Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 98

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Where Did Ding An Palace Go?

Because Han shi fainted, the entire courtyard was in a panic. Feng Fen Dai also knew that she had caused a huge mess, but she also did not want to go see how her mother was. She simply turned around and ran out.

Meanwhile in Pine courtyard, Feng Jin Yuan was presently staring at the three million taels of bank notes that Chen Wan Liang had brought.

Three million, he really wanted that three million. Presently, there were a lot of expenditures. The Feng manor was fine, but he had to make a substantive show towards the third prince. The Chen family had sent money over, but this money came with conditions.

“Brother-in-law.” Chen Wang Liang earnestly advised, “That sister of mine does indeed have many problems. This is something our Chen family knows, but even if you disregard the many years of being married, you must think of Chen Yu!”

“Chen Yu will always be my daughter to my first wife.” Feng Jin Yuan was resolute on this matter.

Chen Wan Liang shook his head, saying: “Brother-in-law should know how fierce the Feng family’s second young miss is. Chen Yu has stolen her position as daughter to the first wife. She has made it clear that she has come back to retaliate. Based on her vicious actions, I fear that she will tear apart Chen Yu such that even her bones will not be left unscathed. Moreover, that ninth prince has no hope of ascending the throne. If the Feng family can only protect one daughter… it would be best to protect Chen Yu.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s expression sank, “Are you trying to interfere with my Feng family’s business?”

“This one does not dare.” Chen Wan Liang quickly bowed, “This one is only worrying on behalf of brother-in-law. That child, Chen Yu, was born this way. That year, Daoist Zi Yang said those words, so brother-in-law must not give up on her!”

Feng Jin Yuan was annoyed by the words he said, but in reality, he also had similar thoughts to Chen Wan Liang. No matter how much momentum Feng Yu Heng had, that ninth prince would not become the Emperor. Even if she had the support of Prince Chun and Wen Xuan palace, so what? When the time comes that the current Emperor dies, would the new one allow for the ninth prince to continue act wildly?

He placed the bank notes in his sleeve and said to Chen Wan Liang: “I have plans for this matter. You can return.”

Once Chen Wan Liang saw Feng Jin Yuan take the bank notes, he let out a sigh of relief in his heart. Being willing to take the money was good. He was also a smart person, so he definitely would not do something like watch his every step. Since Feng Jin Yuan had said those words, he would go back and wait. Thinking about it, it would not be long before his sister would return to the manor.

After Chen Wan Liang left, a hidden guard appeared before Feng Jin Yuan. Feng Jin Yuan asked him: “Has it been peaceful at Pu Du Nunnery?”

The hidden guard replied: “Ever since the people from Chen family went, head madam stopped causing a fuss. She could even do some activities with the nuns during the day.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded: “It seems that her little brother came up with a plan to save her life. Forget it, you can go for now.”

The hidden guard vanished.

Feng Jin Yuan considered returning to Han shi’s side, but as he stepped out of Pine courtyard, he could not control his desire to visit Ru Yi courtyard. Jin Zhen was, in the end, still young. She still had a string that controlled Feng Jin Yuan, which made him unable to stop himself.

When he reached Ru Yi courtyard, Jin Zhen had just received word that Han shi had been beaten to the point of fainting by Fen Dai. Now that Feng Jin Yuan had appeared and seemed to be completely fine, she knew that he definitely had not heard the news. She quickly advised the servants who guarded the courtyard: “In a while, no matter who comes along or whatever the matter, do not allow them to disturb master. If they come crying, take them away. Take them far away.”

The servant nodded, as Feng Jin Yuan’s voice called out: “It’s the middle of the night. How come you still have not rested?”

Jin Zhen quickly put on an enticing smile and replied in a coaxing voice: “If this concubine went to sleep, there would be nobody left to wait for husband.” As she said this, she grabbed Feng Jin Yuan’s waist, pulling him inside.

But Feng Jin Yuan’s mind was wandering. Jin Zhen was confident in her abilities, but she still could not dispel Feng Jin Yuan’s desire to talk.

She simply sat up and began massaging Feng Jin Yuan’s leg while asking: “Could it be that husband has something worrying you?”

Feng Jin Yuan pondered a little before grabbing Jin Zhen’s wrist. Looking at the scar on her wrist, he asked: “What caused this?”

Jin Zhen’s heart warmed a little and immediately pretended to have been wronged: “Previously I had made a mistake and was burned as punishment by head madam.”

“Burned?” Feng Jin Yuan frowned, “What did she use to burn you?”

Jin Zhen told him: “She used a red-hot piece of metal. That is something the head madam uses specially to punish servants. Whoever does not comply with her wishes, she will heat it up in the brazier for a while before putting the piece of metal on a place that can be covered by clothing.”

Feng Jin Yuan felt a wave of anger rise up, as he immediately sat straight up. He remained silent for a long time.

Just as Jin Zhen thought he would feel bad for her being burned by Chen shi and was preparing to say some reassuring words, she heard Feng Jin Yuan say: “She has always had that sort of temper. The Chen family was well off in the old home. She was their only daughter, so she was spoiled rotten. Do not hate her too much.”

Jin Zhen blinked a few times, slightly unable to process what Feng Jin Yuan had said. Was this him speaking on behalf of Chen shi? But… why? Wasn’t Chen shi sent off to the temple? Could it be that she was about to make a comeback?

“What sort of things is husband saying?” She was a smart woman. There was naturally a reason behind Feng Jin Yuan saying such things. At times like these, she had to go with the flow, “This concubine was previously head madam’s servant. Punishment is necessary when mistakes are made. Where would this hate come from.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, “If you can think of it this way, then that is good. Do not worry. I will not treat you poorly in the future. In the future, you will need to bear a child for my Feng family and birth a son or a daughter. I will definitely treat them well.”

Hearing these words, Jin Zhen suddenly felt a wave of pain in her abdomen. She turned her head away and pretended to be shy. She finally managed to suppress the nauseating feeling.

“Sleep.” Feng Jin Yuan pulled her under the blankets. The two fell asleep while thinking about their own problems.

But how could Jin Zhen fall asleep. Feng Jin Yuan had just given her the message that it was likely that Chen shi would return. This was most definitely not a good sign.

Early the next morning, Jin Zhen did not wait for Feng Yu Heng to go pay respects to the matriarch before running over. Feng Yu Heng, seeing her like this, guessed that she also could not go to Shu Ya courtyard. She went and told Yao shi to apologize for her to the matriarch. She then brought Jin Zhen back to her room.

“Second young miss.” Jin Zhen was very anxious, “The matter this concubine mentioned to second young miss, has second young miss made a decision?”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow, “I have said it before. That is a life. Although I have medical knowledge, that is for the sake of saving lives. It is not for killing people.”

“This child still can not be counted as a person.” Jin Zhen anxiously explained, “This is my decision. If there is any evil sin, then it is my own sin. It can not be counted as one committed by second young miss.” She then pondered a little and simply said: “So long as second young miss gives me a medicine that can get rid of this fetus, I… I will give second young miss a great gift.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng felt this was very strange, but she remembered how Ban Zou had told him that the Chen family’s people had entered Feng manor last night and had talked with Feng Jin Yuan for a long time. She had a bit of an understanding. It was most likely that it had to do with Chen shi. Jin Zhen should have some information. “Go back for now. I will think on it a little longer.”

“Second young miss.” Jin Zhen helplessly said: “Second young miss must hurry!” As she said this, she felt her own abdomen, “In a little while… I fear it can no longer be hidden.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, dismissing Jin Zhen.

A roughly two month fetus did not leave her with too much time to spare. Otherwise, once it reached three full months, she would begin to look pregnant. She feared that even if she wanted to hide it, it could not be hidden. Moreover, after three months, using medicine to get rid of it would be even more dangerous.

She helplessly sighed. Helping Jin Zhen get rid of the fetus was something that she had to do. After all, if Jin Zhen’s situation were exposed, her having come to speak was not a good thing. Now, she was just lacking an opportunity. This child could not be miscarried in vain, but she did not know what Jin Zhen’s so-called great gift was.

“Ban Zou.” She called out, and Ban Zou immediately appeared. There were many times where Feng Yu Heng wanted to ask Ban Zou where he usually hid and slept, but thinking that this a secret that hidden guards did not want to expose, she discarded this thought. “Take a trip to Pu Du Temple. Take a look and see if there is any movement from Chen shi’s side.”

Ban Zou nodded and asked: “Now?”

“That’s right, now.”

“Then master, you must not leave the manor.”

Feng Yu Heng put her head in her hands, “I got it.”

Ban Zou disappeared in a flash. She looked around for a while, ensuring that Ban Zou was definitely far away, she called Wang Chuan in, “Quickly, quickly, change into some normal clothes. Let’s go take a look at Ding An palace.”

Wang Chuan smirked, “Just now, who was it that promised Ban Zou that they would stay in the manor?”

“It’s fine!” Feng Yu Heng slapped Wang Chuan’s shoulder, “We are not leaving the capital. What sort of danger can there be in the day.”

Wang Chuan pondered a little and agreed. The ninth prince’s people were all over the capital. There were even more hidden lookouts around the Ding An palace. As soon as anything happened, she could immediately call out for her people to protect Feng Yu Heng. Thus, she agreed. She returned to the room and changed her clothes. Following Feng Yu Heng, the two left Feng manor.

Only when the two reached the main road of the capital did Feng Yu Heng find out what sort of effect Ding An palace being burned had. On the main streets and small side lanes, not only were people discussing this hot topic, the storytellers of restaurants were telling this story for all to hear. There were some who could not afford to eat at the restaurant but still wanted to hear the story. They leaned up against the window and listened attentively, fearing that they would miss any details.

Feng Yu Heng listened for a while, shaking her head and smiling: “Stories are just stories. They are exaggerated. No matter how badly Ding An palace was burned, it would not be so bad that not even hair is remaining. How big a fire would that need!”

To her side, a passerby heard her words and disagreed, saying: “This young miss may not know, but the great fire started at around noon and burned late into the night. Not even the horses the Ding An palace raised are still alive.”

Feng Yu Heng became spirited: “Then what about the people? If the horses were all burned to death, did the people escape?”

“I heard that imperial daughter Qing Le had all her hair burned off. Princess Ding An also had her eyebrows burned off.” That person spoke while shaking his head, “Whether this is true or not, I do not know.”

Feng Yu Heng did not ask any further. Pulling Wang Chuan, she increased her pace and walked towards Ding An palace. She really looked forward to seeing Xuan Tian Ming’s masterpiece. If the fire really was as everyone described and had burned for as long as it did, then what could be left of Ding An palace?

The two basically jogged towards Ding An palace. When they were more or less there, Feng Yu Heng looked all around. Before her eyes was a large empty lot. She curiously asked Wang Chuan: “Did we take a wrong turn?”

Wang Chuan shook her head, “No mistake. This is it.”

“Then where is the palace?”

Wang Chuan pointed towards the area surrounded by a group of people: “It should have been right there.”

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  1. Oh my gad, Xuan Tian Ming. I know you’re falling for your little A-Heng, but seriously… you’re starting to come off as a little psychotic arsonist. 😐

    Hmm… bribery from Chen family to insure Chen Yu stays on top, then bribery (using Chen’s money) from FJY to support the 3rd prince… 😩 Come on A-Heng… I’m waiting for the day she destroys the Chen’s. 😏

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  2. Not the horses !!!!! What ? The people ? Like I care !!! The horses are innocents!!!!!!
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    1. Wood was the more common building material in that time, these ‘castles’ are not built high, they’re usually a complex network of single storey courtyards, built in wood and elegantly painted, though I believe stone sculptures and cornerstones do exist.

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      1. Ah! Thank you Kacy 🙂
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