X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 21

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Purple Dragon Diamond

This jade blue sea was originally supposed to be found by a miner in a few months time. Based on rumors, this miner found it in a mine. While on his way home, he sat on a rock to the side of the road. Suddenly, he discovered that there was a blue dragon creation stone at the bottom of the rock!

Originally, he thought it was just a small dragon stone and thought it would have been nice for it to be a second or third tier stone; however, when he used the tool he had on hand and opened up the rock, he was completely stunned.

Normally, dragon creation stones were not large. A first tier dragon creation stone was merely the size of a grain of rice. A second tier stone was the size of a pea, a third tier stone was the size of a soy bean, and the size increased with each tier. No matter how large a dragon creation stone was, when it reached the ninth tier, it be the size of a ping pong ball!

But this jade blue sea was different. It was the size of an egg. Its entire body was a deep blue and its size was unmatched. It was the largest one to have been seen in ten thousand years. It was the highest tier dragon creation stone!

For this dragon creation stone, the entire world was thrown into turmoil. For this dragon creation stone, who knows how many lives were lost. In the end…. this dragon creation stone secretly disappeared. It remained unknown who it was taken by and hidden away, thus… it was unknown it anyone knew what power this dragon creation stone had.

The tier of a dragon creation stone determined a great number of things, but most importantly, it determined the abilities of a dragon. If a fire red dragon creation stone was used, the dragon created would definitely be a dragon that used fire abilities. It definitely could not have any other abilities. The reason this stone was called jade blue sea was because everyone speculated that it had water-based abilities.

In his previous life, Xin Yun chose a fire-type dragon creation stone. Unfortunately, although it was very strong on offense, in terms of defense and mobility, it had some rather significant flaws. This was one of the reasons Xin Yun could not become one of the nine top experts because he was not invincible.

With an offense-oriented dragon, he had a great advantage at the beginning. The extremely powerful attacks caused others to view him as powerful, but the fire abilities were too violent. Its strengths were extraordinary, but its weaknesses were also very apparent.

It was extraordinarily violent, but it lacked strength. This was where the fire-based abilities were lacking. While it had a great number of strong attacks, it also had various clear characteristics.

Early on, dragons with strong attacks had the advantage, but as time went on, this was no longer the case. A person’s strength did not depend on their most outstanding facet. Instead, it was based on their weakness.

In his previous life, many great experts had performed extensive investigations. In the end…. everyone agreed that the water-based abilities were the most stable and most balanced. If one wanted to become a top-tier expert, choosing the water-based abilities was the easiest way.

Because of this point, Xin Yun directly placed his goal on the jade blue sea. However…. although he could guarantee that the jade blue sea was a water-based dragon creation stone, it could have different characteristics from other water-based dragon creation stones. Thus… Xin Yun was looking forward to finding out what sort of abilities the jade blue sea would have!

Leaving aside the jade blue sea, Xin Yun’s group arrived at the city on the Green Sea Plain after flying at full speed for one week. After placing all of their goods in a storage unit, Xin Yun and his group went straight for an inn before saying or doing anything else. Like this, they slept through the day and night.

Although Xin Yun and Yi Luo Xiang did not need to expend energy on flying the dragon, they did fly for an entire week with minimal breaks. This was sufficiently tiring for the two. These two children had already lost a great deal of weight while in the well, and now they were even thinner.

Perhaps someone would say Xin Yun could say that Xin Yun was fine with some suffering, but how could he allow for Yi Luo Xiang to rush around with work? He does not know how to show affection for a woman at all, but the reality was that Xin Yun had his own considerations.

ALthough Yi Luo Xiang had abnormal qualifications and heavenly talent, the reality in his previous life was that Yi Luo Xiang had also put in a great deal of effort and hard work. Just talent alone was not enough to become an expert. Talent and effort were both necessary to become a proper expert. It would not be possible if either one was lacking.

Yi Luo Xiang found this sort of work to be quite difficult, but it had to be known that she had yet to begin cultivating. Later on in life, perhaps she would become much wealthier, but her body would go through many more hardships. She would even need to survive a test of life and death.

Although he had been reborn, Xin Yun did not want for Yi Luo Xiang to become mediocre because of their relationship. If Yi Luo Xiang could not return to her glory from his previous life because of their relationship, Xin Yun could not forgive himself even if he died.

What was wrong with a bit of hardship? Regardless of how difficult it was at the time, so long as they woke up, then it was a matter of the past. Xin Yun truly loved Yi Luo Xiang. This was not up for debate, but it was not an intimate love. Blind intimate love was not truly love. That would end up harming Yi Luo Xiang.

In reality, after safely leaving the well, Xin Yun had already made a decision. In this life, Yi Luo Xiang could only be stronger than she had been in his previous life, and he definitely would not ruin that. Even if she had to suffer ten thousands difficulties, and even if she encountered a life-and-death situation, he definitely would not change his mind.

The most beautiful dragon- Sparkling Butterfly Yi Luo Xiang, she had to become the most dazzling woman. Regardless of whether it was his previous life or the current one, this fact would not and could not change!

Aside from these considerations, On the other hand, Xin Yun was still three months away from turning eight. There was still another five months until Yi Luo Xiang turned eight. Before the two turned eight, Xin Yun had to prepare dragon creation stones for both of them!

A first tier dragon creation stone only cost one silver. This did not seem to be expensive. For example, in his previous life, the Peacock King- Ming Xuan, had inherited one, but when it came to higher tier dragon creation stones, especially those past the eighth tier, no matter how much money one has, it can not be purchased.

In his previous life, Yi Luo Xiang was rather fortunate. She had been taken in by a relatively wealthy couple who were not fertile. Thus, Yi Luo Xiang acquired a fourth tier dragon creation stone the size of a peanut! Although it was only three tiers about the one silver stone, it cost ten thousand times more, as it cost 1000 gold!

Now, Yi Luo Xiang was not taken in because of her relations with Xin Yun. Instead, she had decided to go with Xin Yun, thus… Xin Yun had to, at the very least, help Yi Luo Xiang find a fourth tier dragon creation stone, otherwise, he could not forgive himself.

Although Xin Yun currently had five gold, it was not something he had earned. It had been taken from the six deceased children. Also…. the difference between five gold and 1000 gold was too large.

In reality, Xin Yun would not truly get Yi Luo Xiang a fourth tier dragon creation stone. That was merely the very minimum. Since he had already recognized her and had received her recognition, although he could not find another 9.9 tier dragon creation stone, Xin Yun would find a ninth tier stone no matter what.

Of course, if it was possible, Xin Yun would not mind giving his own 9.9 tier jade blue sea to Yi Luo Xiang, but if it were truly done like this, then Xin Yun would have become an idiot.

In his previous life, Yi Luo Xiang had used a spirit-based system. She had used a purple fourth tier dragon creation stone. If she changed to use the jade blue sea, then she would have water-based abilities. Yi Luo Xiang’s talent lay in the spirit abilities. Not only would there be no benefit in changing to water-based abilities, it would instead cause her to become mediocre. She could even wind up a totally worthless existence.

If Xin Yun had to find a ninth tier dragon creation stone of any color, it could be done rather easily; however, he had to find a purple spirit dragon creation stone. There was only one in this world! If he missed this opportunity, another one would never present itself.

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