Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 95

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You Had Better Not Have Any Weird Intentions Towards Me

Jin Zhen will come, this was something that Feng Yu Heng expected. Furthermore, she was not surprised when Jin Zhen left her maidservant outside, closing the door to the main hall behind her. Jin Zhen then dropped to her knees.

She then waved her hands for Wang Chuan to go do her work. When Wang Chuan left, she turned her attention to Jin Zhen.

“What are you doing? Get up.” She only said for her to stand up, but did not at all give off the feeling of being supportive.

Jin Zhen appeared very clearly afraid and crawled forward a bit and grabbed Feng Yu Heng’s leg: “I beg second young miss to save me. I know that second young miss is definitely capable, so I beg second young miss to save my life!”

Feng Yu Heng frowned and brought her hand down to feel Jin Zhen’s wrist. With this, she confirmed the guess she had made earlier.

“About two months and approaching three months. It very clearly is not my father’s.”

Jin Zhen was very ashamed, but before Feng Yu Heng there was nothing she could hide. She could only nod and admit it: “Second young miss clearly knows all. Jin Zhen is not trying to hide it from second young miss. This child is indeed not master’s, so it must not be born.”

“Why?” Feng Yu Heng looked at Jin Zhen, her face displaying some confusion, “Did you not come to me for a method of giving my father a false impression that this child is his?”

Jin Zhen shook her head, “No I did not. This fact would not be possible to cover up. The child will eventually grow up. If the child grows up to look like me, then it would be fine, but if it grows to look like that person… Even if the Feng family did not become suspicious, that person will definitely be suspicious. I understand that person too well. At that time, he would definitely begin to blackmail me. Spending everyday on edge, hiding here and there, perhaps it would be best to not give birth to it.” As she said this, she raised her head and sincerely begged Feng Yu Heng: “Second young miss has good knowledge of medicine. I beg second young miss to give me a prescription to miscarry this child.”

“Why not just find a doctor outside. I will not do this sort of vile thing.” Although she did not like Jin Zhen and she found the private relation between her and Li Zhu quite shameful, she found taking action and killing off a child to be the most evil thing.

“The doctors outside can not be trusted!” Jin Zhen persisted: “This sort of thing must not be known outside, so I came to second young miss.”

“What if I told father?” She looked at Jin Zhen with a funny look, “You are so certain that I will help you like that?”

Jin Zhen sank in to a panicked trance then said: “No, second young miss keeping this servant will be better than not having anyone to sway master with pillow talk. Ever since master took me in, this servant has resolutely decided to stand on second young miss’ side. This servant knows that second young miss controls the heaven and earth. This servant will be completely at your bidding.”

Feng Yu Heng naturally knew of Jin Zhen’s thoughts. If she kept Jin Zhen, it would be as she said. She did want to have someone who could sway Feng Jin Yuan with pillow talk, but this child… “Go back first. I will think about it some more.”

Without saying she agreed or disagreed, she only sent Jin Zhen back to Ru Yi courtyard. This was, after all, a life. She was Feng Yu Heng and she would not be hasty.

Wang Chuan returned in the afternoon and told Feng Yu Heng that the inventory had been checked at Wonderful Treasure House. There were no problems, but…. “When this servant arrived at Wonderful Treasure House, the Chen family was carrying boxes in but also taking boxes out. They said the boxes they took out were ones they had brought incorrectly previously.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, this Chen family was really interesting. Even when it reached this point, they still tried to mix in counterfeit goods to deceive her. Thinking about it, it must have been after she said that she would invite someone from Prince Yu’s palace to inspect the goods that Chen Yu rushed to inform them!

Whatever the case, the matters with the shops were now resolved. She could finally have peace of mind.

Wang Chuan went to the kitchen to eat. Just as she returned from eating, she saw a servant who was guarding the Liu courtyard hurriedly come over. Arriving before Feng Yu Heng, she said: “Second young miss, a servant from Pine courtyard came and said that master has called for you.”

Feng Yu Heng was unclear of what actually happened, but she still prepared to go over to Pine courtyard with Wang Chuan.

At this time in Pine courtyard, Feng Jin Yuan was currently receiving a visitor.

This visitor was none other than Lord Ding An.

Lord Ding An sat straight on the visitor’s chair with an untouched cup of tea placed on the table beside him. Instead, he pointed at the two chests in the middle of the room and sincerely said: “It’s a small gift that I hope Lord Feng will kindly accept.”

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand: “My lord, what is the meaning behind this?”

Lord Ding An was a little embarrassed: “That day at my manor, the princess celebrated her birthday. The three young misses from Feng manor coming truly gave this lord plenty of face. However, my family’s daughter has been spoiled rotten from a young age and does not understand the severity of things. She has wronged the Feng family’s second young miss. This Lord came… ah! Came to ask forgiveness.”

Feng Jin Yuan, however, shook his head and said: “This official heard that Princess Ding An forced my daughter to my first wife to accompany a group of your manor’s dancers. There was also word that allowing my Feng family’s daughter to play the zither for a group of dancers was a favor given by the heavens?”

Lord Ding An was startled. He only knew what Qing Le told him of the play. She had not, however, told him about the matter of playing the zither. Now that Feng Jin Yuan asked him, he was truly embarrassed.

“How could that be. The Feng family’s young miss is of noble heritage. How could they allow the Feng family’s young miss to play the zither for them? That is really farcical!”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, “It really is quite farcical. My lord, this official received the palace’s invitation and kindly allowed my three daughters to attend the birthday together, but one had her dress covered in water by a servant, one was forced to play the zither for a group of dancers, and another was extremely dishonored by imperial daughter Qing Le. Does my lord have some enmity with my Feng manor?” Feng Jin Yuan spoke and stood up, “If there is something that my Feng family did wrong, I hope my lord would make it clear. This official will immediately apologize. However, my family’s daughters are all still girls who have not yet married, so I would hope that my lord, princess and imperial daughter would leave them some dignity.”

As he said this, Lord Ding An felt that he could no longer show his face. He could not help but curse Qing Le and the princess in his heart. On the surface, however, he still had to deal with Feng Jin Yuan, as he quickly stood up and replied: “What is Lord Feng saying. My Ding An palace has always been on good terms with the Feng family. Where would enmity come from! Ah! It’s all because the women in the family do not know how to tell good from bad. This lord will definitely punish them when I return. I hope Lord Feng will be understanding.” As he said this, he cupped his hands and bowed towards Feng Jin Yuan.

Feng Jin Yuan also understood when to stop. They had, after all, come in bearing gifts and were speaking humbly, so he could not act too full of himself.

Thus he also lightly joked, saying: “The matters between women are already in the past. How could this official argue with my lord.”

Lord Ding An finally let out a sigh of relief and sat back down in the guest chair. Raising the cup of tea, he took a sip.

But after apologizing, Lord Ding An did not seem to have any intention of leaving. Feng Jin Yuan accompanied him for a while and saw that something was amiss and could not help but ask: “Could it be that my lord has some other matter?”

Lord Ding An laughed in embarrassment then said: “Not to hide it from Lord Feng, but this lord indeed came today to make a request.”

“Oh? This official does not know what my lord needs help with?”

Lord Ding An took another large gulp of tea and deliberated for a while then said: “It’s related to the result of my daughter’s mess. Lord Feng might not know, but that day, his Highness the seventh prince was also present. After running into this act, he actually said… he actually said that he would report to the Emperor and have the Emperor sanction Qing Le’s marriage. Ah! That person is just one of the manor’s guards. How could Qing Le marry him?”

“Then my lord’s meaning is…” Feng Jin Yuan’s face became cold. He had long since sent someone to investigate the happenings of that day. Qing Le clearly wanted to frame Feng Yu Heng. Your manor’s imperial daughter can not marry him, but my Feng family’s daughter can? Thinking along those lines, his anger slowly crept up: “You and I both know his Highness the seventh prince’s temper. He may appear to be easygoing, but there is not a single thing that can be easily discussed with his Highness the seventh prince. I fear that for this matter, this official is truly powerless.”

How could Lord Ding An allow him to block the conversation. He quickly added: “You could have the second young miss to discuss it with his Highness the seventh prince! This lord heard that second young miss and his Highness the seventh prince are really close, and she even calls him seventh brother.”

Feng Jin Yuan frowned, feeling more and more that this Lord Ding An was too shameless. “My lord, imperial daughter and that guard are interested in each other. Why does my lord not help them achieve their goals, instead want to separate the affectionate couple?”

Lord Ding An slapped his thigh, “How is it that they are interested in each other!”

“Then what is it?” Feng Jin Yuan stared at Lord Ding An inquisitively, “If they are not interested in each other, how could such a thing happen?”

Lord Ding An was rendered speechless and only uh’ed for a long while before uttering: “Daughter is not very understanding. It’s all because my daughter does not understand anything. I hope that Lord Feng can help this lord this once. If this can be done, then this lord will definitely give great thanks.”

Feng Jin Yuan definitely did not think much of Lord Ding An’s thanks. This was a completely powerless and unused lord. The Emperor had even stripped him of his right to attend court, so what sort of great thanks could he provide. “I fear that this matter will need to be discussed with my second daughter.”

Just as he said these words, a servant came in and bowed, saying: “Master, second young miss arrived.”

Lord Ding An was impatient and hurriedly said: “Quickly!” He then immediately felt Feng Jin Yuan’s glare and timidly shut up.

“Bring the second young miss in.” Feng Jin Yuan said slowly.

The servant immediately left, and not long after, Feng Yu Heng walked in with Wang Chuan.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw Lord Ding An sitting on the guest chair. She then also saw the two wooden chests in the middle of the room and came to an understanding.

“Daughter greets father and greets my lord.” Her face did not show any visible expression, as she courteously paid her respects.

Feng Jin Yuan was already accustomed to Feng Yu Heng’s mannerisms. Lord Ding An had also experienced Feng Yu Heng’s temper at the birthday banquet. At the moment, none had any arguments. Lord Ding An pleasantly said: “There is no need for second young miss to be so courteous.”

Feng Yu Heng merely said: “My lord is too kind.” However, she did not even glance at Lord Ding An, “I do not know why father has called A-Heng. Is something the matter?”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, “It is not father that has some matter. It is Lord Ding An who has a matter to discuss with you.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng was puzzled, “I am a rank-less daughter of a concubine. How could my lord have anything to discuss with me. Father, do not ridicule A-Heng. If there are no matters, then A-Heng will be going back.” After saying this, she turned and prepared to leave.

Lord Ding An rushed forward and grabbed Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng’s eyes lit up. She fiercely shook her arm and shook off the Lord Ding An who had for many years fought many battles.

“My lord, please have some self-respect!” She coldly said, her gaze becoming even more lively.

Lord Ding An was shocked by her. He absolutely did not expect the Feng family’s second young miss would be capable of martial arts. He could not help but look at Feng Yu Heng a little longer.

Feng Yu Heng frowned even more, “My lord looking at this humble girl, what exactly is your meaning? This humble girl’s age is even younger than imperial daughter Qin Le. My lord had better not have any weird intentions.”

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  1. Well, at least the father has some uses. Still, he’s an a*s. He defended his daughter as well as throw her under the bus. What a douche-canoe of a father. Tsk tsk. 😠

    As for Lord Ding An… really, dude? He’s already lost favor with the emperor, had his manor burned down by the 9th prince, who happens to be engaged to the girl who could very well be the cause of the destruction of his household then and there and he dared to lay a hand on A-Heng. Oh, 9th Prince is not going to like that, Mr. Pervy Lord. 🤦‍♀️ I hope he gets his, his princess wife, and the spoilt brat, Qing Le, soon. 👿

    Thanks for the chapter!!! 🙂

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  2. Sorry Lord Ding An your daughter will have to marry that guard and more once the 9th Prince got wind of everything that has happened in that party. Thanks for this chapter,


  3. Qing Le you reap what you sow, marry that guard!

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    You and I bought know his Highness the seventh prince’s temper.—>
    You and I both know of his Highness the seventh prince’s temper.

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  4. I must admit I find some of the mc’s values and oppinions quite old fashioned even though she is supposed to be from the 21st century.. I mean things like the thought that terminating an unwanted pregnancy that has not yet reached three months is vile.. I know it is not a simple matter and many people have strong feelings about this, but still.. there are so many things to consider.. would this child really have a happy life..? Also the fact that she thinks it whas shamefull of her to have sex in the first place.. I get that this Jin Zhen is a opportunistic and selfish person, but that doesn’t seem to be what she is shaming her for, she seems to be shaming her for having sex before marrige, to wich I can only say.. come on girl really..? Why shouldn’t people be able to enjoy themselves..? This is where better acces to contraceptives comes in to the picture..(And no I don’t think an abortion is a contraceptive, just to be clear) yeah.. anyway sorry for the rant.. It is also properbly cultural differences but at I just can’t help but to think the mc seems more like she is from the 19th century then the 21st..


  5. A little reminder to Laks: Feng Yu Heng may be from the modern era, but not everyone in the modern era is pro-choice or shares in your opinion. Whether you agree with the mc or not is up to you, but just because the mc believed in something that has been around for a while doesn’t mean she is from the 19th century. Look at religious people for example: just because they believe in God doesn’t mean they are from the 12th century.


    1. Yeah I guess you are right.. It just seems so archaic to me, but I guess you are right that it is just more of a cultural difference really.. And that my frustration, with some of the views of women around the world today promted me to act a bit arrogant..


  6. those people have no face… and they all talk about giving face. lol
    he came to ask the girl who was to be framed by his daughter to help him stop the marriage cause by the frame backfire?
    now i know why he is alone and with no power. he can not read the atmosphere at all.


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