Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 85

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I Came to Examine the Palace my Fiance Burned

But Chen Yu’s appearance had nothing to do with Feng Yu Heng. She simply pulled Xiang Rong to the normal carriage. As she prepared to enter the carriage, she heard Chen Yu say: “My two sisters, how about sitting with me. There is a great deal of space on both sides. The servants can sit in the other carriage.”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow. This meant that the current carriage would be used for servants?

“Many thanks eldest sister for your invitation, but there is no need. We are both lowly concubine’s daughters. Squeezing in with the servants is fine.” Throwing out these words, she pushed the curtain aside and entered the carriage. Xiang Rong also bowed to Chen Yu and followed Feng Yu Heng into the carriage. Behind her, Wang Chuan entered with the servant with Xiang Rong. The four went with the flow and entered the carriage, leaving only Chen Yu behind outside.

Feng Chen Yu clenched her fists and glared through the curtain into the carriage, before resentfully climbing into her own rosewood carriage.

The two carriages left together for Ding An palace. This was Xiang Rong’s first time attending one of these events and was a little nervous. Sitting in the carriage, she continuously wrung her handkerchief.

Feng Yu Heng simply closed her eyes and caught up on some sleep. In reality, she had been thinking that she needed to make a show of things. Using moon palace silk, she would make two sets of pajamas. She would wear one set and the other would be given to Yao shi.

As she pondered this, they arrived at Ding An palace.

When they arrived, a great number of madams and young misses were already at the gate chatting. Seeing that the Feng family’s carriage arrived, they all stopped what they were doing and looked towards the two carriages.

The curtains of both carriages were lifted at the same time. Xiang Rong followed behind Feng Yu Heng, still with the shyness around strangers, she did not even dare raise her head.

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not feel anything about it. Lifting the curtain, she exited the carriage with the support of the servants then turned her head to look at Feng Chen Yu.

She saw that this eldest young miss’ haughtiness was not average. First, the carriage driver placed a step stool a the door to the carriage, then it was the two maidservants, Yi Lin and Yi Yue that exited the carriage. With one servant on each side supporting her, she exited the carriage. Yi Yue then turned around to hold up the trailing train.

Feng Yu Heng looked at this haughtiness and remembered the Western weddings of the 21st century. She could not stop herself from raising the corners of her lips. Feng Chen Yu really was looking for trouble.

This was the Feng family’s three young misses first time attending the Ding An palace’s banquet. Speaking of, this was also the first time the Feng family placed their daughters in the public.

Previously, Feng Yu Heng was not in the capital, so she naturally could not attend. Xiang Rong and Fen Dai were both too young, so they also did not have the qualification. As for Feng Chen Yu, she was treated as a treasure by the Feng family and hidden in the manor. Outsiders could only hear whispers that the Feng family had a daughter to the first wife whose elegance and intelligence were seen once per generation; however, they never actually saw her real ability.

Now that the three stood before the palace gate, they immediately attracted a few gasps.

Of course, the sound was for Feng Chen Yu.

Feng Chen Yu was extremely beautiful. This sort of beauty was neither seductive not light, it was such that it made everyone appreciated her beauty. It made people who looked unable to resist crying out in surprise.

In particular since she had such a meticulous appearance today. Making her debut, Feng Chen Yu really made everyone marvel at her beauty.

After a brief moment, someone could no longer endure as quietly whispered: “Is that the Feng family’s eldest young miss? Oh my word, is that still a human? How can she be so beautiful?”

There was also someone who said: “Apparently when this Feng family’s daughter was born, rays of light covered the sky. It’s natural that she is different from everyone.”

“I heard that she was previously a concubine’s daughter, then her mother was promoted. Only then did she become the daughter of the first wife?”

“Then what of the previous daughter to the first wife?”

The topic finally turned to Feng Yu Heng. Those that had an understanding of what happened during that period in the Feng family pointed at Feng Yu Heng and quietly whispered: “That is the former daughter to the first wife. Unfortunately, her maternal grandfather’s house met with a disaster. The Feng family feared that they would be implicated, and in the span of one night, sent the original head madam out, while they promoted Feng Chen Yu’s mother to that position.”

“Un.” Someone agreed, “I also know of this matter. The Yao family previously neighbored our manor. That year, the Yao family was so prestigious. Now, even the mortar at their gate has been left there for a long time.”

“There has been nobody new to move in to the Yao manor?”

“No. I heard the property still belongs to the Yao family and was not taken back by the Emperor.”

“You came to celebrate my princess mother’s birthday. You do not come inside to do what needs to be done, instead you stand around at the gate spouting what nonsense?” The chatter was suddenly stopped by this voice. Turning their heads to look, they saw imperial daughter Qing Le coming from inside the courtyard.

Qing Le’s words caused everyone present to cease talking. One by one, they entered the manor’s gates with smiles on their faces. Some of the braver ones looked back while walking, fearing that they would miss a good show.

Feng Chen Yu looked at Qing Le with a smile on her face. She took the initiative and advanced a few steps, saying: “Chen Yu greets imperial daughter Qing Le.” Slightly bowing, she neither disregarded etiquette, nor did she forget her identity.

“Hmph!” Qing Le very impolitely and coldly snorted. Looking up and down, she took in Chen Yu’s appearance and finally spoke after a while: “So it was the Feng manor’s eldest young miss. I thought it was the family’s new wife who wanted to come to our Ding An palace to discuss reward money.” The words she said were very sarcastic.

Feng Chen Yu’s face became red hot from her words. In her heart, she began to feel furious, but she could not express it. She could only say in embarrassment: “Imperial daughter really knows how to tell a joke.”

Yet that Qing Le had already turned her attention from Chen Yu to Feng Yu Heng.

Seeing an enemy made her especially furious. Since their meeting in Refined Deity Building, Feng Yu Heng was not simply a rival to imperial daughter Qing Le, she was also someone to be despised for slapping her face.

When the two made eye contact, imperial daughter Qing Le’s eyes immediately shot out some fire. Feng Yu Heng, however, smiled like a cotton ball, receiving the harsh gaze. She then took large strides forward and stood tall before Qing Le and spoke without paying her respects: “Long time no see! The swelling on your cheeks has already gone down. It’s much better.”

Qing Le was so furious that the roots of her teeth felt numb. Both her hands had long become balled in to fists. She especially wanted swing a fist at Feng Yu Heng’s face, but she also felt that she absolutely could not defeat her.

“Feng Yu Heng!” Qing Le gnashed her teeth, “Just you wait, you dare come to my Ding An palace and expect to be received well.”

“Alright.” Feng Yu Heng shrugged, “If you want me to wait, I will wait.” As she said this, she stepped towards the palace gate. As she walked, she said: “Ding An palace, I have been looking forward to seeing you. I had to come see what became of the palace that my unmarried fiance set fire to.”

If she had not mentioned this, it would be better. Mentioning this, Qing Le’s face became even more ugly. Glaring at her, she wanted to rush up to Feng Yu Heng with all her might, but she heard Chen Yu quietly say to her: “Imperial daughter Qing, excuse me. My second sister just has this type of personality. The people in the family also have no way of dealing with her.”

These words told Qing Le that the people of the Feng family also did not like Feng Yu Heng’s personality, so if you have any plans, Feng family will not support her.

Qing Le naturally understood. Slanting her eyes to look at Chen Yu, she nodded, “If that is the case, many thanks to Feng family’s eldest young miss for the reminder.”

After saying this, she followed Feng Yu Heng’s footsteps and entered the manor. With only Chen Yu left behind, there was not a person to take care of her. She could only resentfully enter on her own.

The scene at the gate scared Xiang Rong terribly. She went close to Feng Yu Heng’s side and quietly asked: “Second sister, it seems that we have offended Ding An palace’s imperial daughter.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That’s right! Your eldest sister is dressed like a newly-wed wife. In what way does it look like she is here to celebrate someone else’s birthday.”

Xiang Rong anxiously asked: “Then what should we do?” Second sister, it seems that you are quite unhappy with imperial daughter, right?

“I guess.” Feng Yu Heng smiled and told her, “Do not worry. If the sky falls, eldest sister will hold it up. We are merely insignificant concubines’ daughters. Nobody can give us a hard time.”

With one of the palace’s servants leading the way, they spoke until they arrived in Ding An palace’s garden.

There were already many people gathered here. Fruits and melons were placed on a desk in the middle of the garden. Thinking about it, today’s birthday celebration would be held here.

Feng Yu Heng looked at the gathering of madams and young misses. She saw a number of people looking in her direction. Then, some of the braver ones continued the conversation “Is the one that was in the mountains that one? She looks alright and does not look like a village child.”

“Of course she doesn’t. Whatever the case may be, she was previously Lord Feng’s family’s proper daughter of the first wife.”

Feng Yu Heng had no intention of listening to these empty words, so she pulled Xiang Rong all over. After wandering around once, she found that the girl friends she had just met did not come. Even Bai Fu Rong, who came from the lowest standing, did not appear. Thinking about it, it really was as Xuan Tian Ge said. They disdained giving this lord’s manor any face.

Wandering around again, she discovered a very interesting phenomenon. The people that came today to celebrate the birthday were all rather down-to-earth.

For example, a gorgeously dressed girl came over and spoke to her and Xiang Rong: “I do not know what family the two young misses belong to? Let us get to know each other. I am the daughter of Mei An House. My name is Li Xin.”

Feng Yu Heng pondered for a long time but could not figure out what sort of place Mei An House was. It was Xiang Rong who replied in her place: “So it was Mei An House’s daughter. I really like eating the desserts made by Mei An House.” She then pulled Feng Yu Heng and quickly walked away.

Feng Yu Heng supported her forehead, “Is it a dessert shop?”

Xiang Rong nodded, “It is not very big either, but the desserts they make are pretty good.”

Not long later, another girl came over, “The two of you are the Feng manor’s young misses, right? Ah, I have finally met a great official’s young miss! Greetings, greetings. My family runs Eight Treasure Shop. My name is Ping An.”

Feng Yu Heng quietly asked Xiang Rong: “What does Eight Treasure Shop sell?”

Xiang Rong told her: “It is a restaurant that specializes in vegetarian foods.” 1

Feng Yu Heng was speechless.

Encountering some more, almost all were daughters or madams of businesses or officials of fourth rank or lower.

The two finally arrived in a quiet place and stopped. Feng Yu Heng could not help but lament: “Whatever the case, this is still a palace. How is it that the people invited are all ones who can not reach center stage?” Pulling slightly at her clothes, “I feel that the clothes grandmother gave us are a little too good. They do not fit this scene at all.”

Xiang Rong also felt this way, “Yesterday, concubine mother Jin Zhen also said that the person who came with the invitation mentioned the seventh prince.” When she mentioned the seventh prince, her face became a little red, “How could this sort of scene fit the seventh prince.”

Feng Yu Heng used her arm and prodded Xiang Rong: “Little girl, have you experienced feelings of love?”

Xiang Rong’s face became even more red: “Second sister, what are you saying!” She then turned her face away and pretended to be angry.

Feng Yu Heng laughed for a while and saw that the previously dispersed crowd gather towards her again. She vaguely heard someone say: “Where, where is she! Prime minister Feng’s daughter. Although she is a concubine’s daughter, she is still a first rank official’s daughter! Let’s quickly go get closer.”

There was someone else who said: “No. The one who is dressed for a wedding is the daughter of the first wife. We should not place any hopes of speaking to her. The one who looks like an angel, I feel is a bit distant.”

In this way, Feng Yu Heng and Feng Xiang Rong were surrounded once again.

However, Feng Yu Heng found interest in the topic, this time. Hearing the girl from Mei An House reached out her hand and drew a circle on all around then said: “Did you see it. This part of the garden has been completely renovated. Apparently, it was much more dignified than it is now, unfortunately, it was set on fire by the ninth prince and burned down completely!”

1: The Shop in Eight Treasure Shop can also refer to a vegetarian diet.

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  1. LOL! I can almost see smoke coming out of Qing Le’s nose and ears as well as Chen Yu’s dignity (when did Chen Yu ever have one?) dragged through the mud, eaten by a troll and spat out… literally. 😂🤣😂🤣 Will the esteemed 7th Prince make his appearance? And awww… Xiang Rong’s in lurvvvv. 😁

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  2. The story is good and I like the plot so far but every time I imagine the girls (including MC etc), I imagine them to be older and not children.

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