X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 32

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Differing Views

Piao Xiang Road was the equivalent of Earth’s red-light district. It could be said to be a road with brothels, but… these were not brothels in the normal sense. They were privately run.

On this road, a colorful waistband hung from every door. This meant that as long as you wanted, you could open the door and explore the world of bliss between men and women with the female host inside.

Piao Xiang Road was truly very attractive to people. In his previous life, Xin Yun slept with all of the women on the road within three months, as he slept in a different house each night. The price was not high, as a single silver was enough for someone to have fun for one day and one night.

Of course, the women that Xin Yun had enjoyed at that time were currently still children that have yet to grow up. The ones in right now were from those girls’ mother’s generation. Even the youngest was still around the age of their mothers.

Shaking his head, Xin Yun guessed: “Xiang Xiang… A Da, that guy, he doesn’t change addresses every time he comes back, right?”

“Hm?” Raising her head in surprise, Yi Luo Xiang said in shock: “How did you know?”

“This… I…” Hearing Yi Luo Xiang’s words, Xin Yun could not help but hum and haw. Perhaps Yi Luo Xiang did not know, but how could Xin Yun not know. That guy, A Da, was really quite absurd. If given enough time, this guy definitely would not lose out to Xin Yun from that time. He would definitely sleep his way through the entirety of Piao Xiao Road.

Xin Yun smiled and said: “Don’t ask how I know. Either way, I just know. Come… help me pack up. Time is limited. We cannot waste it.”

Looking at Xin Yun with some doubt, Yi Luo Xiang smartly chose not to continue asking. She trusted that Xin Yun would definitely tell her if possible. Since he was not willing to tell her, it was definitely not beneficial to her.

Very quickly, the two finished packing up. After going to the front desk and checking out, the two got in a carriage and rushed over to 18 Piao Xiang Road. This A Da had not earned much money, but he had learned how to enjoy life.

Half an hour later, Xin Yun finally arrived at 18 Piao Xiang Road and loudly knocked on the door. Very quickly… an extremely spoiled and charming voice came from someone: “Who is it! I have a guest here today. Unless you want a threesome, don’t keep knocking…”

Hearing this voice, Xin Yun began laughing. Shaking his head, Xin Yun raised his voice and loudly said: “I came to look for A Da. Tell him that we need to set out.”

Just after Xin Yun finished speaking, A Da’s voice came from within the courtyard: “Oh, Xin Yun! Wait for a moment, I’ll be out immediately…”

Hearing A Da reply, Xin Yun covered his smiling mouth and returned to the side of the carriage. After waiting just a short while, A Da pushed open the front door while covered in sweat. Gasping for air, he tied his belt while walking over to the carriage.

After just taking a few steps out, an extremely beautiful and charming woman appeared in the door. Her body was covered in a thin and transparent gauze shirt. It covered absolutely nothing, and everything was clear for all to see.

“Pft… really shameless!” Seeing this woman’s appearance, Yi Luo Xiang’s cheeks immediately turned red. With this, she shrank back into the carriage and began muttering to herself.

Hearing what Yi Luo Xiang said, Xin Yun’s complexion became solemn. Right now, Yi Luo Xiang was in the middle of forming her outlook on life and the world. Many of her understandings may not be correct, Xin Yun could bear with it and not speak out. But this was clearly not beneficial to the development of Yi Luo Xiang’s worldviews and values.

Based on Yi Luo Xiang’s wisdom, it would not take long for her world views and values to completely take form, but her current understanding of things was already diverging from Xin Yun’s.

The so-called worldviews and values, as well as morality, were things without right or wrong in the beginning. Each person was different, and nobody dared to say that their views were definitely correct, nor would anyone dare to say that someone else was definitely wrong, but Xin Yun knew that if two people were to spend a long time together, they needed to be on the same path, and it would be best if they shared similar views on things.

At this point, there was nothing that Xin Yun could do to change himself. His world views and values, as well as morals, had already taken form. He had also experienced three lives, so they were as unmovable as Mount Tai. Since he could not change himself, he could only do his best to help shape Yi Luo Xiang’s views to be similar to his.

Xin Yun looked at Yi Luo Xiang with a serious expression, saying: “Xiang Xiang… your view is correct, but it is also wrong. But… before you insult someone else, have you considered things from the other’s perspective?”

“What!” Looking at Xin Yun in surprise, Yi Luo Xiang said in disbelief: “Could it be that I was wrong in cursing her? A girl dressed like that, could it be that she isn’t shameless?”

Calmly looking at Yi Luo Xiang, Xin Yun nodded, saying: “That’s right, it is indeed quite shameful for her to be like that, but do you know what her story is? As a single woman without any support, if she does not do this sort of work, how should she survive in this world? You must think about everything in this matter. Perhaps she does not want to do this.”

“Hmph!” Coldly snorting, Yi Luo Xiang firmly said: “Even if I was to starve to death, I would not want to be like her, living such a meaningless life. It truly is meaningless.”

“Hah…” Faced with such a stubborn Yi Luo Xiang, Xin Yun could not help but sigh. Although he admired her pure virtue, her views were a little extreme.

Thinking of this, Xin Yun’s expression sank, as he sternly said: “I am not trying to explain anything on her behalf, but did you think about this before. Perhaps she has a child waiting to be fed. Perhaps she still has bedridden parents. Perhaps… there are too many things. You must know that in this world, many things are helpless, and many things cannot be done just because you want to do them.”

Hearing Xin Yun’s words, Yi Luo Xiang’s face turned ashen. She opened her mouth, but not a single word came out. Using this opportunity, Xin Yun continued: “The reason I am saying this is not to explain anything for anyone. I just hope that you will not hate things for no reason. I also hope that you will not love a person for no reason. Before understanding the situation, many things will cover your eyes. As long as you maintain a calm heart, you will be able to understand everything. At the same time… this is also a required trait in becoming an expert!

Hearing what Xin Yun said, Yi Luo Xiang nodded and said: “I understand what you mean. Someone who acts evil might not be cruel, and someone who acts kind might not be heartening. Everything has a cause and effect, so I absolutely must not completely write someone off because of a moment of observation.”

Raising his thumb in approval, Xin Yun praised her, saying: “That’s right. What we must do it maintain a calm heart. No matter if they are generous or evil, right or wrong, we must not be hasty in reaching a conclusion. We must not be blinded by any matter.”

Gently nodding, Yi Luo Xiang turned her head and looked at the A Da that had just climbed into the carriage. With a smirk, she said: “Un, I understand what you mean, but speaking truthfully, I am completely unable to accept A Da’s methods. Isn’t this too disrespectful to women?”

Faced with Yi Luo Xiang’s words, Xin Yun opened his mouth, wanting to speak up for him, but he was completely unable to say anything. Fortunately, he had already set his mind on changing his ways in this world. He did not intend to continue doing ridiculous things; otherwise, no matter how much Yi Luo Xiang loved him, perhaps there would be a day where she left him.

While he was sweating in secret, Yi Luo Xiang suddenly raised her head, looking at Xin Yun and saying: “Brother Xin Yun, in the future, you won’t be like A Da, right?”

“This… I…” Hearing what Yi Luo Xiang said, Xin Yun only hum and hawed for a moment then bluntly said: “Of course, I won’t. How could I become a person like that? Hehe… Haha…”

Looking at Xin Yun’s twitching face, Yi Luo Xiang’s face turned red, as she gently leaned close to Xin Yun’s face and whispered: “If brother Xin Yun wants, when the time comes, Yi Luo Xiang will give it to you.”

Looking at Yi Luo Xiang’s bashful appearance, Xin Yun forgot everything for a moment. That’s right… in this life, since he had her, he really did not need any other women. Although desire would not disappear, he had confidence that he could control himself!

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