Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 9

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A Narrow Escape

Yao shi and Feng Zi Rui were resting in the back, while granny Sun sat beside them. Fearing they would overheat, she continued to slowly cool them with a fan.

Feng Yu Heng was trusting of granny Sun, but did not have any faith in the one driving the carriage. Especially seeing how he had struck Xu shi in Xi Ping village, she was certain he was not a good person.

“Granny stay in the carriage, I am going to get some air outside.” Waving to granny Sun, Feng Yu Heng pushed aside the curtain and left the carriage. She arrived next to the driver and sat down.

The driver did not think she would come out and froze briefly. Displaying an unnatural smile, he greeted her: “Second miss.”

This was the Feng manor’s hierarchy. Above her was another elder sister, Feng Chen Yu. It was exactly this person that had caused Yao shi’s fall from grace as the clan matriarch and Chen shi’s subsequent rise. Nowadays, she was the true matriarch.

“Uncle, it must be very tiring to drive all day and night.” Her body sliding back slightly, she leaned against the carriage. She reached her right arm in to her left sleeve and gently caressed the phoenix-shaped birthmark.

“What is the second miss talking about? This is this old servant’s job.” The driver pulled on the reins, not noticing the odd tone Feng Yu Heng took. The carriage drove even faster.

Feng Yu Heng picked at her lips, “Feng manor’s servants truly are loyal.”

“Naturally.” The driver shared a few laughs without any additional understanding. A 12 year old girl was absolutely incapable of arousing any doubts.

However, many things often will not develop in a normal manner, like Feng Yu Heng who was overlooked by the driver.

“It’s a shame though.” She quietly said: “It’s a shame the loyal servant doesn’t know the way. If we continue this way, we won’t reach the capital in this lifetime.”

“Hm?” The driver only just realized and turned to look at Feng Yu Heng. The originally earnest face began to distort. Her eyes shone with a sharp light. “Second miss, what do you mean with those words?”

Feng Yu Heng looked towards her opposition, their eyes stared at one another. The imposing manner of this 12 year old girl did not at all lose to the almost 40 year old man.

“I said, this road definitely does not lead to the capital city.”

The driver pulled on the reins again, “Then, second miss, where are we going?”

“How could I know.” She leaned against the carriage once more. “If you want to kill people to erase witnesses, you must be clean and efficient. You must also make sure that you haven’t been found out before you make your move. The formidable Feng manor does not lack in experts. Their mistake was excessively underestimating the three of us, mother and children.” While speaking, she laughed self-mockingly. “Speaking of which, it really is laughable. Even for my death, that so-called father is unwilling to bestow upon me a better opponent.”

“You….” The driver’s face was thoroughly ferocious. Although his cover had been blown and target alerted, but he continued to believe that there was no way a 12 year old, little girl could bring out any devious tricks. Without any doubt, she was just bluffing. It was really causing him to get frustrated. In the worst case scenario, he could just off the entire carriage of people, and it wouldn’t be too big of a deal.

He was raised as Feng family’s guard. Upon arriving, he received left prime minister Feng Jin Yuan’s dark will. Yao shi along with her children absolutely could not be allowed to return to the capital. Kill them off on the way back.

With regards to the marriage contract with the ninth prince, it was granted by the Imperial family for the eldest daughter of the first wife. Currently, that title belonged to the eldest miss Feng Chen Yu. Yao shi was removed from her position for this reason.

The driver coldly laughed. There was no reason to remain hidden any longer. He just remained a little curious as to why a little girl would be so clearly bold. “When did you figure it out?” He began to ask, yet he already held a dagger in his hand. As soon as he heard Feng Yu Heng’s answer, he would attack.

Feng Yu Heng also laughed coldly, but it sounds dark and somber.

“If you treated Xu shi a little less roughly, I might not have become suspicious.”

“Just that?”

“Not just.” She pointed at his hands, “Your right hand has thick callouses. It’s clear that you are someone who is proficient with weapon. If you were a driver, the callus would be on your index finger.”

Having said those words, Feng Yu Heng did not wait for the driver to act. Instead, she took the initiative. She had already retrieved a palm-sized tranquilizer gun from her storage space. She had kept it hidden in her sleeve.

The driver felt out of sorts from the unexpected attack. Feng Yu Heng swiftly leapt up and, without aiming, swung for his neck. The tip caught his neck and blood sprayed on to her sleeve and the carriage curtain causing those inside to scream.

Feng Yu Heng gripped the reins and kicked the driver’s body off the carriage. Then, with a loud “Hya!” the carriage turned around and headed for the capital.

This entire journey, the four had been running for their lives. Now they were running to the capital.

Now, Feng Yu Heng was very much looking forward to seeing the Lord of the Feng manor. She really wanted to see this vicious father. What exactly did this horrible person look like.

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  1. Thank you for translating this story. I find it to be very interesting especially with the MC & ML characters plus of course the storyline. Wishing you the best of health n success in life & hoping to be able to have an enjoyable journey with you until the end…Fighting!

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