X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 31

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Appearance of a True Dragon

Slowly opening his eyes, he looked toward his body. The dragon tattoo was a jade-blue color, and it exuded a majestic aura with an oppressive atmosphere. At this moment, Xin Yun had finally refined the jade blue sea. He had successfully formed his own dragon.

Taking a deep breath, Xin Yun slowly opened his mouth. At the same time, the dragon core inside his dantian radiated light all around and came up. Going through Xin Yun’s throat, it floated out of Xin Yun’s mouth.

Looking at the dragon core floating in front of him, Xin Yun could not help but rejoice. The jade blue sea still did not change, and it was the exact same as before he had refined it. It was just that after refining, it had become entirely absorbed by Xin Yun, and it was now part of his body.

Of course, the dragon core could also be stolen. Once it was stolen, it could then be absorbed, and once the dragon core was lost, Xin Yun would lose all of his power, once again becoming a normal person.

A dragon came from the dragon core, and an entire body resided within, thus… although the dragon core could be attacked, there was nobody that dared to bring out the dragon creation stone for no reason. Once it was stolen away by someone, everything was over.

Of course, in this world, there was no shortage of murderers in this world. As long as the opposition was killed, it could be taken to be absorbed. This could quickly increase one’s power. In truth, the dragon core was a dragon stone. A wild dragon’s dragon core was called a dragon stone, while the stone produced by a human was called a dragon core. They were called different things, but in reality, they were the same thing.

Looking at the blood jade blue sea filled with energy in his hand, Xin Yun knew that if he wanted to progress to copper one star, in truth, he just had to condense the blue airflow in the dragon core into a mist. Like this, the dragon core could contain even more power. With even more power, the dragon’s body would become even larger, and it would become stronger.

It was just that although everyone knew this point, precisely how this mist should be condensed was not something that could simply be explained. With different types of power and different types of dragon, the methods would be different. Also… this required a certain amount of time to complete.

If possible, Xin Yun really wanted to remain here until he reached copper one star before leaving; however, in truth, he could not do this. He had already wasted ten days. There was not a large amount of time remaining. If he wanted to provide Yi Luo Xiang with a ninth tier purple soul attribute dragon creation stone for her birthday, he had to set out immediately.

Looking at the spacious room before leaving, Xin Yun had to take a look. What exactly did the jade blue sea that he would be relying on in this world look like!

As an unranked ten star dragon, although it could not be mounted, it could be controlled remotely. While he was thinking… Xin Yun took a deep breath. A flash came from his eyes, as he gently spat out two words- true dragon!

With the sound of Xin Yun’s voice, in an instant…. countless blue bubbles came from the ground, appearing around Xin Yun. In an instant… the spacious room was completely covered with millions of magnificent blue bubbles. Refracting the dim light that came in through the window, it radiated like a wonderful treasure.

Un… this was a scene that was hard to imagine. To put it bluntly, it was as though the room was filled with soap bubbles. It was splendid beyond compare, and this was still under the condition of the curtains being pulled closed. If this was done outside under the sunlight, who knew what sort of outcome it would have.

Looking at the dreamlike bubbles, Xin Yun could not help but put on a satisfied smile. It was very beautiful… The effects during the summoning was quite good. Although it could not compare with the forcefulness of his previous life’s fire dragon, it was even more beautiful and even more splendid. It could be said that each had its own merits.

“Grr…” While Xin Yun was thinking, a melodious dragon sound rose. In the air, a colorful light appeared, as all of the bubbles gathered together. When the light converged, a true dragon with a thickness of one meter and length of ten meters appeared with its body coiled, its intimidating aura surrounding Xin Yun.

Looking carefully, the true dragon was like his tattoo, and it only had four claws. Looking at the majestic dragon in the air, Xin Yun nervously took a breath. Through his thoughts, he controlled the true dragon, trying to cast that ethereal.

Under Xin Yun’s control, the fifth dragon claw did not appear, but even if this was the case, Xin Yun’s first goal was immediately shattered, as wood splinters flew everywhere!

“Without form or shadow?” Seeing this scene, Xin Yun very quickly reminisced. It was very clear… that the fifth dragon claw, aside from being visible in the jade blue sea, would always remain invisible. Not only could others not see it, even Xin Yun was unable to see it! But… what was different from other people, Xin Yun could feel the existence of this fifth claw. As for the other people, it would remain unknown for now.

“Psh…” Just as Xin Yun was quietly thinking, a quiet sound came across. Turning his head to look, the wooden chair that had been broken was quickly being burned black, as though it was being corroded by something.

Under Xin Yun’s gaze, the broken chair fragments very quickly corroded into piles of black ash. Even the wood floor below was corroded, leaving behind a small black hole. Seeing this sight, Xin Yun was both shocked and happy.

It was very clear that the jade blue sea’s characteristic was acid corrosion. Although this was an ability derived from the water attribute, it was not actually a water attribute skill. It was not subject to any attribute restrictions. As long as the acid was strong enough, even something as tough as iron and steel would be quickly corroded.

Not daring to delay any longer, Xin Yun quickly pulled over the carpet, covering the blackened floor. He then gave the order for the still-floating dragon to return. Following Xin Yun’s order, the blue dragon suddenly exuded a blue light. Following this, it immediately vanished, as a large amount of energy dispersed into the air. At the same time, a blue light immediately entered Xin Yun’s body.

With a calm expression, he went to the front desk and checked out of the room. After the clerk inspected it, Xin Yun retrieved his deposit and quickly returned to Yi Luo Xiang’s room.

Having not seen Xin Yun for ten days in a row, Yi Luo Xiang was truly very scared and had a look of confusion and helplessness. Although Xin Yun had left a message saying that he would be gone for ten days, Yi Luo Xiang still worried that Xin Yun had abandoned her and ran off.

Perhaps some would believe that Yi Luo Xiang lacked self-confidence, but she would truly unable to find any confidence. Right now, the almost-eight-year-old her did not have looks or a good figure. She also lacked talent. She was just a very normal girl. She had to rely on others to continue living. Even if she thought until her head exploded, she could not think of any way that she could attract others.

As Yi Luo Xiang saw it, even if she searched the entire world, only Xin Yun treated her like a treasure, and he treated her as even more important than his own life. It was not that she did not trust Xin Yun’s feelings, but she was truly unable to find where she was good. Because of this, she lacked confidence. Since she lacked confidence, it was easy for her to worry about loss. There was no relation between this and trust.

Over the past ten days, Yi Luo Xiang was unable to enjoy eating, and she could not sleep. She had become much thinner. Now that she saw Xin Yun return, that surge of emotions was not something that others could imagine.

Looking blankly at Xin Yun for a full three second, finally… Yi Luo Xiang did not say a single word and dove into Xin Yun’s embrace. Tightly hugging Xin Yun, she feared she he would disappear if she let go.

After standing there in silence for a while, Yi Luo Xiang… finally pulled away gently. With a red face, she looked at Xin Yun. Blinking her eyes, it was like the attachment that appeared in her eyes had become reality.

Gently holding Yi Luo Xiang’s waist, Xin Yun really wanted to pay more attention to her, but he had just burned the floor. If it happened to be noticed, that would need to be paid for. Based on Xin Yun’s current status, although it was not that he could not afford to, he was tight on money. He could not afford to waste a single cent.

While thinking, Xin Yun said: “Alright, quickly pack up your things. Let’s get going. You pack up first, I will go get A Da. We must get going quickly.”

Hearing Xin Yun’s words, Yi Luo Xiang nodded. Turning around, she quickly packed up her very few things while saying, “A Da is currently not here. Over the past ten days, he would return once each day, but he would not stay. When he came back the last time, he wanted me to tell you that if we want to set out, go to 18 Piao Xiang Road to find him.”

Piao Xiang Road? Hearing what Yi Luo Xiang had said, Xin Yun revealed a strange expression. In his previous life, he had been to Piao Xiang Road a number of times. At most, within three months, he had spent time with the top 100 people once each!

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