X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 33

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Purple Dragon Creation Stone

Up in the sky, the wind whistled past, and Xin Yun spread his arms. Gently hugging Yi Luo Xiang, he was covered in a thick cloak, blocking the cold airflow. As for A Da, having reached the rank of copper one star, this bit of wind could not affect him in the slightest.

At this moment, although Xin Yun did not need to develop an understanding, converting the airflow in his dragon core into a mist would still require time. Also… after the energy had been compressed, a period of time was required to absorb energy to replenish the dragon core.

Although he had not yet broken through to copper rank, Xin Yun already had the power on the level of an unranked ten star. The cold air in the sky had a very low impact on him, thus… Xin Yun’s body maintained its temperature, unlike Yi Luo Xiang, who needed to get warmth from his body.

Yi Luo Xiang had both arms wrapped around Xin Yun’s body, and her head was pressed against his chest. The closer she got to him, the warmer and more intimate she felt. Even if this was high in the sky, she could still feel his warmth. This warmth was not just physical, it was also spiritual.

Hugging Yi Luo Xiang, Xin Yun did not indulge in this joy. Closing his eyes a little, he repeatedly tried to compress the airflow inside his dragon core. After absorbing more energy from the atmosphere, he tried to continue compressing it.

This was not something that could be completed in just one or two days. Even if he had his realization, it would still require a great deal of time to complete. The accumulation of energy was never something that could be completed quickly.

Of course, it was not that Xin Yun had not thought of quickly improving his strength. It was very important that he reach copper one star as quickly as possible, but the experience that he had gained from his previous life told him that although dragon stones had a very good effect, they were still external forces. If he could avoid relying on them, it would be best.

Although it was not the case that using a dragon stone would make him unable to become one of the nine top experts, external forces were still external forces. No matter what, it could not compare to cultivation through one’s own efforts. When using one, there would always be a gap.

Using Ming Xuan as an example, the reason that he could end up surpassing everyone and even became a stable third place was a result of his strength all being cultivated through his own efforts. When he used his own strength, it was very natural. Even if his opponent had more power, the quality of this power could not compare to his.

Before a certain point, it was the amount that mattered, but after one’s strength had reached a certain point, the quality was the most important factor. No matter how much there was, it was not more important than quality.

But even if this was the case, if Xin Yun’s only goal was to become one of the nine top experts, he would definitely still use dragon stones; however, Xin Yun knew that the nine top experts were only temporarily strong. They were definitely not the strongest, thus… for the sake of his long-term goal, the external power of dragon stones was something he definitely could not use. His cultivation… would rely on his own gradual efforts.

The following two months, A Da followed Xin Yun’s instructions and flew his pig dragon between all kinds of cities. After two months, Xin Yun had successfully converted the remaining 100 gold into 10 thousand gold, and the 100 gold in A Da’s hands had become 4000 gold!

Finally, after two months, this group of people arrived at Xin Yun desired destination- City of Cang! It was larger than Ta Shan City, and it was the largest commercial city within ten thousand kilometers.

After arriving here, the group of three checked into an inn. The reason that they had to rush here was that there would be a large auction that took place every ten years. At this auction, there would be a tier nine purple dragon creation stone. This was Xin Yun’s goal!

Yin Yun’s dragon had been summoned after ten days, and he did not need to wait until he turned eight-years-old because his soul had already become fortified. It had already been through three lives. In truth, it would have been fine to do it a little bit earlier. If it was not for the jade blue sea, perhaps Xin Yun would have summoned his own dragon inside that dried up well.

As for Yi Luo Xiang, Xin Yun did not intend to be hasty. No matter what, he would only dare proceed with the process on her birthday. Right now, even though Xin Yun had summoned his early, his birthday had already passed one month prior. That’s why… up to this point, there was only one month until Yi Luo Xiang’s birthday, and during this month, that auction would take place.

Of course, this tier nine dragon creation stone was priceless. It could not be purchased with money. Although Xin Yun was currently a wealthy guy with 10 thousand gold, compared to a tier nine dragon creation stone, the gold was fine to look at, but the seller may not be willing.

Originally, there was no chance that this tier nine dragon creation stone would come here to be traded. This was a helpless move. Speaking of… this was related to the life of one of the future nine to experts, the guy that was ranked fourth!

Undoubtedly, aside from guys with cheats like Xin Yun, people that were able to use tier nine dragon creation stones had exceptionally powerful families. This time was no different. The one that brought out this sort of dragon creation stone was exactly this sort of family!

That future fourth-rank top expert was clearly also a great talent. Calculating it, that guy should currently be 16-years-old. Although he was not old, with the support of his family and his own luck, he had become an expert with the rank of gold six stars. Not to mention being from the younger generation, even among the older generation, he was considered an expert.

Unfortunately, this guy trained too recklessly. During one excursion, he was nearly beaten to a pulp. Although he had successfully escaped, he was on his last breath. If he had not been saved in a timely manner, he definitely would have lost his life.

This time, the reason that such a treasure was brought out to be exchanged was for the sake of saving this guy. In order to obtain this dragon creation stone, money could not be used to buy it. The only possible manner of obtaining it was with a legendary dragon god fruit that was rumored to be capable of bringing someone back from the brink of death!

The dragon god fruit did not just have the ability to bring someone back from the brink of death. Also, once it was eaten, their strength would immediately increase. It was something that only existed in legends, and not a single one has appeared in over 100 years. Thus, although the price could not compare to a tier nine dragon creation stone, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, the other side was in a rush. Like this, everything became possible.

Coincidentally, during this auction, there would be a dragon god fruit, thus… the only possible way of obtaining that tier nine dragon creation stone was to trade for that dragon god fruit before the tier nine dragon creation stone arrived on site!

Although the dragon god fruit was precious and very rare, it was still vastly inferior to a tier nine dragon creation stone. Its greater significance was to save a life and increase strength. Relatively speaking, the tier nine dragon creation stone was even more precious and only appears once every million years. Up until Xin Yun had been reborn, no more than ten had been revealed. Their value was extremely high, and they were worth at least two dragon god fruits.

Right now, Xin Yun only had 10 thousand gold at hand. In order to buy that dragon god fruit, he was a billion miles off. There would not be enough time left to make money. Also, although the dragon god fruit could not compare to a tier nine dragon creation stone, it was definitely not something that could be bought with money. Even if Xin Yun struggled with all of his might, and earned 100 thousand gold, he could not buy it.

At this point, Xin Yun’s only option was to use his 10 thousand as starting capital and use his memory from being reborn. He would need to find the treasures at this auction that had been undervalued and find their true value. He would then need to exchange them for treasures worth even more than that. He would need to continue trading until he obtained the dragon god fruit. Once he obtained the dragon god fruit, that tier nine dragon creation stone could not escape.

Upon arriving at the inn, A Da heard that they would be spending the next month in this city. Without saying a single word, he directly left the inn. Over the past two months, he had been busy with earning money. This guy had not touched a woman in over two months. Hearing that there was spare time, how could he continue to endure? At the first possible moment, he left.

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