Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 87

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Introducing a Partner to Feng Chen Yu

With Feng Chen Yu’s abrupt exclamation, she once again became the focal point of the scene.

Princess Ding An was aware long ago that the spotlight was stolen from her by Chen Yu. Now that she saw her acting out, she could not stop her expression from sinking even further.

Sitting next to her, imperial daughter Qing Le fiddled with her fingers and fiercely muttered: “As expected the Feng family is filled with sluts.”

As for the fat woman who had been insulted by Chen Yu immediately felt affronted. Holding her hips, she rebutted against Chen Yu: “You are indeed the eldest young miss of the Feng manor, but my husband is a third rank official. I saw that you are quite beautiful, so I came over to develop some sort of relationship. My son attends Yun Lu Academy and is always scoring in the top 50 in tests. In the coming years, who knows, he might become recognized as the top scholar after the Imperial exam. When the time comes that you want to become friendly with us, we will not want to!”

Feng Chen Yu’s face turned blue with anger, wanting to say, you said your son can barely score in the top 50, so what are you talking about top scholar for? Even if he became the top scholar, my father is still the prime minister. Your family will never be able to turn the tables in this lifetime!

But just as she was about to say these words, she saw from the corner of her eyes, a figure wearing a white robe coming over from a corridor between the garden and the front yard. The words she was about to say were swallowed back down, as she changed her expression to one that was very pitiful, her eyes becoming watery: “This sort of thing, father never talked about. Although madam meant well, Chen Yu is still just a girl who has yet to leave home. If madam brings up such matters, where should I place my dignity?”

Once Chen Yu donned the face of a Bodhisattva, she began acting like a weeping beauty, immediately capturing the sympathy those nearby.

When they though about it, it was indeed true. She was the eldest daughter. If you wanted to act as a matchmaker, you should have gone to their father to talk about it. Talking about it directly with the girl strayed too far from the rules.

Moreover… a madam who liked standing up for others spoke up for Feng Chen Yu: “Madam Tian.” She called the fat woman: “Whether your son can become the top scholar is still unknown, but she is the current prime minister’s daughter. You, being from a third rank official’s family, want to become friendly with a standard first rank official. Is this not being too egregious?”

“Bah!” The fat woman became unhappy, “What right do you, someone from the Tian house, a fourth rank official’s family, have to disdain my family’s rank for being low?” 1

“Oh!” The woman who liked standing up for others spoke again: “Madam Tian, you seem to have forgotten. My husband was just promoted by the Emperor yesterday to standard third rank. This is a step above your lower third rank!”

The ruckus from down below finally caused Princess Ding An to run out of patience. With a “slam” sound, she slapped the table before her, causing the fruits and melons to fall all over the ground. The song and dance were also stopped by the princess’ anger. For a moment, the scene was completely silent.

“What exactly did you come here for?” Princess Ding An glared at Feng Chen Yu with a darkened face, “Eldest young miss Feng, when you go out of the manor next time, I recommend you cover up your face to avoid having everyone get antsy over you.” Not waiting for Feng Chen Yu to reply, she then turned to the two arguing women and said: “The resentment of your husbands from in court can be fought over at home, if you want to fight. Stop flaunting your prestige at my Ding An palace!”

Seeing Princess Ding An become angry, the two officials’ wives ceased their blustering. They rose and confessed to their mistakes: “Princess is right.”

Chen Yu also opened her teary eyes and tearfully saluted Princess Ding An: “It was all Chen Yu’s fault. Would Princess please hand down a punishment.”

It was at this moment that a clear and refined voice said: “It’s Princess Ding An’s birthday, how could there be talk of punishment.”

Everyone followed the sound of this voice and looked over. There, they saw an unrestrained prince accompanied by two bodyguards. He wore a long white robe and had his hair held up with a white jade hair piece. On his face was a warm smile with a refined and mild temperament. This made all who looked at him calm down.

A look of yearning shot through Feng Chen Yu’s eyes. Princess Ding An, however, had already stood up and began pulling imperial daughter Qing Le away from the throne.

But that person waved his hand and said to Princess Ding An: “This prince is here representing the Imperial family to wish Princess Ding An a happy birthday. There is no need for princess to be modest.”

Imperial daughter Qing Le also tugged at Princess Ding An’s sleeve, quietly saying: “Your standing is not lower than his, what are you lowering yourself for?”

Only then did Princess Ding An calm down. Facing the new arrival, she said: “Many thanks to your Highness Prince Chun for the pleasure of your presence. It truly brings light to this humble Ding An palace.”

The person who came was not a stranger. It was Prince Chun, Xuan Tian Hua.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Xuan Tian Hua then looked at Feng Chen Yu. She felt at that moment that Feng Chen Yu finally had the shyness appropriate of a fourteen year old. Furthermore, it was not like the fake shyness of the past.

She could not help but sigh. Feng Chen Yu fancied Xuan Tian Hua. She did not know what Feng Jin Yuan would feel if he found out about these feelings. Chen Yu’s mission was to become the Empress. Did Xuan Tian Hua… have a chance at the throne?

No matter how one looked at it, he did not. How could such a refined man value the imperial throne.

Feng Yu Heng shrugged her shoulders, picking out another fruit and taking a bite.

At this moment, all of the madams and young misses stood once more and saluted Xuan Tian Hua.

She could only put down the fruit in her hand and also stand up, saying with everyone else: “Long live his Highness Prince Chun.” She then looked sideways and seemed to see a group of girls have their youthful hearts revived by Xuan Tian Hua.

Xuan Tian Hua was already very accustomed to this sort of sight. Without the slightest movement aside from slightly raising his hand, he gently said: “You may rise.”

Only then did everyone rise. The young misses who were usually very reserved suddenly no longer cared for their dignity. They all cast fierce gazes towards Xuan Tian Hua. Furthermore, there were some bold madams who also joined in and shot him some electrifying looks.

Feng Chen Yu looked at these people and suppressed some words deep down after almost screaming out “All of you really do not have any dignity!” Feeling unreconciled, she took a few steps forward, she slightly bowed to Xuan Tian Hua then sweetly said: “It has been some days since we last met. Has your Highness Prince Chun been well?”

Once these words came out, she immediately received countless jealous looks.

Such ambiguous words when heard by outsiders sounded as though the two were already familiar; furthermore, they had met not too long ago.

Who in the capital did not know his Highness Prince Chun was the most gentle of the nine princes. In the hearts of these madams and young misses, he was a heavenly deity. He could be observed from afar, but he must not be dallied with. Feng Chen Yu, what right do you have to profane this deity?

Just as everyone was mentally criticizing Feng Chen Yu, Prince Chun, Xuan Tian Hua, carefully looked at the girl who had spoken to him. His gaze was inquisitive, as he actually looked at her for a long time.

Xiang Rong was starting to have a hard time restraining herself. Stealthily tugging at Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve, she worriedly said: “Seventh prince wouldn’t have fallen for eldest sister, right?”

In reality, it was not just Xiang Rong who had this thought. The other madams and young misses were also worried. Although the seventh prince was kind to all, nobody had ever heard of him staring at a single girl for such a long time.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Xiang Rong and shook her head: “Not possible. Based on my understanding of this seventh prince, although he looks harmless, you must not conflate his facial expressions for the truth. If you do not believe me,” She looked at Xuan Tian Hua and scratched under her chin, “Look.”

Sure enough, Xuan Tian Hua’s investigation very quickly concluded. He asked Feng Chen Yu with a very puzzled voice: “Might I ask, which family’s young miss are you? Has this prince met you before?”


Xiang Rong spewed with laughter.

Her eldest sister had said those vague words, believing this Lord Chun would give everyone some face; however, she did not consider that he completely had no idea who she was.

The other madams and young misses let out a sigh of relief. Looking again at Feng Chen Yu, their gazes carried some sympathy.

Feng Chen Yu felt her dignity was crumbling, but she could not get angry with Xuan Tian Hua. She could only forcefully adjust her mood, quickly saying: “I am the daughter of the first wife of prime minister Feng’s manor. My name is Feng Chen Yu. Your Highness Prince Chun came to the manor a few days ago, so we have met.”

As she mentioned this matter, everyone also remembered. That’s right! A few days prior, this Prince Chun had gone to Feng manor, but he was accompanying Prince Yu. It seemed that they were sending Prince Yu’s fiancee home.

Xuan Tian Hua also remembered, thus he smiled and nodded, “Hearing young miss say so, this prince has also remembered. Did the eldest young miss Feng also come to celebrate Princess Ding An’s birthday?”

Once Feng Chen Yu saw that Xuan Tian Hua had begun chatting with her, she felt her heart soar with joy. She could not help but advance another two steps, intimately saying: “That’s right! I did not know that your Highness would be coming today. Chen Yu should have gone to pay respects to your Highness.”

Xuan Tian Hua faintly said: “Feng family’s eldest young miss is too courteous.” He then looked all around for a while before asking with uncertainty: “Did Feng family’s eldest young miss come alone? Did this prince’s sister come to visit?”

Hearing Xuan Tian Hua bring up Feng Yu Heng, Chen Yu’s face froze; however, she still said: “Second sister and third sister also came.” Not feeling reconciled over having the topic move to Feng Yu Heng, Chen Yu quickly gave an invitation to Xuan Tian Hua: “Since your Highness came to celebrate Princess Ding An’s birthday, please take a seat!”

These words made Princess Ding An very satisfied, right! Today, she was the protagonist. People of the Feng family, go stand off to the side!

Xuan Tian Hua also nodded, saying to Princess Ding An: “Every year for princess’ birthday banquet, father Emperor sends one of us brothers to come celebrate princess’ birthday. This year, this prince came. Just like before, father Emperor and mother Empress personally prepared a birthday present. Handing over management of the front yard, I wish princess good fortune and good health.”

Princess Ding An smiled so brightly that her face seemed to bloom. Originally, her wrinkles hid her ugly face, but now it looked just a little uglier. She did not mind, however, and continued piling the wrinkles together as she smiled, “Many thanks to the Emperor and Empress, and also many thanks to your Highness! Your Highness, please sit!” As she spoke, she leaned to the side, wanting to give her main seat to Xuan Tian Hua.

Xuan Tian Hau, however, did not go up, politely saying: “Today is princess’ birthday, so she should sit there. This prince originally sat with the other lords in the front yard and only came to congratulate princess on her birthday. I will be returning after a sip of tea. Princess, please sit, this prince will say a few words to his sister.” After he said this, he turned his head and accurately found where Feng Yu Heng sat. Walking over, he said: “Right before I left, ninth brother was saying for me to bring some desserts that were made by the imperial chef. When I left, I had the servants send them to your Tong Sheng pavilion.”

These words not only made it clear that he was truly familiar with Feng Yu Heng, it also told everyone his ninth brother respected this unmarried girl. He was even anxious over something like bringing her the palace’s new desserts.

Feng Yu Heng also replied with a smile: “Many thanks seventh brother.” With just the words seventh brother, their relationship advanced another step.

These madams and young misses turned their jealousy instantly from Feng Chen Yu over to Feng Yu Heng. But after feeling jealous for a while, they felt these two actually had a sibling relationship. The ninth prince and seventh prince were originally both raised by imperial concubine Yun. The feelings of siblings were the same, so he was naturally a little closer with Feng Yu Heng.

Thus, the jealousy that had just been moved, went back.

But at this time, Feng Chen Yu cheekily left her original seat. Putting on a happy and coy look, she headed over towards Feng Yu Heng.

1: Different last names despite both being romanized as Tian. The fatty is ็”ฐ and the white knight is ๅกซ

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