X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 36

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Grand Treasure Auction

In truth, the one that should be more afraid of the other side feeling regret should be Xin Yun, but the blazing fire shuttle was currently of the same value as the three evil yin needles. Once the blazing fire shuttle’s true function could be found, its value would increase tenfold. If the appropriate person was found, not to mention 300 thousand, perhaps even three million was a possible amount.

The most prominent characteristics of the blazing fire shuttle were its hardness and extreme sharpness. Once all of its functions were discovered, it would be even more amazing. It was very similar to a grenade from Earth. After it had struck the target, it would also explode, causing a second wave of damage. Also, this second wave of damage would be even stronger.

Whether it was the evil yin needle or the blazing fire shuttle, although both could be used by anyone, if they were used by people with matching attributes, their power would be even greater. Using the blazing fire shuttle as an example, if a common martial artist were to use it, it could put out a great deal of power; however, if a fire-attribute martial artist used it, the amount of power that it would display would increase multiplicatively.

However, strictly speaking, that guy did not lose out on too much. Very clearly… the reason that this guy was so excited and impatient was that this guy was definitely of the same attribute as the evil yin needles. Otherwise, this was a trade of equal value. How could he be so nervous?

Carefully placing the blazing fire shuttle in a leather bag, Xin Yun left the site of the auction. After returning to the inn, Xin Yun brought out the blazing fire shuttle and carefully inspected it.

If this was his previous life, he would be unwilling to part with this beloved treasure no matter what. It had to be known… that in his previous life, Xin Yun had chosen a fire attribute dragon. The energy inside his body was also of the fire attribute. Once he made use of the fire locket, the power produced would truly be too grand.

If this blazing fire shuttle was used by any other martial artist, it would just be the equivalent of a grenade from the 21st century, but once it was used by someone with a fire attribute, it would definitely be the equivalent of a rocket launcher, and it could produce a destructive power much greater than it usually could.

Of course, it had its limits as well. Based on the silver color being exuded from the locket, it should be of the silver rank, and it would be able to hold any power from a silver-rank dragon stone. When it was used by someone with the fire attribute, it would have the destructive power of someone at gold rank!

Looking it over, Xin Yun held the blazing fire shuttle upright and injected a bit of his energy. In an instant… a part of the locket gradually divided into three pieces and also opened up, revealing a retractable socket. Seeing this sight, Xin Yun pulled out a silver one-star fire crystal and gently inlaid it.

Speaking of, although this blazing fire shuttle had an extremely great power, it was too wasteful. Each dragon stone could only be used once. With every explosion, one dragon crystal would be expended. In order to use it again, another had to be put in.

But this shuttle was truly very powerful. Although a silver one-star dragon crystal was inserted, it could injure dragons of gold rank. If it was used for hunting, it would definitely be cost-effective. It had to be known that… the base cost of a gold-rank dragon crystal was 100 times higher than that of a silver dragon crystal.

After inlaying the dragon stone, the inlay retracted automatically. At the same time, the expanded shuttle quickly retracted and returned to its sharp shape once more; however, the surface of the shuttle exuded a fire-red light!

Putting the blazing fire shuttle away with satisfaction, there was no longer any problem with getting into the auction. In the following four to five days, he could not waste any time. Sitting cross-legged on his bed, Xin Yun continued to condense the energy inside his dragon core. Although he was currently ahead of Yi Luo Xiang, this girl’s talent and wisdom were too abnormal. Adding on the soon-to-be-obtained ninth tier dragon creation stone, if he did not want to be quickly caught up to then cast aside, he had to put in a great amount of effort.

Over the next few days, A Da had returned a few times, which caused Xin Yun to have no chance to concentrate on his cultivation. Helpless, Xin Yun simply told A Da to return after a month. Before this, he should not come back and disturb him every day.

Right now, A Da already had 4000 gold at hand, but if it was just for the sake of leading a life of pleasure, he was already able to have any beautiful woman that he wanted. At this time… this guy was already so happy that he forgot to return home. As for Xin Yun’s request, he agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Time passed by slowly until finally… the auction began. Although he did not want to, Xin Yun had no choice but to temporarily stop cultivating. Bringing along the blazing fire shuttle, he rushed over to the location of the auction and went to obtain the credentials to enter.

With the minimum value for entry set at one million, the blazing fire shuttle that could reach a maximum price point of three million ensured that obtaining the credentials to enter was not a problem. After some simple procedures, Xin Yun easily obtained the admission card.

On the morning of the second day, Xin Yun brought the blazing fire shuttle and found the location of his stall based on his registration number. Yi Luo Xiang was also accompanying him and was helping Xin Yun take care of the stall. As for Xin Yun, he just had his eyes closed and continued to work on condensing the energy.

Although the blazing fire shuttle had already been brought out, it was not worth much in the grand scheme of this auction. How attractive would something that had barely been enough to meet the minimum requirements be?

In truth, if the treasures of this auction were separated into ten ranks, Xin Yun’s blazing fire shuttle would be considered an insignificant first rank. As for the ninth tier dragon creation stone, it would be something of the ninth rank. Only those mystical artifacts that only existed in rumors or the jade blue sea that Xin Yun had used could have the right to be considered tenth ranked!

Although there were no mystical artifacts in this world, a ninth tier dragon creation stone was already the highest rank, but to use a first rank treasure to trade for a ninth rank treasure, the steps in the middle would truly be too difficult to realize. Even using Xin Yun’s status as a reincarnator, it was very hard to realize. It would still depend on luck.

At this auction, everyone had a spot that was two meters long and one meter wide. Behind their spot, Xin Yun and Yi Luo Xiang sat down side by side. As for their spot, just the blazing fire shuttle was placed there. In this entire auction, Xin Yun’s spot was the shabbiest.

To the side of the blazing fire shuttle, Xin Yun had directly placed a piece of parchment that made it very clear to either use a gold rank item to trade for this treasure or directly bring out three million gold. Otherwise, it was better to just remain silent.

If this was any other place, perhaps someone would truly buy it for three million gold. Most important, the people of the fire attribute would buy it, but this place was different. This was a treasure auction. What treasures did not exist? The blazing fire shuttle’s price had already been raised to the maximum, thus its attractiveness was also at its lowest point.

For three days, Xin Yun rushed to the location but continued to calmly condense the energy inside his dragon core. Yi Luo Xiang would accompany him every day, but there were very few people that came to look at their items each day. Occasionally, someone would try to begin negotiations, but they would be refused immediately by Yi Luo Xiang.

Finally, after one week of cold reception, Yi Luo Xiang was already beginning to feel a little angry. Seeing this, Xin Yun calmly looked at her and said: “What is it? Are you angry? Do you think that there’s no hope?”

Hearing what Xin Yun said, Yi Luo Xiang did not try to hide anything and nodded dejectedly. Looking at Yi Luo Xiang’s dejected appearance, Xin Yun could not help but sigh. No matter how smart she was right now, she was still just a child. There were a large number of things that she had not experienced, thus she would feel disheartened.

Xin Yun smiled and said: “Yi Luo… no matter what time it is, do not feel dejected. You must also never give up. No matter how poor the situation, we must do our best. As long as we put in enough effort, everything will be better.”

“Really? Will things really get better?” Hearing what Xin Yun had said, Yi Luo Xiang was skeptical.

Nodding with a smile, Xin Yun said with a determination: “I know that you don’t believe it, but… look carefully. Starting from today, I will use reality to prove it to you.” While he spoke, he turned around with confidence and rushed toward the auction.

Seeing Xin Yun’s confident appearance, Yi Luo Xiang’s eyes could not help but become blurred. This man was truly too mysterious. Although rationality told her not to believe him, ever since she had come into contact with him, no matter what he had said, no matter how shocking it was, he could make anything come to fruition!

Up until this day, A Da had become superstitious of Xin Yun’s words. Even if Xin Yun said that gold would fall from the sky tomorrow, A Da would definitely believe it and immediately ride his pig dragon over to collect it.

Although unwilling, Yi Luo Xiang knew that if Xin Yun continued to be so wise, it would not be long before she also trusted his word as superstition. No matter what he said, she would trust it without needing to be convinced. She just hoped… that she would not lose herself because of this.

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