Shen Yi Di Nu

Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife (神医嫡女)


Author: Yang Shi Liu (杨十六)
Genres: Romance, Historic, Transmigration, Fantasy
Status: 1252 Chapters (Complete)

Editor: Kishi (Chapter 500-Current)


A high-ranking officer in the Marines and a master of both Western and Chinese medicine, Feng Yu Heng is transmigrated with a duang sound to the Da Shun Dynasty. Her father is distant, her grandmother is unloving, her mother is sick, her brother is young, and her sisters are hateful, with each more ruthless than the previous. After transmigrating and being reborn, she definitely cannot continue being a good-for-nothing like the previous owner of this body. Want to compete with me? It will be complete domination! Want to cause me harm? A single scalpel will turn you to mincemeat! Want to play dirty? A needle will paralyze half your body! Want to kill me? A single scratch will disembowel you! The formerly easy-to-bully completely transforms and becomes the most desired of Da Shun Dynasty. A hospital to be opened with the Emperor will bring the adoration of the masses and a great deal of wealth. But what’s this about a marriage to this absurd prince? What does the cripple have to say?

Table of Contents

Character sheet (Spoilers)

Chapter 1 – Advent of the Phoenix
Chapter 2 – Devilishly Handsome Man
Chapter 3 – Burning to Death Together
Chapter 4 – Personal Pharmacy
Chapter 5 – Who Exactly are You
Chapter 6 – Surgery
Chapter 7 – Trouble at Home
Chapter 8 – Feng Manor’s Messenger
Chapter 9 – A Narrow Escape
Chapter 10 – Unexpectedly, It’s Him
Chapter 11 – Feng Manor Displays its Might
Chapter 12 – Father is not an Ungrateful Person
Chapter 13 – Internal Conflict
Chapter 14 – Something Happened to the Ninth Prince
Chapter 15 – Crisis Awareness
Chapter 16 – Work First then Eat
Chapter 17 – Fen Dai Xiang Rong
Chapter 18 – Those That Feng Yu Heng Adore
Chapter 19 – Concubine Mother
Chapter 20 – Father Really is Loving and Just
Chapter 21 – Is This Onychomycosis?
Chapter 22 – Exploring Pine Courtyard at Night
Chapter 23 – Worthless Legs and Ruined Face
Chapter 24 – Bully Me and I Will Take Your Meals
Chapter 25 – White Lotus Flower and Common Nepenthes
Chapter 26 – Who Wants to Hurt You?
Chapter 27 – Chen shi Gives Away a Treasure
Chapter 28 – Coveting the Position as Daughter to the First Wife?
Chapter 29 – Something Happened at Court
Chapter 30 – The Ninth Prince’s Betrothal Gift
Chapter 31 – Personal Betrothal Gifts
Chapter 32 – National Treasure
Chapter 33 – Can not Support You
Chapter 34 – Wedding Ceremony at 15
Chapter 35 – Will Not Cause Herself Grievances
Chapter 36 – The Ninth Prince’s Betrothal Gift
Chapter 37 – An Shi Arrives
Chapter 38 – Diagnosing and Treating Zi Rui
Chapter 39 – Quickly Deliver the Medicine to Father
Chapter 40 – Supplement Prepared by the Madam
Chapter 41 – A-Heng Offers a Treasure
Chapter 42 – Mad Dog Head Wife
Chapter 43 – You are a Beast
Chapter 44 – The Most Wretched one is You
Chapter 45 – Chen shi, Who Gave You the Courage
Chapter 46 – A Thief in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 47 – Last Year You Snuck in to the Eldest Young Miss’ Room
Chapter 48 – Beaten to a Pulp
Chapter 49 – Brother, Having a Child Will be Difficult
Chapter 50 – Young Master Did Not Even go to School
Chapter 51 – I Didn’t Come to Pay Respects, I Came to Collect Debts
Chapter 52 – Young Tree That Isn’t Trimmed Won’t Grow Straight
Chapter 53 – Give the Second Young Miss Some Praise
Chapter 54 – Invited to Refined Deity Building
Chapter 55 – Xuan Tian Ming, Who Gave you the Courage to Destroy my Stuff
Chapter 56 – Feng Yu Heng, Get Out
Chapter 57 – Actually Dare to Hide Private Savings
Chapter 58 – Say Betrayal and Betrayal will Come
Chapter 59 – This Poor Daoist will Perform a Divination
Chapter 60 – This King is Speaking, When did You get a Turn to Interject
Chapter 61 – Xuan Tian Ming, You Have Good Eyes
Chapter 62 – Whip the Shameless You to Death
Chapter 63 – Robbery
Chapter 64 – Which Highness?
Chapter 65 – Three Questions and Three Answers with Imperial Concubine Yun
Chapter 66 – Crushing Your Dreams of Becoming Empress
Chapter 67 – Star of Disaster not Removed, Feng Manor Welcomes Disaster
Chapter 68 – New Discovery in the Pharmacy Space
Chapter 69 – These Years Even Pigs can Speak Human?
Chapter 70 – I Will Have Uncle Emperor Dismember this Pig Alive
Chapter 71 – Feng Yu Heng’s Rival in Love
Chapter 72 – Deceived
Chapter 73 – You’re the Damn One Missing
Chapter 74 – The Real Reason for Offering Incense at Pu Du Temple
Chapter 75 – Heng Heng, Come Here
Chapter 76 – Xuan Tian Ming, Take Care of the Mosquitoes
Chapter 77 – Is the Fourth Young Miss Expressing Herself to the Future Second Brother-in-Law?
Chapter 78 – Let’s Go! We are Going to Ask for Money!
Chapter 79 – Is Your Name Feng Chen Yu or Chen Chen Yu?
Chapter 80 – Doesn’t Your Daughter Like Shoes?
Chapter 81 – Your Dress is not Even Worth as Much as my Bowl
Chapter 82 – A-Heng, Domineering!
Chapter 83 – Make Do
Chapter 84 – No Zuo No Die
Chapter 85 – I Came to Examine the Palace my Fiance Burned
Chapter 86 – Feng Chen Yu Causes an Uproar
Chapter 87 – Introducing a Partner to Feng Chen Yu
Chapter 88 – Play the Zither for the Servants
Chapter 89 – Privately Meeting a Man
Chapter 90 – Marry or Die
Chapter 91 – Feng Family’s Choice
Chapter 92 – Let’s See What Fate has in Store
Chapter 93 – The Seed Determines the Fruit
Chapter 94 – Repaying Debt
Chapter 95 – You Had Better Not Have Any Weird Intentions Towards Me
Chapter 96 – My Lord, Something Happened to Your Home
Chapter 97 – That Which Always Fails
Chapter 98 – Where Did Ding An Palace Go?
Chapter 99 – This Explosive Temper
Chapter 100 – Bite Me
Chapter 101 – Chen shi Returns to the Manor
Chapter 102 – The Sick Should Eat Medicine
Chapter 103 – Your Feng Manor’s People Really Are Damn Lucky
Chapter 104 – Give Chen shi a Stronger Medicine
Chapter 105 – Congratulations Father
Chapter 106 – Le Wu You
Chapter 107 – So What If I Extort You?
Chapter 108 – Defeat as a Human, is Victory Possible as a Ghost?
Chapter 109 – Chen shi’s Death
Chapter 110 – Funeral
Chapter 111 – Fire
Chapter 112 – Not Good!
Chapter 113 – Trouble at Tong Sheng Pavilion
Chapter 114 – Chen Family and Feng Family Make a Clean Break
Chapter 115 – Two Imperial Graces
Chapter 116 – The Emperor’s Junior Disciple
Chapter 117 – A Strange Letter
Chapter 118 – Women with Shared Fates
Chapter 119 – Invitation to the Palace Banquet
Chapter 120 – Entering the Palace
Chapter 121 – Bu Family
Chapter 121 Part 2
Chapter 122 – The Emperor’s Young Grandson
Chapter 123 – Phoenix Hairpin
Chapter 124 – Bu Ni Shang’s Provocation
Chapter 125 – Feng Yu Heng’s Abilities
Chapter 126 – This One is Also an Imperial Concubine, How About You Try Hitting Me?
Chapter 127 – Divine Doctor Displays Her Skills
Chapter 128 – Sanctioning a Marriage
Chapter 129 – Big Sis, Are You Treating This as a Funeral?
Chapter 130 – The Power of the Emperor
Chapter 131 – Feng Yu Heng, I Will Kill You!
Chapter 132 – Who Did You Say Was a Waste?
Chapter 133 – Second Young Miss is Underhanded
Chapter 134 – Help the Emperor, Control the World!
Chapter 135 – The Empress’ Gift
Chapter 136 – A Presumptuous Request
Chapter 137 – I Will Stab You to Death!
Chapter 138 – Perhaps It’s a Disaster
Chapter 139 – Ghost in White
Chapter 140 – Let’s See Who Has a Better Backing
Chapter 141 – Heng Heng, Could it be That Someone is Bullying You?
Chapter 142 – Why Show Sympathy for a Measly Second Rank Official?
Chapter 143 – Possessed
Chapter 144 – Visited by Unruly People
Chapter 145 – Debts of Blood Are Repaid in Blood
Chapter 146 – Reviving a Corpse
Chapter 147 – The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 148 – Are You All Tired of Living?
Chapter 149 – This Is my Feng Family’s Daughter to the First Wife
Chapter 150 – Indulging in Pleasures on the Ancestral Grave
Chapter 151 – Shit, This Great One Has Been Plotted Against
Chapter 152 – If Your Brother is a Bastard, Then What is Your Father?
Chapter 153 – Yao shi is Not Weak
Chapter 154 – Clues Emerge
Chapter 155 – Feng Chen Yu, You Can Not Escape
Chapter 156 – Mixing of Men and Women
Chapter 157 – Prime Minister Feng, Can Your Lowly Hidden Guard Defeat Us?
Chapter 158 – Feng Jin Yuan, Sooner or Later You Will Come to Me and Beg
Chapter 159 – Seventh Brother Will Send You Home
Chapter 160 – Bu Cong, You Annoying Insignificant Rival
Chapter 161 – Outsiders Are Affectionate and Faithful, What About You?
Chapter 162 – Her Maternal Grandfather Really is Arrogant!
Chapter 163 – Receiving an Imperial Grace From the Emperor
Chapter 164 – Return to Me My Life!!
Chapter 165 – Even as a Ghost, I Will not Forgive You
Chapter 166 – A-Heng, You Are Really Fortunate
Chapter 167 – Your Majesty, Name a Price!
Chapter 168 – I Will Swap County Princess for a Divorce Document
Chapter 169 – We Will be Entertaining the County Princess
Chapter 170 – Are You Princes Capable of Being Quiet?
Chapter 171 – Some Happy Dreams can not be Realized
Chapter 172 – Feng Fen Dai, You Are Looking for Trouble
Chapter 173 – Oh Damn, Another One Fell In
Chapter 174 – Even if I go to Hell, I Will Collect my Debts
Chapter 175 – Our Daughter-in-Law Must be the Daughter to the First Wife
Chapter 176 – Third Brother, Do You Feel no Shame in Not Giving a Gift?
Chapter 177 – Your Bu Family Just Does Not Learn
Chapter 178 – Someone has Come to Steal This One’s Wife?
Chapter 179 – Greeting Mother
Chapter 180 – Here to Give You an Imperial Decree
Chapter 181 – Right to Mutual Divorce
Chapter 182 – Who Touched my Man Tou?
Chapter 183 – Bu Ni Shang, I Give You Retribution
Chapter 184 – Feng Chen Yu, What Right do you Have to Say No to Me?
Chapter 185 – Ha, It’s Good Enough if You Are Happy
Chapter 186 – Treatable, But I Will Not Treat It
Chapter 187 – Winter Disaster
Chapter 188 – That’s Right, I am Extorting You
Chapter 189 – Incident in the Suburbs of the Capital
Chapter 190 – Leaving the Capital
Chapter 191 – Girl, Seventh Brother is Miserable
Chapter 192 – Unexpected Guest
Chapter 193 – Who is From the Same Family as You?
Chapter 194 – How Are my Good Deeds Even Related to the Feng Family?
Chapter 195 – Imperial Envoy
Chapter 196 – Happy Reunion Between Cousins
Chapter 197 – No Money? Then Go Borrow Some!
Chapter 198 – Smell of Conspiracy
Chapter 199 – Father, You Have Made a Mistake on This Account
Chapter 200 – Making a Massive Profit
Chapter 201 – There is a Type of Person That can Only Rely on Medicine
Chapter 202 – Song of the Liberated Serfs
Chapter 203 – Second Sister’s Secret
Chapter 204 – Who Said This Prince is Fickle?
Chapter 205 – Feng Jin Yuan, This Great One Will Tear You Apart
Chapter 206 – I Do Not Fear Because Nobody Dares
Chapter 207 – Not at all Reconciled
Chapter 208 – Gossip About the County Princess’ Manor
Chapter 209 – Calculated Instigation
Chapter 210 – What is the Cost of Reputation?
Chapter 211 – Are You the Reinforcements Sent by the Monkey
Chapter 212 – You Two are Simply the Same Type of Person
Chapter 213 – How Could This Happen?
Chapter 214 – The Tides Will Turn Once Again
Chapter 215 – Instant Noodles are Always Tasty
Chapter 216 – Entering the Deity-Like Man’s Manor
Chapter 217 – With a Phoenix Whip in Hand, I Will Whip the Shameless You
Chapter 218 – Princes Also Gossip
Chapter 219 – The Phoenix Hairpin is Lost
Chapter 220 – The Emperor’s Imperial Instructions
Chapter 221 – Only This is Considered a Good Match
Chapter 222 – Method for Getting Pregnant
Chapter 223 – Death Approaches
Chapter 224 – An Unwitting Confession
Chapter 225 – Our Xiang Rong Also Has Support
Chapter 226 – Wait to See Something Truly Lively
Chapter 227 – The Only One
Chapter 228 – Somewhat Looking Forward to the Banquet
Chapter 229 – Regaining Face
Chapter 230 – This Grandaunt Will Scare You to Death
Chapter 231 – A Great Bargaining Chip
Chapter 232 – Ambushed
Chapter 233 – Xuan Tian Ming, Just Secretly Be Happy
Chapter 234 – Younger Sister, Who Exactly do You Love?
Chapter 235 – A Vile Character Gains Power
Chapter 236 – Verifying Identity
Chapter 237 – Someone Did Work on Chen Yu’s Body
Chapter 238 – The Truth of the Li Palace
Chapter 239 – Everything County Princess Ji An Does is Right!
Chapter 240 – Emergency at the Military Camp
Chapter 241 – Mystical Sleeves
Chapter 242 – The Future Wife is too Bold
Chapter 243 – Unexpected Confession
Chapter 244 – Five Tests
Chapter 245 – Big Sis Will Show You Something Good
Chapter 246 – Married Couple Deeply in Love
Chapter 247 – Receiving You on a Multi-Colored Bridal Sedan
Chapter 248 – When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play
Chapter 249 – Father’s Supreme Feat
Chapter 250 – Devastating Beauty, Poisonous Heart
Chapter 251 – The Means of Earning Money Must not be Lost
Chapter 252 – Yao shi’s Crisis
Chapter 253 – There’s Something in the Vase
Chapter 254 – Murder!
Chapter 255 – Truly Does Not Give Face
Chapter 256 – A Special Gift
Chapter 257 – The Citizens Aren’t Buying? I Will Sell to the Emperor!
Chapter 258 – Giving Food and Begging for Food
Chapter 259 – So What if I Cut You Down?
Chapter 260 – Do Not Regret it in the Future
Chapter 261 – The Drinker’s Heart is Not in the Cup
Chapter 262 – Even if I Die, I Will Find Someone to Break my Fall
Chapter 263 – If You Dare Touch Her, I Will Have You Quartered
Chapter 264 – Evidence? That is Necessary!
Chapter 265 – Master Has Returned to the Manor
Chapter 266 – Who Should Compensate for Life?
Chapter 267 – Talking with Feng Yu Heng is Upsetting!
Chapter 268 – Horrific Discovery
Chapter 269 – If You Are Heartless, Do Not Blame Me for Being Injust
Chapter 270 – Her Judgement Approaches
Chapter 271 – Wait for a Little Father, Daughter Will Sharpen a Blade
Chapter 272 – Dad, Let’s Not Embarrass Each Other During New Years
Chapter 273 – Occasionally Sentimental
Chapter 274 – Giving You a Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 275 – A Gift Must Conform to One’s Desires
Chapter 276 – A Woman’s Gift
Chapter 277 – Play With Sis? Sis Will Play You to the Grave!
Chapter 278 – He Wants to Kill You
Chapter 279 – Father, Serves You Right if You Die From Anger
Chapter 280 – Even Xuan Tian Hua Can Get Angry
Chapter 281 – You Have Bullied Me Since Childhood
Chapter 282 – Zong Sui Presents a Treasure and Shocks Everybody Present
Chapter 283 – This County Princess Will Personally Test the Weapons
Chapter 284 – County Princess’ Grand Grace Will Never Be Forgotten
Chapter 285 – Mind on the Verge of Collapse
Chapter 286 – Currying Favor for no Reason to Hide Evil Intentions
Chapter 287 – Kang Yi Gives Gifts
Chapter 288 – Top Contestant in Competition to Kill Herself
Chapter 289 – There is No Unconditional Love in This World
Chapter 290 – You Actually Dare to Compel my Son!
Chapter 291 – Not Good, We Have Been Surrounded
Chapter 292 – Even More Protected Than the Empress
Chapter 293 – Big Sis Does Not Lack National Treasures
Chapter 294 – Scamming You of Your Prized Possessions
Chapter 295 – Princess, Are You Stupid?
Chapter 296 – You Truly Do Not View Yourself as an Outsider
Chapter 297 – One With a Clear Conscience Does Not Fear Ghosts
Chapter 298 – Who Exactly is Family with Whom?
Chapter 299 – How is my County Princess’ Manor Related to the Feng Family?
Chapter 300 – What Exactly Are Children to You?
Chapter 301 – You Really Are Lower Than Low
Chapter 302 – Second Young Miss, Stop Pretending
Chapter 303 – I Refuse to Give You a Chance to Discuss Love
Chapter 304 – Some Things Can’t Be Bought With Money
Chapter 305 – Long Time No See
Chapter 306 – Good Eyes
Chapter 307 – Take Her Away and Kill Her!
Chapter 308 – This Great One Will Seek Revenge on the Spot
Chapter 309 – Embraced by Someone…
Chapter 310 – How Did I End Up With Such a Father
Chapter 311 – Who Exactly is Your Daughter?
Chapter 312 – A Thief Has Come
Chapter 313 – Old Cucumbers Need Green Paint
Chapter 314 – Held Back for a Small Meeting
Chapter 315 – What Exactly is This Family Thinking?
Chapter 316 – You May as Well Come Give Me Gifts
Chapter 317 – The Goal Is Not to Trick You, The Goal Is to Trick You Into Dying
Chapter 318 – Can You Show a Little Dignity?
Chapter 319 – The Wedding Approaches
Chapter 320 – Why Has Second Young Miss Still Not Come?
Chapter 321 – I Am Trying to Steal Your Limelight
Chapter 322 – I Gave You Face, But You Want Trouble
Chapter 323 – Accuse You of Conspiring to Commit Treason
Chapter 324 – Shitty Impudent Servant
Chapter 325 – Ruined Your Bridal Chamber’s Candles
Chapter 326 – The Reaper has Come
Chapter 327 – Ninth Prince, Will You Die If You Don’t Spout Nonsense?
Chapter 328 – The Grand Gift for the Feng Family
Chapter 329 – Is the Feng Family So Poor That They Do Not Give You Meat?
Chapter 330 – Still Dare to Insult Prince Yu?
Chapter 331 – The Ninth Prince is my Bottom Line
Chapter 332 – Covert Action
Chapter 333 – Life and Death, Enemies Directly in Front
Chapter 334 – If You Want the World, I Will Win it for You
Chapter 335 – When the Sky Falls, I Will Hold it up for You
Chapter 336 – This Prince Just Wants to See if You Have Any Shame
Chapter 337 – Anyone Who Saw Must Earn a Little
Chapter 338 – Thorough Usage of the Pharmacy Space
Chapter 339 – Specialty Soldier and the Hidden Guard
Chapter 340 – Second Young Miss, What Are You Wearing?
Chapter 341 – She and Xuan Tian Ming Are the Same Type of Person
Chapter 342 – When Dealing With Someone Sometimes One Must Rely on Bluffs
Chapter 343 – I Came to Find an Answer
Chapter 344 – This Grand Aunty Is Tracking All of the Debts
Chapter 345 – Identity Under Suspicion
Chpater 346 – Becoming Like the Ninth Demon, Instantly Becoming Prince Yu
Chapter 347 – No Matter Who She Is, She Is Our Treasure
Chapter 348 – Will Your Dad Fight You With All of his Might?
Chapter 349 – Spirit- Altering Drug
Chapter 350 – Touch my Mother, and I Will Rip Their Heads Off
Chapter 351 – Will She Massacre the Entire Feng Family?
Chapter 352 – When Has This County Princess Ever Kept Her Word?
Chapter 353 – Mess With my People, my Money or my Food and You Deserve to Die
Chapter 354 – Fighting at the Xiang Palace
Chapter 355 – Persian Master Leading to Suspicion
Chapter 356 – Fighting Frantically
Chapter 357 – To Kill or Let Live?
Chapter 358 – Don’t Rush, Ming’er Will Be Here Soon
Chapter 359 – It’s Fine, I Just Got Into a Fight
Chapter 360 – Refusing Responsibility
Chapter 361 – Father, You Cannot Beat Me at Playing Dirty
Chapter 362 – Your Majesty, Calm Your Anger and Don’t Swear Violently!
Chapter 363 – The Situation Has Gone Out of Control
Chapter 364 – Prepare a Dowry for Your Daughter-in-Law
Chapter 365 – Damn Girl, If I Don’t Handle You Today, My Surname Is Not Xuan
Chapter 366 – Do You Want to Live Freely or Conquer the World?
Chapter 367 – Gossiping in Winter Moon Palace
Chapter 368 – There, Your Life Will Shine
Chapter 369 – Preparing to Produce Steel
Chapter 370 – Life is so Short, and the World is so Chaotic
Chapter 371 – Would County Princess Please Review the Divine Intent Army!
Chapter 372 – Follow Until Death
Chapter 373 – Xu Tian Cave
Chapter 374 – Xuan Tian Ming, Just You Watch
Chapter 375 – She Knows That I am Not Her Daughter
Chapter 376 – My Wife Must Go Where She Pleases
Chapter 377 – Feng shi’s Method for Producing Steel
Chapter 378 – Cannot Keep Pretending
Chapter 379 – It Really Is Comfortable to Rely on Men!
Chapter 380 – Dear Lord, You Sure Have A Lot of Problems
Chapter 381 – Take a Couple Leisurely Steps
Chapter 382 – Dear Wife, You Are Too Heroic
Chapter 383 – Complete Seclusion
Chapter 384 – Succeeding in Producing Steel!
Chapter 385 – Guess, Guess, Guess Guess Guess
Chapter 386 – Barbecue and Beer, Always Friends
Chapter 387 – The Things This County Princess Did With You Are High-End
Chapter 388 – The Red Boy or Bai Gu Jing?
Chapter 389 – Sis Really Does Not Have a Kind Heart
Chapter 390 – Why Must This Prince’s Wife Pay With her Life for Someone Else?
Chapter 391 – Too Courageous or Too Kind?
Chapter 392 – This Prince Will Give You My Wheelchair
Chapter 393 – This Prince is Lazy, Is That No Good?
Chapter 394 – Brat, You’re Not Far From Death
Chapter 395 – The God of War From Hell
Chapter 396 – Daughter-in-Law is Very Understanding
Chapter 397 – Cunning Old Liar
Chapter 398 – Shameful!
Chapter 399 – Deceived at First
Chapter 400 – The Things You Ate Must Be Spat Back Out
Chapter 401 – The Feng Family Expresses its Stance Once More
Chapter 402 – Escape
Chatper 403 – We Still Must Chase Your Mother
Chapter 404 – Is it Love or Hate?
Chapter 405 – News From the Board of Astronomy
Chapter 406 – If You Send Gifts, I Must Repay Them
Chapter 407 – This Prince Will Accept This Difficult Job
Chapter 408 – Ghost Doctor Song Kang’s Secret
Chapter 409 – King Yama Has Come to Visit
Chapter 410 – Permanent Disability
Chapter 411 – In Your Life, You Cannot Finish Learning Sis’ Abilities
Chapter 412 – Beautiful View on the Western Lake on a March Day~
Chapter 413 – Getting Jealous
Chapter 414 – What Exactly is This Situation?
Chapter 415 – Chen Yu Becomes of Marriageable Age
Chapter 416 – There Are Also Things that Young Miss Fears
Chapter 417 – The Marriages of the Two Daughters
Chapter 418 – In the End, She Is Inferior to Feng Yu Heng
Chapter 419 – Take a Walk With This County Princess
Chapter 420 – Seventh Brother Would Not Get You Such a Seventh Sister-in-Law
Chapter 421 – Too Ashamed to See People
Chapter 422 – Chen Yu’s Wedding
Chapter 423 – Pristine Jade Star Chart
Chapter 424 – Giving You a Tattoo
Chapter 425 – Cut at the Waist
Chapter 426 – Who Will Handles the Wages?
Chapter 427 – The Adorable Emperor Wishes to Elope
Chapter 428 – Demotion to Fifth Rank
Chapter 429 – If You Curse Me, Even the King of Heaven Will be Unhappy
Chapter 430 – Hugged the Wrong Leg
Chapter 431 – Xiang Rong Rebels
Chapter 432 – The Death of Chen Yu
Chapter 433 – Escaping Disaster
Chapter 434 – Town Leader Became the Third Fatty
Chapter 435 – County Princess Gives Gifts
Chapter 436 – Can This Sort of Thing Be Called a Father?
Chapter 437 – Arrest and Justice
Chapter 438 – The Thing She Wanted to See Least Has Happened
Chapter 439 – With Me Here, The World Will Not Descend Into Chaos
Chapter 440 – However Many Were Killed, Save That Many People
Chapter 441 – What Qualifications Do You Have to Compete with Me?
Chapter 442 – He’s Not the Ninth Prince of Underworld, He’s the Ninth Bodhisattva
Chapter 443 – A-Heng Provides Eggs for the Guests to Eat
Chapter 444 – Dear Wife, You Are Messing Around in Broad Daylight
Chapter 445 – An Important Decision
Chapter 446 – Settling a Debt When the Time is Ripe Would Not Be Too Late
Chapter 447 – The Star of the Phoenix Accompanying the Emperor Is a Good Omen
Chapter 448 – Quickly Go and See Who Came
Chapter 449 – Unexpected But Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 450 – Grandparent and Grandchild Working Together
Chapter 451 – So That’s What Happened That Year
Chapter 452 – Meeting With the Relatives by Marriage
Chapter 453 – Serves You Right
Chapter 454 – An Unlucky Year
Chapter 455 – Coughing Blood
Chapter 456 – Funeral or Celebration?
Chapter 457 – Have the Elder Madam Get Up to Welcome Them
Chapter 458 – The Matriarch’s Final Will
Chapter 459 – This County Princess Can Send You to See the Elder Madam
Chapter 460 – Lower-Class Person, Why Are You Speaking to This County Princess?
Chapter 461 – A Red Plum Climbs a Wall
Chapter 462 – You Sing, I Play
Chapter 463 – Unsecured Loan
Chapter 464 – Father, You Are Just a Wastrel
Chapter 465 – Luring the Tiger Away From the Mountain
Chapter 466 – Abnormal Change in the Capital
Chapter 467 – Connecting the Dots
Chapter 468 – Seeing a Ghost
Chapter 469 – Your Life Is Not Worth Any Money
Chapter 470 – Truth Mixed With Lies
Chapter 471 – Too Magnanimous
Chapter 472 – An Unreasonable Old Man
Chapter 473 – The Real and Fake County Princesses
Chapter 474 – When a Deity is Angered, They Are Truly Inhuman
Chapter 475 – Ninth Lord’s One Day Tour of the Space
Chapter 476 – Definitely Sufficiently Resilient
Chapter 477 – An Excessive Demand
Chapter 478 – A Surprising Upgrade
Chapter 479 – Feng Jin Yuan Gets Hit
Chapter 480 – The God of Plague Has Come
Chapter 481 – Unexpected News
Chapter 482 – Bad End
Chapter 483 – Attending Court
Chapter 484 – Reward and Punishment
Chapter 485 – Xiang Rong’s Reward
Chapter 486 – It Turns Out Dear Wife Likes This Sort of Tune
Chapter 487 – Murderous Intent Explodes Forth
Chapter 488 – The Foundation of a Happy Life
Chapter 489 – Unable to Reach a Tacit Agreement and Unable to Get Intimate
Chapter 490 – Where’s the Money? Where’s the Money?
Chapter 491 – Rainy Day and Father Wants to Receive a Person
Chapter 492 – Feng Yu Heng’s Flaw
Chapter 493 – You Have All Gone Insane
Chapter 494 – I Want to See Who Dares to Punish Nine Generations of the Yao Family
Chapter 495 – I Thought You Were Going to Dig Up my Family’s Grave
Chapter 496 – The Silly Emperor and the Unconventional Eunuch
Chapter 497 – A Great Dish to Accompany Wine
Chapter 498 – Why Is He Crying?
Chapter 499 – The Ninth Lord Is Furious
Chapter 500 – A Secret Plot
Chapter 501 – When Exactly Did You Conceive This Child?
Chapter 502 – Hard to Protect Both Lives
Chapter 503 – Feng Jin Yuan’s Question
Chapter 504 – You Want This Imperial Daughter to Call You Sister-in-Law?
Chapter 505 – Does Beloved Consort Wish to See This Prince’s Face?
Chapter 506 – Husband Prepared a Good Play for You
Chapter 507 – The Feng Family’s Celebration
Chapter 508 – A Good Play Debuts
Chapter 509 – Father, Get Justice for Daughter
Chapter 510 – Two Pieces of News
Chapter 511 – This Prince Was Never a Gentleman
Chapter 512 – I Am Unreasonable, Do as You Please
Chapter 513 – This Evening and Past Evenings
Chapter 514 – Transmigrator Identity Exposed
Chapter 515 – A Married Daughter Cannot Return to the Yao Family
Chapter 516 – The Emperor’s Petty Intentions
Chapter 517 – In Danger
Chapter 518 – The Method for Avoiding a Tracking Arrow
Chapter 519 – Bury Them Then Get Revenge
Chapter 520 – Finally Arriving in Xiao Zhou
Chapter 521 – Large Dog
Chapter 522 – Mysterious Wooden Box
Chapter 523 – Danger on the River
Chapter 524 – To Get Revenge
Chapter 525 – Elder Sister, Save Me
Chapter 526 – Blood Hole
Chapter 527 – I Want to Kill Him
Chapter 528 – Husband, It’s My Dowry
Chapter 529 – Brother-in-Law Will Support You
Chapter 530 – The Distance Caused by Wine
Chapter 531 – Friend Emperor
Chapter 532 – Eastern Border
Chapter 533 – Ruthless Yao shi
Chapter 534 – Zi Rui’s Revenge
Chapter 535 – Hua’er and Heng Heng Are a Good Match
Chapter 536 – Imperial Concubine Yun Wants to Make a Big Move
Chapter 537 – Misfortunes Never Come Singly
Chapter 538 – An Easy Target
Chapter 539 – Accept the World’s Review
Chapter 540 – A Certain Person Got Jealous
Chapter 541 – A-Heng, Don’t Blame Me
Chapter 542 – Change in Identity
Chapter 543 – Paying Respects to Imperial Concubine Yun
Chapter 544 – Borrow an Identity
Chapter 545 – Imperial Concubine Yun is Not in the Palace Again
Chapter 546 – A-Heng, Don’t Waste my Kind Feelings
Chapter 547 – A-Heng, I Can Only Help You With This Bit
Chapter 548 – The Former Imperial Daughter
Chapter 549 – What Is Considered a Good Confidante
Chapter 550 – The Cottonrose Hibiscus on the White Handkerchief
Chapter 551 – The Chun Palace Will Have a Female Master
Chapter 552 – Yuan Fei the Scoundrel
Chapter 553 – The Insane Plan Kicks Off
Chapter 554 – First Entry Into the North
Chapter 555 – Imprisoned
Chapter 556 – The Duan Mu Family’s Conspiracy
Chapter 557 – Did I Eat Your Family’s Food or Drink Your Family’s Water?
Chapter 558 – Instantly Interested
Chapter 559 – The Ones That Should Come Have Already Come
Chapter 560 – Preparing for Marriage
Chapter 561 – Giving You a New Wife
Chapter 563 – You Idiot
Chapter 564 – Duan Mu An Guo, This Imperial Daughter Will Give you a Grand Gift
Chapter 565 – This Imperial Daughter Will Make a Deal with You
Chapter 566 – Affecting the Foundations of a Country
Chapter 567 – The Imperial Family of Qian Zhou Appears
Chapter 568 – His Highness Prince Lian
Chapter 569 – It’s Real, Not an Illusion
Chapter 570 – Their New Year’s Eve
Chapter 571 – Opportunistic Attack
Chapter 572 – I Am Not a Good Person
Chapter 573 – You Touched Me?
Chapter 574 – The Grand 100 Family Banquet
Chapter 575 – The Unconventional Prince Lian
Chapter 576 – Human Flesh Dumplings
Chapter 577 – Don’t Leave, Accompany Me
Chapter 578 – Comrades Must be Loyal
Chapter 579 – You Haven’t Taken an Interest in Xuan Tian Ming, Right?
Chapter 580 – The Great Trick of Moving Through Space
Chapter 581 – Know How to be Thankful!
Chapter 582 – You Touch my Wife, and I Will Dig Up Your Family Grave
Chapter 583 – This Grandaunty Came to Take Your Soul
Chapter 584 – Running Away? I’ll Break Your Legs!
Chapter 585 – Such a Grand Gambit
Chapter 586 – The Frightening Bai Fu Rong
Chapter 587 – Save Her, I Beg You
Chapter 588 – Origin of the Bai Family
Chapter 589 – Resettlement Plan
Chapter 590 – No Matter Time or Place, I Will Accompany You
Chapter 591 – Her Own Man Looks Best No Matter How She Looks
Chapter 592 – Present You the World and Marry You
Chapter 593 – Mother Will Help You Suppress Your Shock
Chapter 594 – Two World-Wrecking Demons
Chapter 595 – Dead City
Chapter 596 – Qian Zhou’s Ruler’s Safety Is at Risk
Chapter 597 – My Man and My Woman
Chapter 598 – Large Pit in Song Zhou
Chapter 599 – Disaster
Chapter 600 – Ten Thousand Miles of Hardship for the Hearts of the Citizens
Chapter 601 – Chatting Under Cotton Blankets Does Not Cause Pregnancy
Chapter 602 – Breaking Through the First City
Chapter 603 – The Current You is Enough
Chapter 604 – Collapse of Heaven
Chapter 605 – Princess Lian
Chapter 606 – Hard to Determine if Male or Female
Chapter 607 – Meeting Prince Lian Once More
Chapter 608 – A Contrived Fight to the Finish with Prince Lian
Chapter 609 – This Prince Will Cut Ties with Qian Zhou
Chapter 610 – This Prince Will Give You Another Grand Gift
Chapter 611 – Hollow Out Qian Zhou
Chapter 612 – This Prince Will Help You Out of the City
Chapter 613 – Fighting Spirit Coming From the Ruler of Qian Zhou
Chapter 614 – The Mad Demon Says, What of it?
Chapter 615 – Urgent News From Da Shun’s Imperial Palace
Chapter 616 – Mother, Let’s Go Back to the Capital
Chapter 617 – Second Young Miss of the Prime Minister’s Family?
Chapter 618 – The Court Has a New Left Prime Minister
Chapter 619 – Master, Drink Some Tea
Chapter 620 – Two Different Days for Yao and Feng
Chapter 621 – The Terrifying Yao Family
Chapter 622 – Top Scholar Is in the Yao Family
Chapter 623 – Lowly Young Miss of a Prime Minister’s Manor, What Were You Thinking
Chapter 624 – First Shock After Returning to the Capital
Chapter 625 – Father, Where Did Your Swindling Ability Go?
Chapter 626 – Home Has Never Been Like Home
Chapter 627 – The Eighth Prince of Legend, Prince Sheng
Chapter 628 – Pressure of a Palace Princess
Chapter 629 – Exactly as Desired
Chapter 630 – Imperial Concubine Yun’s Secret Exposed
Chapter 631 – Intimidation Coming From Imperial Daughter Ji An
Chapter 632 – The Emperor’s Reverse Scale
Chapter 633 – The Emperor Attacks Winter Moon Palace
Chapter 634 – Yao Shu’s Request
Chapter 635 – Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu’s Wild Strategy
Chapter 636 – Terror at Night at Winter Moon Palace
Chapter 637 – Imperial Concubines Revolt
Chapter 638 – Emperor, Get in Here for This Grandaunty
Chapter 639 – Imperial Concubine Yun Vents her Temper
Chapter 640 – Who Exactly Looks Better?
Chapter 641 – The Ninth Prince Restores his Standing as a Man
Chapter 642 – The Deranged Yao shi
Chapter 643 – Fu Ya’s Request
Chapter 644 – The Entire Court Provides Donations
Chapter 645 – Feng Jin Yuan’s Nature
Chapter 646 – Do You Not Dislike Yourself
Chapter 647 – I’ve Held the Wrong Leg Over the Years
Chapter 648 – Feng Jin Yuan’s Persistence
Chapter 649 – His Highness the Seventh Prince Returns to the Capital
Chapter 650 – Reunion
Chapter 651 – The Distinctively Different Chun Palace
Chapter 652 – Ancestor Visits
Chapter 653 – A Leopard Cannot Change its Spots
Chapter 654 – Heaven and Earth
Chapter 655 – Yao Shu’s Wedding
Chapter 656 – Strange Man
Chapter 657 – Lu Cuo’s Death
Chapter 658 – The Fury of the Ninth Prince and the Seventh Prince
Chapter 659 – Profound Feelings Between Siblings, But How Profound?
Chapter 660 – Handling a Case on Scene
Chapter 661 – The True Culprit Admits Their Guilt
Chapter 662 – The Result of the Body Examination Is Actually…
Chapter 663 – Cede Territory or Paying Reparations
Chapter 664 – Next Year’s Memorable Grand Event
Chapter 665 – Imperial Concubine Yun’s Request
Chapter 666 – Emperor and Imperial Concubine Return in the Same Carriage
Chapter 667 – Profound Strategy for Wedding Festivities
Chapter 668 – Dad, You Really Command Respect
Chapter 669 – How Could He Be Let Off so Easily
Chapter 670 – Fine View, Good Wine, Beautiful Women and Handsome Men
Chapter 671 – Xuan Tian Hua Is a Special Existence in This World
Chapter 672 – Girl With a Hidden Disease
Chapter 673 – Wait While Shopping and Be Willing to Spend
Chapter 674 – Every Action Has a Cost
Chapter 675 – The One Being Scammed Is You
Chapter 676 – Seventh Brother Is a Venerable Deity
Chapter 677 – Conspiracy of the Left Prime Minister’s Manor
Chapter 678 – Trap of the Beautiful Jade
Chapter 679 – This Is a Settlement
Chapter 680 – Coughing Blood and Accepting a Loss
Chapter 681 – Benefits Of Knowing an Influential Person
Chapter 682 – Fen Dai’s Idea
Chapter 683 – Unique Perfume
Chapter 684 – The Extremely Cute Little Bai
Chapter 685 – This World’s Grand Plan
Chapter 686 -Xiang Rong’s Banquet
Chapter 687 – This Is More Like A-Heng’s Sister
Chapter 688 – Mid-Autumn Festival’s Banquet
Chapter 689 – Master for a Day, A Parent for Life
Chapter 690 – A Rare Visitor
Chapter 691 – The Princess of Gu Shu’s Provocation
Chapter 692 – Angering This Imperial Daughter Is Not a Good Thing
Chapter 693 – Digging a Pearl Out of Flesh
Chapter 694 – Imperial Daughter Ji An Wanting Money Is Fine, Most Frightening is When She Demands Life
Chapter 695 – Keep Track of It in a Book
Chapter 696 – A Disciple Must Get Revenge for Master Being Wronged
Chapter 697 – Group Extortion
Chapter 698 – This Prince Is Reliable!
Chapter 699 – Lu Ping’s Thoughts
Chapter 700 – Abnormality on the Back of the Neck
Chapter 701 – Come, This Imperial Daughter Will Dance a Dance for You
Chapter 702 – Let’s Race Horses
Chapter 703 – Make You Completely Disoriented
Chapter 704 – You Are Not Imperial Daughter Ji An?
Chapter 705 – Replace Feng Yu Heng?
Chapter 706 – Lu Yao, Are You a Dog?
Chapter 707 – Thousand-Fragrance Perfume
Chapter 708 – Being Abandoned by All
Chapter 709 – Here’s a Bottle of Dior For You to See
Chapter 710 – Xu shi’s Crisis
Chapter 711 – Lu Yao Must Not Remain
Chapter 712 – Lu Family’s Two Cards, Both Ruined
Chapter 713 – Two Stars
Chapter 714 – Finally Setting Off On This Path
Chapter 715 – See If You Can Handle the Yao Family’s Retribution
Chapter 716 – Xiang Rong’s Understanding of Old Fourth
Chapter 717 – Beautiful Lanterns on the 15th
Chapter 718 – The Yao Family’s Attitude
Chapter 719 – No Longer Have the Face to See You
Chapter 720 – The Legendary Boyfriend Power
Chapter 721 – Kicked Out of Home
Chapter 722 – Love Is In the Air
Chapter 723 – Business Relationship
Chapter 724 – Apology for Xiang Rong
Chapter 725 – Visitor
Chapter 726 – Whipping Fu Ya
Chapter 727 – Severing Ties
Chapter 728 – Feng Yu Heng’s Strategies
Chapter 729 – It Will Depend on This Prince’s Mood
Chapter 730 – Revenge From the Yao Family
Chapter 731 – Father, Pian Pian Is Finally Able to See You Again
Chapter 732 – Respected Him as a Father and Took It to Heart
Chapter 733 – Who Would Covet That Sort of Mother
Chapter 734 – Xiang Rong’s Counterattack
Chapter 735 – The Person Hidden in the Imperial Palace
Chapter 736 – Probing Each Other
Chapter 737 – Who Did It?
Chapter 738 – Unexpected Gift
Chapter 739 – Hidden Enemies
Chapter 740 – Beginning of Winter
Chapter 741 – Father Emperor, Help Support A-Heng!
Chapter 742 – Precisely Who Is Married, Choose for Yourself
Chapter 743 – Deception After Deception
Chapter 744 – Something Happened to the Young Imperial Grandson
Chapter 745 – Xiao Bai Caused Trouble
Chapter 746 – Xiao Bai’s Abnormality
Chapter 747 – Deity Comes to the Rescue
Chapter 748 – A Strange Fragrance
Chapter 749 – Ambition, Why Not Take Off?
Chapter 750 – Stabbing a Little Figure to Curse You
Chapter 751 – The Strange Imperial Concubine Li
Chapter 752 – Fu Ya’s Fate
Chapter 753 – Individual Scheming
Chapter 754 – The Sixth Prince Himself
Chapter 755 – Dying Sooner, Dying Later, All Will Die
Chapter 756 – Feng Yu Heng’s Plea for Forgiveness
Chapter 757 – Our Imperial Daughter Is Not a Compassionate Person
Chapter 758 – All Missing
Chapter 759 – Give Her a Chance to Find a Father
Chapter 760 – Ji An, Why Don’t You Go and Die!
Chapter 761 – That’s Fate
Chapter 762 – Feng Yu Heng’s Hundred Herb Hospital
Chaptrer 763 – Setting Up a Fortune Telling Stall
Chapter 764 – If You Don’t Listen, I Will Cut You Open for Surgery
Chapter 765 – Miao Witchcraft
Chapter 766 – Who Dares to Bully This Prince’s Wife?
Chapter 767 – The Fox Spirit Raised by the Old Man
Chapter 768 – Threats From Noble Lady Yuan
Chapter 769 – Return Life to “Him”
Chapter 770 – Love the Country, Love Freedom More
Chapter 771 – The Empress’ Gift
Chapter 772 – Marriage Is on the Agenda
Chapter 773 – The Grown Zi Rui
Chapter 774 – Vow to Eradicate the Yao Family
Chapter 775 – Unexpected Guest
Chapter 776 – Feng Yu Heng’s Pride
Chapter 777 – This Favor Must Be Remembered
Chapter 778 – Finally Beginning to Envy Feng Yu Heng
Chapter 779 – Left Eye Twitches for Fortune, Right Eye Twitches for Disaster
Chapter 780 – One Family Should Not Speak for Two Families
Chapter 781 – If You Seek Your Own Death, Nobody Can Stop You
Chapter 782 – Fine Wine in Cups of Luminous Jade
Chapter 783 – Finally Meeting Xuan Tian Mo
Chapter 784 – The Chain Must Not Fall Off in a Critical Moment
Chapter 785 – They… Came From Persia
Chapter 786 – Eighth Prince, You Need to Save Face!
Chapter 787 – Confrontation
Chapter 788 – Scram Back to Persia!
Chapter 789 – It Can’t Be Called a Problem If It Can Be Resolved with Money
Chapter 790 – Visitor at the Lakeside
Chapter 791 – Human Life
Chapter 792 – The People That Were Killed
Chapter 793 – The Murderer
Chapter 794 – Imperial Daughter Ji An Is an Inauspicious Person
Chapter 795 – The Cost of Opposing the Ninth Lord
Chapter 796 – Old Eighth’s Sinister Ruthlessness
Chapter 797 – Prepare Money for Husband’s Long Expedition
Chapter 798 – Stealing From the Sheng Palace at Night
Chapter 799 – Who Is Truly Rich
Chapter 800 – Even If It Can Be Cured, I Won’t Cure You
Chapter 801 – The Collapsing Sheng Palace
Chapter 802 – Your Sis Is Just a Local Despot
Chapter 803 – This Prince’s Wife Should Be Different From Everyone
Chapter 804 – Profound Feelings
Chapter 805 – Arrangements Before Leaving the Capital
Chapter 806 – Firearms Join the Battle
Chapter 807 – Fall Out When the Situation Demands
Chapter 808 – Gun and Grenade Training
Chapter 809 – Announcing the Closure of Hundred Herb Hall
Chapter 810 – The Commoners Turn Hostile
Chapter 811 – You Need to Find Yourselves a Partner
Chapter 812 – The Sisters’ Secret Plan
Chapter 813 – Anti-Eighth Coalition
Chapter 814 – Divine Thief of the Shadows
Chapter 815 -Filing a Report
Chapter 816 – Grand Gathering to Pray for Good Fortune
Chapter 817 – Repayment After the Donations
Chapter 818 – Lian Residence’s Play
Chapter 819 – There Will Always Be a Good Life
Chapter 820 – The Eighth Prince Gets a Beating
Chapter 821 – Don’t Forget About the Gift to Suppress This Imperial Daughter’s Shock
Chapter 822 – Soldiers Severely Injured
Chapter 823 – Grandparent and Grandchild Saving People
Chapter 824 – To Send Off Imperial Daughter
Chapter 825 – A-Heng Leaves the Capital
Chapter 826 – The Eighth Prince’s Suggestion
Chapter 827 – You Shameless People!
Chapter 828 – Quickly Invite Imperial Daughter Ji An!
Chapter 829 – It’s Already Too Late
Chapter 830 – How About Passing the Position to Old Eighth Sooner?
Chapter 831 – Feng Jin Yuan’s Left Prime Minister Dream
Chapter 832 – The Fake Imperial Daughter in the South
Chapter 833 – Getting Addicted to Being an Imperial Daughter
Chapter 834 – Fu Ya Slips Up
Chapter 835 – Doing Business With a Fake Imperial Daughter
Chapter 836 – Take Care of My Own Food

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    1. The title is not wrong actually. The words in chinese is shen (神) which means god/divine and yi (医) which refers to doctor. So when placed together it’s divine doctor.

      Hope this helps clarify (´ヮ`)


    2. The title is correct. 神 means god; deity, and the 医 means doctor; medicine; treat. The doctor you are reffering to is 医生 ‘yi sheng’, sheng no shen.


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