X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 13

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Escaping the Well

“Drip… drip…” In the darkness, crystal clear droplets of water fell in quick succession on Xin Yun’s face. Was it raining? Xin Yun opened his dry lips with difficulty. Thirsty, he caught the drops of rain, but when they entered his mouth, it was bitter and odd-tasting.

Opening his eyes in a daze, the first thing that Xin Yun saw was Yi Luo Xiang’s tear-stained face. The bitter water droplets were actually Yi Luo Xiang’s tears.

Seeing Xin Yun open his eyes, Yi Luo Xiang’s big watery eyes lit up. Quickly bringing a water sack to Xin Yun’s mouth, a sweet and clear taste went down his throat.

While chugging down the clear water, Xin Yun looked around at his surrounding. It was very clear… they had already been saved from the bottom of the well. But, whether it was Xin Yun or Yi Luo Xiang, they both knew that if it were not for the rescuers arriving when they did, Xin Yun would have never woken up again…

In reality, in regards to this result, Xin Yun had considered it. The only thing he feared was Yi Luo Xiang fainting. In such a situation, even if rescuers arrived, they would not have noticed them. Aside from this, it was quite safe. The one person who must not die had bit open his wrist a few times to preserve Yi Luo Xiang’s life. Because he had cut himself open, fresh blood flowed out and entered Yi Luo Xiang. The danger was truthfully not great.

But how could Yi Luo Xiang know about such things. In her eyes, Xin Yun was practically killing himself, using his own life in an exchange for Yi Luo Xiang living a little longer. After all…. whether it was Xin Yun or Yi Luo Xiang, none were gods. Who knew when rescuers would arrive, or if they would even arrive?

For Xin Yun, everything was without peril, but in Yi Luo Xiang’s eyes, it was not at all like that. At that time, Xin Yun was killing himself. He had given her everything that he had. If it weren’t for their luck being sufficiently good, if it weren’t for the rescuers arriving when they did, perhaps Xin Yun would have never woken up again.

Was this touching? No… Yi Luo Xiang’s current feelings could no longer considered in the same realm as being moved. It wasn’t just the last three times he bit open his wrist to feed her blood, nor was it that Xin Yun did not eat a single of the final 17 pieces of moss. He had given them all to her!

Perhaps some people would begin to wonder, after so many days of not eating then losing that much blood, how could Xin Yun possibly have survived? This was a seven year old child, after all!

The truth was, saying that he did not eat anything at all was an exaggeration. Yi Luo Xiang had personally seen Xin Yun scrape out and eat soil from the cracks in the wall. He was truly very hungry, but he indeed did not eat a single of the final 17 pieces of moss. Faced with such goodwill, how should she express her gratitude?

One was to use her mouth to express it in words. The three words, I love you, were very easy to say. Saying it 180 times a day would not be hard, but… aside from when Xin Yun said it in a daze, he used his actions to prove it. As the saying goes, love is not expressed through words. It is expressed through actions.

After drinking large amounts of water, Xin Yun’s consciousness improved greatly. Although he had been reborn, his body had very clearly regressed to its childhood state. His mind had also dropped to a similar level, but the tenacity of his soul was definitely not that of a child. It was something even an adult’s could not be compared with.

Counting this this life, Xin Yun had already lived three lives. Having experienced from three lives, Xin Yun’s soul was incomparably resolute. If this were not the case, Xin Yun would not have survived the things he did in the previous 15 days.

“Bang! Bump…” While he was drinking water, a clattering sound came from far away. Turning his head, the shadows of some people could be seen entering and exiting the houses in the village, seemingly looking for something.

Xin Yun could not help but smile. In his previous life, he got along well with this group. After all… it was this group that pulled them out of this well, so even if Xin Yun became powerful, he did not forget about them.

This was a group with seven members. Their overall power truly was not great at just one bronze star. Also, their aptitude was truly lacking. In his previous life, up to the moment when Xin Yun was reborn, they only barely attained eight bronze star level. They were quite far from attaining the silver level.

Of course, when compared to normal people, they were quite powerful. For a normal person, someone of one bronze star level was already more powerful than could be dreamed of. Comparatively, a newbie who had just entered Jiang Hu, if they could not reach the one bronze star level, then they could not even find a way into Jiang Hu.1

Although these guys were not very strong, they were all good people. They all came from the same village. Originally, there were twenty guys, but some of them died during their adventures. In the end, only these seven guys remained. Normally, they went from village to village buying and reselling things. They earned a bit of money to help support their families. Although they were not wealthy, their lives were not bad.

“Damn… what a damn disappointment. There’s actually nothing at all!” While Xin Yun was thinking, the sound of loud cursing came from afar. Hearing these voices, Xin Yun smirked slightly. The village was originally attacked by bandits. Given the bandit’s professional search skills, not even a needle would be left for them.

Sure enough, after searching for an hour or so, all of the hundred plus houses in the village were completely searched. Seven guys muttered while coming towards the two. All of the had come back empty handed. Oh that’s incorrect… there was someone that had some things. It was a stool that was missing a leg. It was unknown what they planned to do with it.

As Xin Yun was thinking, a rough voice spoke up: “Seventh bro, what the hell are you doing with a broken stool. Go get rid of that thing. Do you not think it’s undignified…”

Hearing this voice, the seventh bro who was holding the stool grinned. Hesitating, he looked at the stool in his hand. In the end, he threw it away, but in truth… this stool could be used after fixing it up a little.

Looking at the dismayed face, Xin Yun could not help but sigh. Just from these actions, it could be seen that their lives were not as good as their latter days. Coming full circle, these guys would eventually develop a little. This was not unrelated to Xin Yun. It was with Xin Yun’s arrangements that they found something to do, which led to them having a stable income.

Just like now, these guys were wandering around randomly. It wasn’t every day that they could find some business to do. Normally speaking, they would pick up some things from villages, for example, animal pelts or fruits. They would then travel to another village and resell them there. They weren’t constantly earning money. Quite often they would end up losing money. In fact, it was possible that their wares would rot before they could be sold, resulting in a total loss…

“Hey… the little guy woke up! How is it? Are you alright…” While Xin Yun was thinking, the guy in front foolishly smiled and sat down. Speaking truthfully, based on their personalities, they were not suited to doing business; however, as the weakest fighters, there was not much that they could do.

Although this was the first time Xin Yun met this guy in this life, they had become quite close in his previous life. Looking at this guy now, Xin Yun truly felt rather friendly.

In his previous life, Xin Yun was one of the experts. Although he was nothing more than an ant to the nine top experts, he created some separation with these seven guys. They were the ants when compared to Xin Yun.

Weakly nodding, Xin Yun spoke familiarly: “I’m fine A Da. For now I shouldn’t die. How is it… You didn’t get anything good, right. Hehe…”

Hearing the way Xin Yun addressed him, the rough guy was stunned at first. He then laughed in relief. In reality, these guys were without names, thus they called each other A Da, A Er, and all the way to A Qi. Outsiders did not know this, but… the rough guy assumed Xin Yun had heard his brothers calling each other, so he did not mind.2

1: Jiang Hu is a society of fighters that has its own rules.
2: Their names, when translated, are something akin to “Eldest Bro” for A Da (阿大), “Second Bro” for A Er (阿二), “Seventh Bro” for A Qi (阿七), etc…

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