Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 99

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This Explosive Temper

Feng Yu Heng moved towards the group of people and heard them discuss: “I heard that real gold does not fear being put in fire. Do you guys think that we could pull out a few pieces from the ashes? Regardless, this is a palace. It should not be possible for there to not be a single piece of gold.”

“Even if there are pieces of gold, they will not fall into our hands! Did you not see the group of guards rush in and search the place after the fire finished burning. Even if there were pieces of gold, they would have been taken away by them!”

“Ah, what a pity. Such a large palace, yet it disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

Feng Yu Heng rubbed her eyes and stared at the rubble before her… oh, the correct saying here would be ashes. She asked Wang Chuan: “This is Ding An palace?”

Wang Chuan’s tongue was also tied for a bit, “That’s right… I think…”

Good! Feng Yu Heng brought her hand to her forehead. It really was the case that not a single hair was left. Even the stone carving by the main gate had been smashed to bits.

“How much hate does Xuan Tian Ming have for Ding An palace to reduce it to this degree. Previously, he had only burned their garden, so they could still repair it. Now… if they want to continue living here, perhaps it would need to be reconstructed, right?”

Wang Chuan told her: “His Highness must be venting for young miss. There is no way that his Highness does not know of the things that happened the day of Princess Ding An’s birthday banquet. Ding An palace bullying young miss to such an extent, it would be weird if his Highness could resist.”

Feng Yu Heng raised the corners of her mouth… such an explosive temper.

Just as she was feeling emotional, she heard a group of beggars rushing over from the street behind her. As they ran, they shouted: “Prime Minister Feng really is strange. He keeps changing his wife. Anyone can be the daughter of his first wife. Now, he is wanting to abandon Chen Yu!”

Xiang Palace

The third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, looked at Feng Jin Yuan who was seated to his right. For a long time, he did not say a word. His appearance was mighty and imposing. Even when he did not show any expressions, he appeared to be angry. Moreover, Xuan Tian Ye basically did not smile. His entire body was always shrouded in a thick oppressive aura, which made everyone around him break into a cold sweat.

Feng Jin Yuan had only just sat down for a short while, yet he felt a cold wind blowing against the back of his neck. It always felt as though a pair of eyes were staring at him from behind. Turning his head, he did not find even the shadow of a person present.

Finally, Xuan Tian Ye spoke in completely different manner from Xuan Tian Ming’s slow and deliberately ambiguous tone. Xuan Tian Ye’s tone was cold like ice that had been frozen for a thousand years. Each word he spoke carried an icy tip “Minister Feng, this prince wants to borrow Chen Yu’s glory, this much is not false; however, have you ever seen an Empress who was born from a concubine?”

Feng Jin Yuan immediately stood up, his forehead dripping cold sweat, “Your Highness Prince Xiang, do not worry. Chen Yu is the Feng family’s daughter to the first wife. This fact will never change.”

“Is that so?” Xuan Tian Ye glared at Feng Jin Yuan, “Thinking about it, Minister Feng does not go out often. Go out and have a listen. Even the beggars at the side of the road know that you have changed your daughter to the first wife. How can Minister Feng still speak so resolutely?”

Feng Jin Yuan felt his head swell. It was not that he had not heard the rumors floating around outside, but just as he was thinking of ways to stop them, the rumors made their way to Xiang Palace!

“Your Highness, this official will definitely quickly take care of those rumors and will die to protect Chen Yu’s position as daughter of the first wife.” Thinking a little more, he simply said: “Chen Yu’s mother is currently in a nunnery praying for the fortune of the Feng family. It has been some days, so this official will send someone to retrieve her.”

“Un.” Xuan Tian Ye finally pulled back his imposing manner, “The daughter of the first wife must be fitting and proper. Her mother can die, but what is with leaving her in a nunnery?”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded repeatedly, and at the same time, he reached a hand into his sleeve. Taking out the three million taels in bank notes that he had received from Chen Wan Liang the previous night, he handed them to Xuan Tian Ye, “This official knows that your Highness Prince Xiang is currently using large amount of money, and this official hopes that your Highness will accept this gift.”

Xuan Tian Ye turned his attention towards the bank notes, as his mood lifted, “Minister Feng, what are you doing?”

Feng Jin Yuan advanced a bit: “This official is already following your Highness, thus this official must share burdens with his Highness, and this official hopes that your Highness will not dislike this.”

Xuan Tian Ye was no longer modest, as he reached out and received the bank notes, placing them in his waist area. He then said: “The words this prince said, go back and think on them carefully. Also, this prince did not form an alliance with you solely because of your famous daughter. Prime Minister Feng is still the current court’s prime minister. There will be many places where this prince will require your assistance.”

“What is your Highness saying. Being able to share a burden with your Highness is something one must do.”

Returning home from Xiang palace, Feng Jin Yuan went directly to Shu Ya courtyard. The matters of today had to be discussed with the matriarch. The matriarch quickly order the servants: “Go, fetch the young masters, young misses and concubine mothers to Shu Ya courtyard. Tell them that I have something to tell them.”

When the servant arrived at Tong Sheng pavilion, Feng Yu Heng and Wang Chuan had just returned. Receiving the message, they quickly changed their clothes and rushed towards Shu Ya courtyard. The matriarch had called all of the family members, so she figured it was very likely that it had something to do with the rumors on the streets. But she did not know what sort of plans the Feng family had.

Not an hour later, the members of the Feng family were gathered in Shu Ya courtyard, with only Han shi missing.

The matriarch unhappily asked Fen Dai, whose arm was still broken: “Where is Han shi?”

Fen Dai replied with an odd look: “Concubine mother Han’s body has not been well these past two days. She could not get out of bed this morning.”

“Hm?” Feng Jin Yuan was puzzled, “I went to visit her last night. She seemed to have gotten better. How could she have gotten worse such that she could not get out of bed? Has a doctor been called?”

Fen Dai quickly explained: “It was after father left that concubine mother’s illness got worse. There are no doctors in the manor…”

“Then a doctor still has not been called?” Feng Jin Yuan was a little angry. She was still his beloved concubine. Why had she been ill for an entire night, yet nobody had called for a doctor?

Just as he was about to reprimand Fen Dai, the matriarch spoke up: “Since she survived not having a doctor all night, it must not be a very serious illness. She can wait a little longer. Discussing official matters is more important.”

Hearing the matriarch say these words, Feng Jin Yuan found it hard to continue. He could only stop talking and listen to the matriarch say: “Calling you here today, there are two main topics to discuss.” The matriarch looked around the room at everyone, with her gaze resting upon Feng Zi Hao. She slowly said: “Zi Hao’s injury has more or less recovered. Your father has arranged for you to attend Qi Zhou’s Zi Yan Academy. In five days, you will be sent to Qi Zhou.”

Feng Zi Hao silently snorted. He was a little unhappy, but he did not say anything.

The matriarch saw that he was rather obedient and slightly nodded her head before continuing: “The second matter is about Chen shi. She has remained at Pu Du Nunnery for many days now, praying for the Feng family’s fortune. She will prepare to return to the manor today. After all, it is a great event that she is returning from praying for the fortune of the family, as she is returning with the blessings of the temple. We need to prepare for this.”

Feng Yu Heng sneered on the inside. Put plainly, was this not just saying that Chen shi is returning and everyone should prepare to welcome her.

She was not the only one who felt this way. Aside from Jin Zhen who already knew about this, everyone else felt this was odd. Especially Feng Fen Dai. Chen shi’s return caused her to feel a burst of anger swell up. She seemed to have heard her dream of becoming the daughter of the first wife shatter. She could not help but silently blame Han shi for not capturing the opportunity.

Chen Yu did not have any special reactions. She simply said to Feng Zi Hao: “Big brother must not disappoint grandmother and father’s expectations. Although Zi Yan Academy can not compete with Yun Lu Academy, it still has a little fame.”

Hearing her say this, Feng Jin Yuan could not help but glare at Yao shi, blaming this woman for not wanting to speak on Zi Hao’s behalf to Princess Wen Xuan. Otherwise, how could a dignified prime minister’s son fail to enter Yun Lu Academy?

This glare was caught by Feng Yu Heng. She was in no rush to tell him off, but she casually said: “Eldest brother must also take care of your body. Speaking about it, your illness is causing grandmother and father to worry about you.”

Feng Zi Hao’s illness had caused a knot in the Feng family member’s hearts. It was not that Feng Jin Yuan had not looked for a renowned doctor, but no matter who came, they all shook their heads. Feng Zi Hao would have trouble bearing children. This was something all the doctors had diagnosed.

The matriarch’s expression became ugly and lightly sighed, not wanting to continue this topic, she continued speaking of Chen shi’s return to the manor: “Let us go out and celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival as a family. We very rarely enjoy lively times together. Let’s make use of Chen shi returning to the manor to eat a meal as a family.” As she said this, she glanced at Fen Dai: “Have Han shi properly rest her body, so she isn’t without energy to even come out for a meal.”

Fen Dai nodded her head repeatedly without saying a word to anyone else.

It was clearly Feng Jin Yuan who had said that Chen shi would never return to the manor, but after just a few days, he changed his mind?

Feng Jin Yuan also felt that this was a bit hard on his dignity, but the pressure coming from Xiang palace was too great. He could only do it like this.

It was Chen Yu who broke up the awkward atmosphere, as she raised her soft voice to say: “Speaking of a family meal, Chen Yu has an idea.”

“Oh?” The matriarch was very happy that someone spoke up at this time and quickly asked her: “What idea does Chen Yu have?”

Chen Yu said: “Second sister is the only child who is engaged and will marry into the Yu Palace. That is a role that requires managing an entire manor. How about this family meal be given to second sister to manage. We are all family members, whether she does something right or wrong, good or bad, we will not nitpick. This will also give second sister a chance to experience it.”

The proposition was perfectly reasonable. It sounded as though she really cherished her sisters, and the matriarch smiled with satisfaction, nodding: “You really are worthy of the title of daughter to the first wife of this manor. Chen Yu’s mind is really thorough. Being able to considerate of your little sister, this is truly too hard to come by.”

Feng Jin Yuan also agreed with Chen Yu’s ideas. He turned to Feng Yu Heng and said: “Then A-Heng, we will trouble you to prepare this small feast. Father will send someone to retrieve mother the day after tomorrow and will not invite any outsiders. It will be just our family members. Just take care of the food preparations. Do not feel too pressured, Chen Yu said it right. We are all family members, whether it goes well or poorly, nobody will nitpick you.”

What could Feng Yu Heng say. She could only display a smile and accept: “Daughter obeys.”

Returning to Tong Sheng pavilion, Yao shi was a little worried, “Having you manage the family feast, why do I feel like something will happen?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “It will be odd if nothing happens.” She rolled up Yao shi’s sleeve: “A-Heng will not fall to their plots. Mother, just take a seat and prepare to watch the play.”

Yao shi continued to feel a little worried, but there was nothing she could do. Her daughter was a child with big ideas. Since she had told her to watch the play, she would watch it.

When they returned to their courtyard, Ban Zou also returned and told Feng Yu Heng: “It seems that the Chen family’s people have gone to Pu Du Nunnery many times to meet with Chen shi in secret. That Chen shi’s appearance has become much more genial than previous. During the day, she even helps the nuns carry water and prepare vegetables. But once night arrives, her act immediately crumbles and her temper is still explosive, beating and cursing that servant called Man Xi.”

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  1. Ha! Her family (save for An-shi and Xiang Rong, Yao-shi and Zi Rui) needs to get their faces slapped multiple times… with a bat. 😠 Chen Yu with her continuous stupid schemes, Zi Hao and his hedonistic pedophilia, Fen Dai and her social climbing, Han-shi and her lack of common sense, Chen-shi and her stupidity (like mother, like children), Feng matriarch and her greed, and lastly FJY and his hypocrisy. I mean FJY holds one of the top positions in the imperial court, right? Which begs the question, how in the hell did he even get that high up anyway? FJY doesn’t seem smart (doesn’t seem to have too many official allies or did he just bribe his way into that position which also makes me question his supposed intelligence) and is without common sense (still hoping for Chen Yu to become an empress when the girl has been banned from attending ANY banquets in the imperial palace for 5 YEARS). Ha… 🤦‍♀️

    And wow… that was a “nice” gift from XTM to A-Heng… burning the palace of the person that dares bully his wifey. 😈😂🤣

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      1. LOL! It was a rhetorical statement, but if I remember correctly… yes he had used Chen family’s money to rise above his station (probably through bribery and such) and there’s also Yao-shi’s father’s (who was a famous and favored imperial doctor at that time before he was exiled by the emperor for some crime) influence that paved the way. It’s why FJY married Yao-shi in the first place, because while Chen-shi’s family has the money, Yao-shi’s father has the most influence within the imperial palace and is quite close to the emperor, which is very useful in FJY’s eyes since he wants to be “favored” by the emperor someday. Which, in retrospect, tells me that FJY does have brains… just that instead of cementing his influence in the imperial court to make sure that the prince he favored (which is the third prince so FJY can get the third prince to marry Chen Yu in the future) would get to be the crown prince and that he actually gets in the emperor’s good graces and eyes. But so far in the novel, I don’t see it. The emperor doesn’t seem to “see” FJY even if FJY is one of the imperial court’s high ranking prime minister, as was described in the last chapter (I think) when the emperor found out that FJY visited the third prince’s palace. The emperor even ridiculed FJY for FJY’s erroneous foresight (at least that’s what I gathered from last [or so] chapter(s) when the author gave us a glimpse of the emperor’s thoughts about his children and the goings-on in his empire, aside from the emperor’s obsession with XTM’s imperial concubine mother). So, yeah… I still highly doubt FJY actually uses his brain. Even if he does… he severely lacks common sense. Keke!

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    1. he got that high because of A-Heng grandfather Huang Zhou… the Grandfather and the emperor is good friend…
      you will understand why the Zhou family left the capital… it was not as a punishment rather to keep the Zhou family safe…

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  2. Thank you very much for this chapter. Really hate this Feng family.. from Chen shi to Chen Yu to FYJ and Fen Dai also!! Feng Yu Heng is really living in a nest of vipers!! So happy that Prince Yu burned down Ding An Palace to seek revenge for his fiancee😄. Can’t wait for the next chapter must be so thrilling and wonder who is going to be poisoned and put the blame on FYH…

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