from the palace for five years? Haha, what palace banquet debut. She can have her “debut” at 19 I guess. See what prince would be interested by then.

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  4. I have a question: How is Qing Le an imperial daughter? – is she a relative of the emperor and the Xuan family? If so, is she related to Xuan Tian Ge?


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